Contour Face Makeup Tips - Contouring 5 Different Nose Shapes

Whatever you know about contouring your nose so far, forget that knowledge! This is your ultimate guide to get past those two vertical lines on each side of your nose and do something that is suitable precisely for your nose shape. Contour face makeup tips by WomenWire will help you in this concern. 


So, we will be going through 5 different nose shapes and understanding the various contour face makeup tips for them. 


1. Flat Nose 


The first nose shape we are covering today is the flat nose! People with flat noses have this common complaint - the bridge of their noses is not well-defined. This is precisely what we have to achieve through contouring face makeup products and the right brushes. 


So, if you have a flat nose, take your contouring kits, bring your brushes, and follow these steps: 


- Start by dipping your brush into the contouring product

- Place your brush, with the product on, right where your brows start above your nose. 

- Draw a line, right from the brows, all the way down to the tip of your nose. 

- Follow this on the other side too.


It is this simple to contour a flat nose! 


PS - Flat-nosed people do not require a highlighter to correct their noses in any way. 


2. Triangular Nose 


The next nose shape is a triangular nose. A triangular nose shape is basically wider around the nostrils than it is around one’s eyes.  


So, for correctly contouring a triangular nose, all you need to do is follow these steps:


- Start by framing your nose, especially around your nostrils and around the tip of your nose. So basically, you have to place your contouring product about an inch and a half or about two inches down towards the tip of your nose. 

- Do not place this contour face makeup product around your eyes because your nose is already narrow there. 

- Once contouring is done, place your highlighter around the inner corners of your eyes, just below the starting point of your eyebrows. You want to throw in more light around the highlighter areas, especially in your eyes’ inner corner, to balance everything out. 


And that’s how your correct triangular noses are! 


PS - Go a little heavy with your highlighter. But not too heavy! 


3. Crooked Nose 


The next nose shape to learn contour face makeup tips is the crooked nose. Now, the crooked nose is not exactly like a broken nose, not an indentation, but your nose is actually moving a bit towards the other side instead of following a straighter line like other nose shapes.  


The nose is a relatively easy one to contour, no matter how difficult it sounds or looks like! We will have to apply similar principles as we do to people with flat noses. 


For correctly contouring a crooked nose, all you need to do is follow these steps:


- Start by drawing two straight lines, following right down the starting edge of your brow. So, let’s say your nose is “crooked” towards the left side of your face. The tip actually moves towards the left of your face. Draw a straight line on the right side of your nose. 

- Ensure your line is exactly straight and not following the groove that is a part of your nose naturally. Your line must not depend on that groove. 

- Repeat the same principle on the other side of your nose too. Your line should not move with your nose. Lines should be straight! 


So, that’s how you correct your crooked nose with contour face makeup! 


PS - Go easy on your highlighter. Your highlighter will ideally go in the middle of the two straight lines you’ve drawn. It should be straight, despite the natural grooves and shape of your nose. 


4. Bulbous nose 


The bulbous nose shape required a little different approach to contour and correct. 

For correctly contouring a bulbous nose, all you need to do is follow these steps:


- Start by placing your contouring product right below the edge of your brows.

- Draw a straight line down your nose from this starting point

- Go down almost a third of the way, and not all the way down to the tip of your nose.

- Once those two lines on the top of your nose are done, stop and start to contour around the tip of your nose. 

- Your contour around the tip of your nose should look like a circular line instead of a straight line. Of course, it is contouring a round-er part of your nose to make it look less bulbous. 

- There must be a gap in the middle of your nose between two different contouring points. 

- This is the place where your highlighter must go. Between the gap. Not above, not below. Just right in the middle. 


So, there you go! You can contour and correct your bulbous nose this way. 


PS - If you think your nose is a little too bulbous, you can easily spread the highlighted part of your nose to the sides as well. You can go wider with your contouring lines. 


5. Shadow-bridge nose 


The next nose shape to learn how to contour correctly is the shadow-bridge nose. What a shadow bridge nose means is that the top part of your nose, between your eyebrows (where your unibrows go), and the top part of your nose’s bridge are extremely prominent. The upper triangle of your nose looks heavy. Therefore, you do not really require contouring this part of the nose itself. 


For correctly contouring a shadow-bridge nose, all you need to do is follow these steps:


- Instead of starting with a contour for the upper triangle that is very prominent, add a highlighter to this top part. 

- Your highlighter must be placed in the form of a triangle, where it kind of bleeds up to the top of your eyebrows in a slight manner. Nothing should be too heavy! 

- Blend the highlighter off in this portion, especially at the top as well as the bottom. The most striking part of your highlighter must be in the middle, the portion between your eyes. This will instantly correct the heaviness of your nose and add the right amount of dimension to the shadowy, heavy area of your nose. 


So, that’s how you correct a heavy, shadow-bridge nose with contour face makeup. 


PS - Blending out your highlighter is extremely important, especially between your brows and towards the bottom of this triangle, since we are not actually using any real contouring face makeup products. 


Not every nose requires two straight lines down your nose. Not every nose shape is the same! Stop copying insta-glam ways to contour your nose. Follow WomenWire for more such tips!