Top 10 Trending Hair Color For Women In 2022


The phrase, “New year, new you” has gotten old, but you know what hasn't? A hair change. And there are plenty of noteworthy hair color trends to experiment with right now. While the significant color trends over the last two years have been natural, gorgeous twists and super-low on maintenance—like undone blonde and cinnamon brown—experts anticipate that 2022 will be all about having fun as life returns to normal.

That doesn't mean you have to color your hair bright red (but if you want, we have lots of tips for you). Instead, there are several surprise stories about traditional hair color choices that are very popular. Why settle for standard highlights when you may have crimson red or classy balayage? We spoke with renowned hair color experts to determine which hair color trends to try right now.

Here are the top ten hair color trending options that you should choose for your next appointment.


1. Golden copper

This year, copperish-red hair color has been gradually trending and isn't going anywhere. In fact, things are only getting better. "This color is popular with folks who desire a striking makeover," says Jenna Perry, famous colorist, and owner of Jenna Perry Hair in New York. "It's both seductive and fun." Remember that red is one of the most challenging colors to maintain, so plan on monthly touch-ups and use only color-safe shampoos.


2: Luxurious Brunnette

Many celebs like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber and many blonde celebrities have switched to gorgeous brown hair color in the last year, and we predict more to follow in their footsteps in 2022. "Luxe brunette is all about adding vitality, dimension, and detail to darker hair," explains celebrity hairdresser Tom Smith, European creative director for Evo Hair. "When trying for a darker shade of hair color, it's too simple to apply one tone all over, which produces a comparable result to using a box dye at home. Our obligation as professional hair colorists is to provide our customers with something they cannot acquire at home. So this color is all about adding detail and intrigue with various darker colors to make the product more dimensional and expensive appearing."

Due to the variety of brunette shades, it is recommended that you use precise terminology at the salon: The crucial thing to convey to your hairdresser is that you don't want one flat color all over. The color is all about depth and dimension, so you and your colorist should agree on the darkest and lightest hues you want to see in your hair. Then, let the colorist arrange shades between them as they feel suitable to complement your hairstyle and skin tone.


3. Balayage Brown

Subtle highlights are an excellent technique to rejuvenate dark hair hues without going overboard. "Brown balayage adds complexity and pop to hair," says Jamila Powell, owner of Maggie Rose Salon in Miami. "This hue creates a pleasant, subtle sun-kissed effect flattering on everyone." For the most realistic and natural effect, have your colorist add varied hues of brown throughout your hair.


4. The Royal Black

"This strong hue returns us to a position of control and grandeur," says Liz Burns, leading hair stylist of Goldie x Bob Salon in Denver. "This hue indicates strength, authority, and charisma," Burns explains that since black hair looks so bright and healthy, it flatters a wide variety of complexion tones—on whiter skin, it gives a Snow White impression. In comparison, darker skin may bring out deeper tones. Request an inky black hair color and a gloss to make it seem as glossy as possible when speaking with your hairdresser.


5. Cinnamon Read

If you're not ready to go bold, Mark DeBolt (Celebrity Colorist and Wella Professional Vision Awardee) recommends this gentler take on red. His best advice? Match the color of your hair with the one closest to your skin tone. There are so many different shades of red, and you want to pick the ideal one for your skin. This color looks great on creamy skin and anyone with a peachy complexion. In our advice, deep cinnamon red look especially lovely on people with green or brown eyes.


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6. Accepting Gray

We've seen many women embrace a more natural appearance in the last year, and Burns says many of her customers have decided to let their grays grow in. With salons shuttered for months during the lockdown, individuals had time to consider the potential of embracing their natural highlights: gray hair. This may be a major adjustment for many. While the ultimate effect is potent, blending the new growth of salt-and-pepper with old-colored ends can be a struggle if you're not ready to chop it off.

If you choose to take this route, we advise you to be prepared to collaborate closely with your stylist and to expect the process to be time-consuming.


7. Balayage in reverse

"Reverse balayage is certainly a new trend," says Lauren Grummel, a New York City hairdresser. Many people, nowadays are opting for low-maintenance hair colors, which is an excellent option.

If you currently have bright highlights but want something that will grow out easier. In that case, we advise you to select a color that is one step slightly lighter than the natural hair color. "It will blend in with the highlights and your natural hue, resulting in a decreased contrast." But you'll still get a few highlights.


8 - 1970s blonde

Getting into the summer mood is one of the reasons Alex Brownsell, founder and CEO of Bleach London, believes in that the good old-fashioned blonde of the ‘70s is making a significant comeback. Everyone who went dark during and after lockdown is now ready for some summer fun.


9 Pastel colors

Pastel and candy-colored hair has been famous for quite some time. And, owing to celebrities like Hilary Duff and Halsey, it appears to be undergoing a revival right now. Lilac and orchid tones are popular choices since they are firm but gentle. This hair color is best suited for people with lighter skin tones and thin facial structures.


10. Highlights for Face Framing

Highlights that frame the face may readily brighten things up. It may look fantastic and enhance your features if a good hairdresser can find the perfect blend of colors, considering the skin tones and the thick texture of our hair. We recommend you contrast shades such as natural black with red/blonde or integrate light brown and blonde into your deeper brown hair.


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Celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Bieber have changed their signature hair colors for something completely unexpected. Naturally, they've influenced the rest of us to follow suit. Whether you attempt a bold new color or simply warm up your current appearance, experimenting with hair color is terrific to refresh your look. As a result, we at, met with the experts to determine the ten hair colors trending this year. Spring is a season for new beginnings, so why not experiment with different hues and reinvent yourself as many times as you like this year.