How To Layer Winter Fashion Staples To Always Look Chic

Winter is finally here, which means it is time to pull out those puffer jackets and teddy coats from your storage. 


As tempting as it might sound, perusing the latest spring-wear fashion on your iPad might just be the cruel reminder that harsh winters are here. In the next few weeks, you are going to be dealing with freezing temperatures, extremely cold feet, and frozen knuckles. That tail end of winter is the most complicated time to dress right. You could wear everything in your wardrobe, even your blankets, and could still be feeling cold. 


But what about when you have to go grocery shopping? Or just out for brunch with your friends? You seriously cannot wear your blanket outside! 


Good news: We can simplify winter fashion for you. These layering and styling tips will seriously keep you warm and cozy, like hot cocoa. Learn the basics, master the trade! 


Here are four winter fashion staples that should be a part of your winter wardrobe and some tips to layer them together. With these recommendations, you will be able to carry thousands of different styles with just a few basic hacks. 


Get ready to be chic even during harsh winters! 


1. Thermal underlayers 


The first step to successful layering for the winter season is investing in good thermal underlayers. 


Your thermal layers should be thin, warm enough, yet breathable at the same time. They should hug your body but still be stretchy enough to let you be comfortable with other layers you wear. H&M, Shein, and Brandy sell some really good quality winter fashion thermals in different colors. 


You can even go for fleece-based thermal layers to wear under your clothing. It will be helpful to beat extreme winters of Chicago and other cities where temperatures are known to fall below 50 degrees. You might turn into a sweat bucket once you get inside a building, but hey, you do not want to freeze to death outside, right? 


We do recommend investing in thermal layers with different necklines. We will explain to you why! 


A V-neck thermal underlayer must be a staple in your winter fashion wardrobe. You can layer it up under your button-downs. When you wear the thermals under your shirts, you will not be able to see them once you close the buttons. Even when you have the round-collared mandarin shirts, a mock neck, or even a turtle neck, you will not be able to see these layers. 


You can layer your button-downs with a sleeveless, v-neck sweater vest. You will look uber-chic phenomenal. But, if you are not really a sweater-vest girl, you can even wear a hoodie over the shirt. It will look extremely trendy and cool. 


This layering technique is really good from both perspectives; it will keep you warm, and at the same time, fashion-chic. 


2. Warm Leggings 



The second winter fashion tip for layering is not to forget your legs. There are essentially two great ways to layer your bottom wear and still look chic. 


The first way to go about this is to get a high-waisted pair of yoga pants or track pants. Just make sure that the pants you choose are extremely comfortable, form-fitting, and high-waisted, so they can keep your belly warm as well. 


Adidas sells some of the best yoga-track pants. We highly suggest them. The exterior of these pants is super-smooth. Unlike the regular fleece warm leggings that are difficult to deal with when you are wearing your jeans over them, these Adidas leggings are great. Your pants just slide up smoothly without causing any friction between the layers. You can even team up other layers of fabrics over these leggings, and not just jeans. Even your faux leather pants will go great with them. 


Another good thing about these leggings is that they are super-stretchy. So if you want something comfortable to keep you going the entire day, make sure they are stretchy. If they are not stretchy enough, you are going to feel like they are uncomfortable. 


Another great part about wearing such leggings is that they can be worn on their own. If you get inside a building and feel uncomfortable, you can simply take the upper layer off and still look uber-chic. 


You can layer up your bottom wear by investing in a good pair of skin-colored fleece leggings. These kinds of leggings are a lifesaver if you want to wear the best winter fashion in freezing temperatures. 


The leggings are lined with fleece on the inside. They are extremely thermal and warm, a bit on the chunky side. But we are going to surpass that fact since they save our legs every winter. 


These leggings are warmer than other pants. Just wear them, your best pair of black stockings, and that cute little skirt you love to wear everywhere. You have your chic outfit ready in three easy steps! 


The only drawback about these nude leggings is that they come with a full, covered foot, so if you are okay with them and can pair them under pumps, great! If not, just take a pair of scissors and turn them into normal leggings. You are good to go. 


We recommend you wear these nude leggings with some thermal black, chunky socks, a cute white, knife-pleated skirt, and button-downs like the way we suggested in the hack above. 


You can also combine these warm leggings with your Zara boyfriend jeans that cut just right above your knees. Nobody will know you are wearing warm nude leggings underneath. 


But the ultimate way to carry these nude leggings is to wear them with sheer black leggings. You can wear all possible combinations of sweaters and hoodies with skirts with this bottom wear pairing. They will be God’s blessing, right in your winter fashion closet. 


2. Oversized Sweaters



We know that most of you are concerned about looking bulky and overly wide during winters with all those layers, which is why you need to invest in good oversized sweaters. 


These oversized sweaters are super-duper warm, and our favorite is a neutral turtleneck sweater. It should be a staple winter fashion wear for every wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a sweater like this, and it will easily gel with the many looks you are trying to go for. 


You can wear these oversized sweaters in many different colors, patterns, coats, and jackets. 


A recommended look to carry off the oversized sweaters is to start with a nude/white layer of base, a thermal layer that hugs your body in all the right places. And then, on top of that, just wear your neutral-colored oversized sweater. Since the sweater is extremely relaxed and baggy, nobody will know how many layers you are wearing on the inside. Only you will know! 


Another way to carry an oversized sweater is to start with a black base layer or a fitted sweater on the inside. And on top of that, wear a loose-fitted, cropped beige sweater. Underneath both the combinations we just suggested, you can go for a layered bottom wear look with either your favorite faux-leather pants or that cute little skirt. 


You can also pair these looks with loosely fitted sweatshirts. Feel free to wear as many layers as you can on the inside. Loose-fitted hoodies with matching joggers and a cutesy fur/denim/suede jacket will look uber-chic! 


3. Oversized coats and jackets 



Oversized is like one of the best trends right now! It is directly a blessing from the heavens, especially for women who are super cold all the time! Oversized leather jackets and suede coats in neutral shades like a camel/beige or black should be a staple in your wardrobe. These coats are bound to go with most of your outfits. 


So, let’s do this drill again! 


Start with your base layers, add two or three, depending on the temperature. Wear a sweater vest or a fancy button-down, or both, if you feel like it. Wear your base leggings, your pants over them, and your best pair of chunky black boots or Uggs. Wear your turtleneck, and then wear your oversized coat! 




That’s a lot of layers. But if you are living in semi-freezing temperatures, you will surely need to layer up like this to combat the weather. Winter fashion coats look chic, phenomenal, and sassy. They look like you are the main lead of your life, and nobody else!


The Takeaway

There you go! These were our top winter fashion staples so you can layer up and look chic without having to bulk up. These outfits and individual layers can be mixed and matched to make up thousands of different looks. You will never be bored with your clothes again!