Gym Essentials For Women To Stay Fit and Fabulous



New year, new you – these are just some of the common phrases that we hear at the beginning of every year. The new year brings up resolutions to stay fit and healthy by hitting the gym more often. The problem is that many people tend to lose steam after a couple of weeks and then fall back into their old ways. Fortunately, there are small things that you can do to help keep your fitness game on top for the long haul. Packing your gym bag with essential items is a good place to start. Having everything you need in one convenient place will reduce the chances of skipping out on a workout because you've forgotten something critical like shoes, weights, or perhaps even just water!


A little preparation goes a long way

You might believe that packing a gym bag only requires a few items, but you could be shocked at how simple it is to forget something important. Make a list of everything you'll need for the week to keep you on track, and then pack each item as you go. This will help you avoid forgetting anything. This will ensure that you don't forget anything important and will make sure that you're always prepared for your workouts. It's also worth thinking about your gym bag itself. A sturdy bag will be able to take plenty of wear and tear, meaning that you can use it for years to come – it's also a great opportunity to personalize your bag and make it stand out from the crowd.


A handy towel

Whether you're working up a sweat in the gym or on the mats, you're bound to get a little bit sweaty. A standard towel isn't going to cut it. After all, they're designed to absorb only a small amount of moisture and then have to be washed. If you're hitting the gym on a daily basis, this isn't going to work. Instead, think about investing in a microfiber towel that can absorb up to 10 times its own weight in water. You're best off choosing a slightly larger size towel so that you can use it to dry your legs, arms, and even your hair. Microfiber towels are quick to dry and easy to wash, so you'll be able to use the same towel for months on end.


Water bottle

Even if you're not someone who hits the gym regularly, your body still sweats. If you're not drinking plenty of water, then you're only slightly less likely to cramp than a marathon runner. Given the high temperatures of many gyms, your bottles are likely to get pretty warm. That's why it's a good idea to pack an insulated bottle. This way, you can be sure that your water is kept nice and cool, even when you've been to the gym for a couple of hours. You can also choose a bottle with a filter in order to help you stay hydrated and take care of your skin at the same time.


Running shoes

If you're someone who likes to mix up your workouts and hit the treadmill, you're likely to invest in a good pair of running shoes. While any old pair of runners will do for a quick jog around the gym floor, you're going to want to invest in a pair of running shoes if you want to get the most from your sessions. Running shoes come with a couple of important advantages over standard trainers. Firstly, they're designed to give you plenty of support. If you're a little bit unsteady on your feet, you're going to want plenty of cushioning in your shoes so that you don't trip up and fall. In addition, running shoes are designed to help your feet breathe. This is especially important if you're a heavy sweater. In this case, the soles of your regular trainers are likely to get wet and soggy. Running shoes, however, are designed to allow the sweat to escape.


Weighted resistance band

If you're someone who loves to hit the gym, but you're not a big fan of stationary exercise machines, you might want to consider investing in a weighted resistance band. These bands come in a wide range of tensions and are designed to be used as an alternative to weights. They're easy to use, take up very little space, and can be taken with you wherever you go. They're also a great way to mix up your workout, as you'll be able to hit a number of different muscle groups all at once.


Jump rope

While jump ropes are primarily used for cardio exercises, you're bound to see some serious progress if you're using one at the gym. You can also use a jump rope to increase your hand-eye coordination and improve your reflexes. Jumping rope is a great choice if you want a low-impact workout, as it'll put very little pressure on your knees and joints. Jump ropes are easy to store and take up very little space, making them a great choice for those who are short on space. You'll be able to get a full-body workout by incorporating jump rope into your cardio routine.


Yoga mat

While yoga is a great way to de-stress and get your body moving, you're going to need a yoga mat if you want to do it at the gym. If you're planning on hitting the mats at your local gym, they'll likely have mats available. However, these mats are likely to be rather filthy and full of germs. While you can clean these mats, it's probably best to opt for your own. Infections can be avoided by making sure the mat is as clean as possible in this manner. You should also opt for a non-slip mat, as this will help to prevent you from slipping and falling during your yoga session.


Gym wear for women

Finally, it's always worth packing a change of clothes if you're planning on hitting the gym. You never know when you'll end up getting a little bit sweaty, and being able to change into a clean set of clothes will help keep you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the day. If you're a woman and you're opting for a sports bra or tights, it's worth choosing a color that will blend in with your gym bag so that you don't lose any of your necessities in the transition. If you're going to be working out in the middle of the day, it's worth opting for a loose-fitting pair of leggings or yoga pants. This will help to keep you loose and comfortable.


Don't forget the music

It's very important to be able to zone out while you're working out. However, it's also important to have some music to help get you in the zone. If you're the type of person who prefers silence while you're working out, you can still make the most of your gym time by downloading a podcast or audiobook to your phone. Alternatively, if you're more of a music person, it's worth investing in a pair of good-quality headphones. Headphones are a great way to drown out the noise of other gym members, meaning that you can concentrate on your workout and nothing else. If you're having difficulties determining what kind of music to listen to while working out, consider choosing something that really inspires you.



It’s time to kickstart your fitness journey and get your body in the best shape possible. If you want to maintain your fitness routine and keep hitting the gym throughout the year, it's important to pack the right items in your gym bag. These items will help you prepare for your gym routine and keep you on top of your game. Make sure to pack a towel, water bottle, running shoes, weighted resistance band, jump rope, yoga mat, and gym wear for women. Make sure you have everything you need to keep in shape, and don't forget the music. Visit to learn more about gym wear and fitness practices to bring out the best in you.