The Best 10 Striped T-Shirt Trends For Women In 2022


Striped T-shirts are exceptionally versatile, and you can make them work for you no matter what your style is. Most significantly, as we will demonstrate, they are applicable for any age group, season, or occasion. Even though this T-shirt may be worn all year, all of these styles are inspired by summer weather because, well, who wants to think about sweaters when the weather is finally beginning to warm up? Of course, you may be creative in your manner and utilize these styles as inspiration.

Here are the top ten looks you can create with the striped shirt and become a head-turner. 


1. The French-Inspired Look

We discovered that a neck scarf could be used to transform any "bland" look. Try that the next time you put on a striped tee with a navy blue or white scarf, like the ones worn by the tennis players. It will look sporty and go well with a decent short skirt. Trust me, and you will not be sorry!


2. Stripe Tee with Khaki look

Stripes look fantastic with khaki's military green color. The combination of khaki with a white striped tee screams safari to me. You would know if you have ever been on a safari ride. Undoubtedly, it would be a comfortable costume to wear in the middle of Africa. You can also wear something like this on hot summer days. 


3. Office look

You don't have to wait until Friday to wear your striped T-shirt to work. Simply wear it with your favorite heels, a blazer or jacket, and skinnies or wide-leg trousers. It will look professional, but it will also be a refreshing change for you and those around you at your workplace. 


4. Classic Look

Do you often say, "I don't have anything to wear," despite the numerous clothes in the closet? When I don't know what to wear, this is one of my go-to outfits. If I want to dress more casually, I choose white sneakers over sandals. A striped T-shirt and skinny black jeans never go out of style. 


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5. Comfy Casual

When it comes to styling any appearance, accessories make all the difference. A striped t-shirt with a skirt or a strap pant accessorized with a trendy cap and vibrant colored bag can make a great ensemble. When I'm feeling too meh, I just throw on a nice hat and a clutch purse, and everything changes. Try out this look, and we promise you will thank us later. 


6. Mixing prints

Dare to combine prints? Experiment with different color combinations. If you're just getting started, follow this thumb rule: make sure the patterns in each color are the same. Any black and white bottom, florals, tribal prints, and broad stripes (you name it!) will look great with a striped T-shirt. 


7. Effortless summer look

One of our favorite ways to wear stripes is with a statement piece, such as a long skirt. The secret is to use only one bright hue. It can be a jacket, shoes, or jeans, as long as everything else is neutral. Also, remember all the money you're saving for those bottomless mimosa breakfasts on weekends? This outfit is ideal for one of those days!


8. Denim on Denim look with a striped t-shirt 

We truly adore the denim on denim look. It's another look that will never go out of style. You can combine bright and dark Denim for the jacket and bottom; it will make a good style statement with a striped tee of similar blue or contrasting colors.


9. Stripped T-shirt with an over-sized sweater

This look is excellent in winters when you are constantly cold and it is mildly snowing outside. No one leaves the apartment without a pashmina, sweater, or denim jacket over a striped t-shirt. This style works well with or without the shirt.


10. White striped tee with white shorts and white sneakers

This outfit is for those hectic summer weekends when you have to run a million errands and later on reward yourself with a drink on a neighborhood patio for surviving a long day. You can go all in white to keep yourself cool and to beat the thrashing summer heat. 


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Striped T-shirts are fantastic, aren't they? A striped shirt may add subtle (or striking) intrigue to an ensemble, whether you choose for small, subtle patterns or huge, bold stripes. Striped T-shirts look fantastically layered under coats and vests in the fall and winter and with your favorite shorts, skirts, and jeans in the spring and summer! Alternatively, wear a striped shirt with overalls or a sweater. Striped T-shirts are ideal for casual weekend ensembles. Stripes have a natural, relaxed, sporty/preppy vibe about them. In addition, traditional striped shirts may be worn to the workplace or dressed up for dinner! Choose from these top ten style trends in striped t-shirts from that help you look your best.