Beauty Experts Reveal Makeup Tips And Tricks You Should Know

A part of our lives is just always open for more improvement. There is always room for more on a  daily basis, whether it is our habits or our daily beauty routines. There are absolutely no exceptions. 


We believe in these improvements; it is what makes us better! So, we sat down and talked to some of the best makeup artists and beauty experts in the industry and received some extremely valuable, professionally-approved makeup tips and tricks. So, stop what you are doing right now and read this article! Your makeup routine is going to change! 


Now that we are all set for something positive let’s put it into action. 


Celeb Makeup Artists 


Wonderfully beautiful people, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, all have incredible minds beautifying them even more. They have multiple makeup tips, application tips, and tricks guaranteed to give you what you need. We talked to them and asked them to spill the beans. So, get your pallets and brushes ready! 


Joanna Schlip, beauty artist for Laura Linney, Eva Longoria, and Ellen Pompeo


Always check your go-to look in all kinds of lighting, is what Joanna Schlip believes. 


Her makeup tips are amazing since we actually tested it out and saw the differences. From sunlight to office lighting to ring lights, soft, warm lights, and even harsh camera flashes. 


You will be amazed by how different your makeup looks under all kinds of lighting. While doing this, you can see the details clearly, and make adjustments accordingly.


Molly R. Stern, Beauty Artist for Lily Collins, Reese Witherspoon, and Mandy Moore



Experiment and always staying out of the box is what Molly believes in. 


Experimentation and makeup always go hand in hand! So, if you are only used to wearing nude shades, try out a bold Red or an Ox-Blood Red. If you do not wear eyeliner, do it right now! Or, if you're only wearing black eyeliner, try a purple shade. She really means it. Look at how experimental and marvelous Lily Collins and Reese Witherspoon look most of the time! Yep, Molly does that! 


Makeup is something you should always have fun with. So, once you have corrected whatever it is, that bothers you about your face (which shouldn’t, you rule queen!), experiment with your looks. Makeup is like a fashion accessory, and this is one of the best makeup tips you will get from a renowned makeup artist like Molly. Take your courageous wings out, and fly! 


Tina Turnbow, Beauty Artist For Laura Prepon, Mary Louise Parker, and Keri Russell


Always put your concealer after you apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer. This way, it will not wipe the base makeup away. 


Subtle, simple, sweet! We love such to-the-point, no-nonsense makeup tips. 


Lina Hanson, Beauty Artist for Brooke Shields, Portia de Rossi, and Gillian Anderson 


Instead of a makeup primer, apply some facial oil to your skin before applying your makeup. Lina Hanson’s work has won several accolades around the world, and this is one of the best makeup tips we have received as well. 


So, we put it to the test! 


We tried out Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate before we started to apply our face makeup. The oil energized our skin, refined it, and removed all signs of fatigue we had from a long day of work. But after the makeup application was done, voila! It was a sight to behold. We had never seen a glow like that before. And mind you, we did not put on any highlighter. 


The makeup hugged the skin so smoothly; it was natural and resembled the K-Beauty glass skin. It was beautiful. We are not touching our primers ever again! 


Julie Harris, Beauty Artist For Lake Bell, Idina Menzel, and Julianne Hough 


According to Julie Harris, it is extremely important to balance your entire look, and we couldn’t agree more! If you are going for a bold eye look, you need to balance it out with softer, nude-ish lips and vice versa. 


You only want to enhance your natural features with makeup instead of masking your face entirely. You do not have to opt for that extreme-glam Instagram model look. 


Hung Vanngo, Beauty Artist for Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Kendall Jenner



For those of you who want to get their brows on fleek, this one’s for you! According to Hung Vanngo, full, healthy eyebrows are absolutely beautiful. It is the only facial feature that everyone deserves. 


If you have raved about Kendall Jenner’s always on point, fluffy eyebrows, then here is one of the best makeup tips you will get. Let your brows grow out more. When eyebrows are over-tweezed, they can appear harsh and can actually age your entire face. Slightly groom them from time to time, but nothing more than that. Let your natural beauty do the talking. 


Carissa Ferreri, Beauty Artist For Bailee Madison and Gina Rodriguez 


Bold eyebrows have been the focus for the past few years. Because of this, brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Cara Delevingne are gaining popularity across the globe. 


This is one of those makeup tips that you can use for the 2022 makeup trends as well. Learn how to embrace your eyebrows. Yes, according to Carissa Ferreri, we need to learn how to embrace our eyebrows. We need to learn how to fill them in based on our brow shapes and the uniqueness of our faces. 


There are still a few people who do not know how to fill in their eyebrows correctly. We all need to start doing that. Learning to fill in our brows offers us great opportunities that we don’t even know about. 


Jo Strettel, Beauty Artist For Demi Moore, Cobie Smulders, and Emily Ratajkowski 



According to Jo, we should start our makeup and beauty routine with a clean and prepped face at all times. 


This is one of those makeup tips that will make your life easy with how smooth your makeup will apply to your skin. So, if you want flawless and fresh makeup always, make sure you clean your face, exfoliate it regularly, and hydrate yourself. This is the quickest and most diligent way to go about your makeup routine. You can also, especially on the days that you feel lazy, just use a warm hot towel on your face to get rid of loose, dry, and dead skin and then follow it up with a lightweight moisturizer. 


Follow this prep and see the results! 


Joseph  Carrillo, Beauty Artist for Portia Doubleday, Lily Rabe, and Alexa Chung. 


Speaking about ways to prep your skin, there are other great makeup tips for you straight from celeb makeup artists. According to Joseph Carrillo, it is important to prep your skin before putting your makeup on. 


Yes, we know! But how is this tip different from other makeup tips presented to us? 


According to Joseph, it is important to follow a stringent prepping routine before you start applying any makeup. This is essential if you want your makeup to last a long time. 


Start with cleansing water and a cotton/reusable pad. Clean your face, then tone your skin as per your skin type. Use a mist, dampen your face a bit and nourish it. Follow this step up with a moisturizing serum. Use a depuffing eye cream and massage it around your eye area. Then go over with a gel moisturizer. And lastly, prime your skin. 




Too many steps. Well, we tried it out. We followed this routine before applying our makeup, and we saw a major improvement in how our makeup was applied to our faces. 


Final Words:

All this makeup talk, and now, I want to follow these makeup tips for my look for the New Year’s bash. Follow WomenWire to find more such amazing skincare and makeup tips.