Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial for The College Girls

We all know or have heard about how fun college days are! Each and every girl desires to look her best while going to college. But when it comes to makeup, most of the college girls tend to follow the latest trends blindly without actually knowing the basics. While makeup can make someone achieve that perfect and flawless look, perfecting the look can be pretty stressful as well. So, we have come up with a step-by-step makeup tutorial so that you can stand out from the rest of the college crowd:

Perfect Skin

When you start your day, make sure to cleanse the face with a cleanser that must suit your individual skin type. For instance, if you have an oily skin, choose a foaming cleanser, while for a dry skin, a creamy hydrating cleanser is appropriate. After you are done with cleansing, use a facial toner to tone down your skin evenly and wait for 5 minutes. While you roam around in the college campus in the sun, the UVA/UVB rays can cause you sun damage, skin darkening as well as premature aging. Thus, sunscreens are extremely important to apply. Now if you are wondering which sunscreen to try, there is a simple rule which suits perfectly. If your skin is dry, go for hydrating sunscreens, whereas for oily skin, gel sunscreens will work which also helps to keep skin sweat free and oil free.

Face Makeup for College Girls

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Now that you are done with the basic preparations and made sure that your youthful skin is toned and well protected, it is time to give your skin some base. Remember always that when it comes to base, less is more. So for a young college girl that you are, a BB cream or a light water based foundation will be appropriate. This will not clog your pores and will let your skin breathe. Also, it will make your skin look far better than before while concealing any flaws, if there. The cakey heavy foundations might hide all the flaws and pimple marks, but they will make you look older and more like you are wearing a mask.

Concealing: In case you have extreme dark circles, apply a fine layer of concealer and using your ring finger, blend it well. Make sure to not overdo the concealer else it will look made up and fake.

Blush: Apply a natural looking blush of colors such as peach or coral for a flushed look. Overdoing the blush is a complete No-No as it looks terrible for college going girls.

Eyes: Apply a light shade eyeliner and some mascara that open the eyes and make the lashes appear thicker.

Lip Makeup for College Girls

For the lips, apply a tinted lip balm or a natural colored lip gloss. Though excessive bright and bold lip colors do not look good  for college. However if you wish and can carry, then you can go for colors such as reddish pink, coral etc. These colors are bold yet subtle and don’t look over the top for college.


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