Know How to Keep your Man Hooked to You Forever

So the guy you like is showing you signs of interest? Well, congratulations! But know that it is just half the battle! Keeping him interested and hooked to you is the real task. Casual dating is fun for some time but when you find the guy of your dreams, it is time to get serious and get him hooked to you emotionally. Know that it is not the physical attraction that gets a man commit to you but an emotional one. Here are some of the fascinating tips for you to keep him happy and interested in you forever:

Search for the ways to bond with him

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When you can bond with your guy over common histories, similar interests, or even some good jokes, this will make him convinced that you are a keeper. However, do not fake your enjoyment in something that you clearly have no real interest in. Nothing ruins a relationship more quickly than the one which is built on lies. Look out for the common interests and explore things together. This will help to keep your bond stronger.

Stay active in your own life

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Remember that you have your own life apart from the guy you are dating. So live your own life and stop dropping things for him. If you ignore your family and friends in order to hang out with this guy, this will make him think that he is your main priority. And when he knows that he already has you, he will not feel any need to move the relationship forward.

Do not try to change him

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In case you do not like certain aspects of the guy you are seeing, think whether you should consider dating him at the first place or not! When you try to change someone, you are actually telling them indirectly that they are not good enough. And definitely no one wants to feel this way!

Make your guy feel special

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Boosting his ego once in a while will make his day. You can do this by asking him to do simple things that you couldn’t do otherwise. This will make him know that he is not just wanted but needed as well. Keep this trick in mind that men like to know that they are needed. Praising him in some way or the other makes him feel like you need him. This will let him to put his guard down and allow him to get hooked emotionally.

Wrapping up:

There are many women who believe that they are quite unlucky when it comes to love. This is somewhat because of the reason that they are tired of being the only person who wants to keep the relationship moving, and not the man! However, this is not true at all. You must always remember this well-known fact that all men are not the same. The choices and preferences of different men are different. So, it is the qualities that are instilled deep within you that will compel the man to stay interested in you forever. You yourself have all the answers for how to keep your man pleased and gratified so that he realize you are the real and the only woman for h

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