Know Everything About The Latest Trend in Hair Color- Rose Brown!

If you are someone who is in love with the rose-gold look but at the same time doesn’t want to lighten your tresses, then the latest hair color called rose brown may just be the right one for you. This hair color is becoming the style to rock this year and has taken off just in time for spring. The Australian stylist Thi Thao Tu showed off the new hair color recently on Instagram.

The rose brown hair look includes purply-red highlights on brown hair which makes your head look like a bed of roses! It almost resembles a chocolate ice cream with berries melting in it- deep, warm and rich. It comes off as no surprise that pastel-inspired hair colors are beginning to trend just as spring rolls around. This is the perfect time of the year to lighten up your looks. Just recently in the past, we have encountered galaxy-inspired dye jobs, glitter balayage and smoky lilac becoming popular. The best thing about rose-brown hair color is that perhaps it works for brunettes. With light brown hair, the look is easiest to achieve, especially if it has red or orange undertones. However, if your hair is darker, fret not. You can still achieve the look by adding balayage to the ends of the dark-brown hair in order to make them look weathered. Then the rose or smoky tone is added over the top so as to see more of it. Of course, those having lighter strands can definitely pull off this rose-brown trend too, however, it may just look more golden.

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Many a time it happens that the pastel hair colors require already being a blonde or bleaching all of the hair to see the rainbow of colors. Now, this won’t be the case with this particular look- it is definitely more subtle. The rose brown balayage elevates the natural color of hair to a more multidimensional finish. And the undertones act like one of your favorite highlighters by adding a warm pink glow to the darker hair. More and more photos of this rose-brown hair color have started popping up on social media because the color is just so pretty.

How to take care of rose-brown hair

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If you have decided to take the leap and get rose-brown hair color, congrats! It is truly a magnificent hair color that looks good on everyone. However, it is crucial to take proper care of your new hair color. This implies using a system of shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask which is formulated for colored hair.

Wrapping up:

The lack of sun and cold winter weather always render the tresses dull and dry. And so, new highlights and significant snips in such weather are always welcome. The rose-brown color is absolutely perfect for spring as it brings in floral tones while still giving a somewhat natural appearance. Matching clothing to other pink balayage based hair colors can be difficult. The rose-brown hair color goes with any outfit and looks just great against all skin undertones.