The Top 15 Brands To Find The Best Lip Moisturizer


Despite the reputation of winter ailment, chapped lips (for most people) can be annoying throughout the year. Finding the best lip balm to relieve fissures and prevent further dryness of your lips may be difficult, given the number of options available. With the excitement of moving back into normalcy post-COVID 19 and reopening our favorite spots, it's time to put your best face forward with a lip-specific moisturizer. Fortunately, we've compiled the perfect guide to finding the best lip balm on the market, from a celebrity-approved drugstore selection to a summer-ready SPF-packed product. Here are the top 15 lip balms of all time for any occasion.


1. Burt's Bees Original Bee Wax Lip Balm

This crowd-favorite has earned a legendary reputation in the lip balm industry. It's inexpensive, so you can stock up and have one on hand at all times, and it delivers lip-smacking levels of moisture that equal any of its costlier rivals. Thanks to a natural mixture that includes beeswax (of course) and vitamin E. There are a variety of flavored alternatives, for example, a version of Burt's lip balm has just the tiniest hint of peppermint.


2. Fresh Sugar Bloom with SPF 15

This classic lip balm is available in fourteen lively colors and finishes, and we can assure you that they are all fantastic. This subtle rose tint is the best of the bunch. With just one stroke, you can get a stunning wash of pink (which looks great on people of all skin tones), but you can also build it up for more pigment. Additionally, the sweet fragrance that it oozes is a significant selling factor.


3. Maybelline's baby lip moisturizer

This lip balm is a treasure trove at your local pharmacy. It's been my personal favorite for years, and it's adored both for its creamy smoothness and its beautiful shades that are just the right amount of color.


4. Palmer's Medicated Lip balm moisturizer

If you're in the mood for some new lip balm, a trip to the drugstore is virtually an invitation. You're getting more than just lip balm when you buy Palmer's cult $3 lip balm; This Vitamin E-infused balm is a go-to remedy for dry lips.


5. Lanolips Lip balm

This balm has long been a makeup artist's backstage secret to rapidly illuminating the complexion of tired models. It may be used for a variety of purposes. Lanolips is here to save the day if you need a thick lip restoration product. It's so gentle that it can also be used on newborns and those with sensitive skin. Simply combining lanolin oil and sheep's wool lanolin (a component present on the wool that Lanolips humanely harvests) creates a thick mixture.


6. Glossier balm dot com

This one is another drug store gem. As a committed drugstore-balm user for much of my life, I believed Glossier's Balm Dotcom was overhyped. But finally, I surrendered (the tube is just so lovely!). This balm kept my lips moisturized for hours during the day, and I applied it before bed and woke up to the feeling of having super soft lips. 

I adore the original's gentle flower scent—like its aromatherapy—and the tinted alternatives are plentiful. This berry has the flavor and sweetness of a Jolly Rancher (An American fruit candy). In highly stressful moments, I get it out of my purse (it's usually in there) and put it on merely for its comforting scent. In a nutshell, yes, the buzz is well-deserved.


7. Hanahana Beauty Shea Lip Balm

Shea butter reduces inflammation and softens the skin. Additionally, cocoa butter increases elasticity, and honey provides antioxidants and deep hydration to the Hanahana Beauty Shea Lip Balm. The unique formula of this lip balm replenishes moisture and is good for everyday use.


8. Kosa Sport lip balm

Any lip balm can relieve dry lips, but seek this recipe if your pucker is Parched with a capital P. It includes hyaluronic acid, one of the most excellent moisturizing compounds available, and a plethora of natural oils, so chapped, flaky lips have no chance. The best color option available in this brand is the light pink and coral rose-colored versions.


9. Dr. PAWPAW Multipurpose lip balm

Lips and the region surrounding your mouth can be just as sensitive as the rest of your face. When it comes to lip balm, it is critical to look for a fragrance-free option (since fragrance is a common irritant for some people). This calming balm meets the bill and is also cruelty-free. It works beautifully on lips, but you can also dab it on your face and hair. There are many different colored variations to select from. This is a good option for those who choose to have a vegan lifestyle.


womenwire Lip Moisturizer


10. Eos Natural Lip balm

This lip balm is extraordinary and inexpensive, so you can go ahead and stock up on this budget-friendly balm to ensure you always have one on hand. We adore the fruity scents and moisturizing feel, not to mention the distinctive egg form, which is attractive and straightforward to spot in a cluttered cosmetic bag.


11. Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm

If you didn't already know, your lips require the same daily UV protection as the rest of your face. Avoid the agony of a terrible lip burn by using this balm first thing in the morning or before going to the beach. Aside from having the requisite SPF, this balm is exceptionally moisturizing yet not greasy and comes in six delicious flavors.


12. IMAGE Skincare Ormedic lip balm

If your lips could use a slight plumping, we recommend you this option. A polypeptide complex helps define the lip contours while making lips appear plumper right away. The best is that you won't experience any stinging or discomfort as you would with other plumping lipsticks.


13. RMS beauty tinted daily lip balm

This choice is perfect for ladies who can't get through the day without applying their preferred lip color. Because it's somewhat more pigmented than other colored lipsticks, it's sure to be a hit with lipstick aficionados. Lips will feel oh-so-soft thanks to the base's ultra-creamy jojoba oil, cocoa butter composition, and color.


14. Laneige lip sleeping mask

Even though this is a lip mask rather than a lip balm, we couldn't resist including it due to its excellent moisturizing properties. You probably already put some lip balm on before going to sleep, so why not switch it out for this one? While you sleep, the hyaluronic acid and antioxidants in this lip balm dissolve into your lips, hydrating them and protecting them from the sun's harmful rays. You don't need to wash it off in the morning since it's already clean.


15. SheaMoisture Coco & Hibiscus shea butter balm 

This vegan lip balm's star ingredient is shea butter, which has long been known to hydrate and nourish the skin. The Hibiscus flower is a natural emollient and skin tone improver combined with coconut and sunflower oils to complete the composition.


So, Which Is The Best Lip Moisturizer? 

Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm comes first on our list of the finest balms for lips. This lip balm is a veritable legend in the world of lip balms. It's a bargain, yet it delivers lip-smacking levels of moisture that even the most expensive products can't match.

Try RMS Beauty Tinted Daily Lip Balm if you're looking for water and color in one product. Don't forget at the end of the day that the most important thing is how healthy and moisturized your lips are, so choose the one that suits your skin the best.


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Lip balm is a generally liked and utilized product, despite everyone's differing perspectives on the most incredible lip balm. Whether you desire a tinted balm, a fragrance-free pot, or a balm that borders on gloss, lip balm is almost probably a staple in your beauty regimen. You can't expect to survive a harsh winter without a reliable lip balm.

Lip treatments abound, and while some stick to classics like drugstore favorites, others splurge on high-end investment lip balms. We've tested just about every old and new lip balm recipe that's found its way into our pockets, desk drawers, and bags. To find the best lip balms, go for one with robust hydration characteristics like Laneige Lip Mask or a delicate flush of color like Glossier's Balm Dot Com! It's a luxury that we at can't live without.