How to Encourage Yourself on "Off" Days

Sometimes, we all face those days when we feel demotivated enough to not do anything. This usually happens when the things did not go the way we wanted them to. We sit in frustration wondering why is this happening with us! We feel sorry for ourselves the entire day. And as the day comes to a close, we realize that we need to pick ourselves up and clear up the wounds and scrapes. If you are also going through such an “off” day, then here are few ways for you in which you can try to encourage yourself:


When you are feeling overwhelmed, the most crucial thing is to bring yourself back to normal. Take a deep breath. Go for a walk. Indulge in a candlelit bath. Or listen to your favorite song. Do whatever it takes to feel relaxed. Once you are calm enough, work through the thing which is making you feel off. Instead of pushing it under the rug, confronting it is a better option. Provide yourself with the opportunity to clear your mind.

Set a goal

Setting a goal for yourself is a great way to get yourself out from the rut of an off day. And the best method to achieve this goal is to make it public! Sounds weird? Well, putting up your goal on social media makes you accountable through public’s knowledge of your goal to actually move ahead and achieve it.

Get up, dress up and show up

Make sure to always look good and feel good. Have you heard about “Fake it till you make it”? Sometimes when you are having an off day, this proves out to be the best thing to do. So, go above and beyond to dress really well, make sure to be present wherever you plan to go and carry yourself as if it were any other day. When you get “too busy” to be consumed by the overwhelming feeling, you slowly start feeling the same way!

Find something to look forward to

Think of something which is in the near future and can perk you up throughout the day. Maybe a special dinner that you have planned for the evening, or a certain television show. Or else it could simply be the thought of a good book that you would return to bed with. When you think about your end goal for the day, you tend to be more encouraged to get through things in order to reach your goal.  

Wrapping up:

Whether it is due to excess stress, lack of sleep, or some other reason, know that we all face such off days sometimes in life. Everyone goes through high and low periods of motivation, with some days not going by so easily and others running quite smoothly. Despite all this, we are still expected to perform our duties and responsibilities at home and at work. So, just keep moving ahead and try to be as calm as possible. Remember that it is completely okay to not feel okay sometimes!