Best Office Wear Outfits To Look Stylish And Professional

  It is necessary to look and feel confident at your workplace, and the right choice of outfit will ensure just that. Working professionals don't have time—or often inclination—to think about what they'll wear daily. There was a time when saying you had "nothing to wear" was a bit of an exaggeration, but in recent years it has become more of a common complaint. Your wardrobe probably wasn't completely bare; you probably just didn't feel like getting dressed. We don't pass judgment, so please don't feel bad. Working women probably have several work staples they put on every single day. However, there are often basics like tailored trousers, white shirts, and colored blouses with accents like cardigans and neck scarves that allow them to add variety while keeping it simple.     What are the experts saying? According to a poll conducted in February by LinkedIn, 47% of women and non-binary people who work full-time in the United States are looking forward to dressing professionally again, and 37% of those people are now in the process of purchasing a new work wardrobe. Here's the good news: in 2022, you won't have to choose between comfort and style when it comes to what you wear to the job. Continue reading on for some great advice on how to dress for work, whether you're a fresher to the workforce or just want to step up your game.    1. Try different colors Color is what makes the world go round. In fashion, it is what makes things interesting and unique. However, when you go to work, you'll notice that hardly anyone wears bright colors. People don't want to stand out in the office environment. However, be naturally confident, you can wear color without being too self-conscious about it. Darker hues, including navy blue and grey, might help you achieve a more subdued appearance. The colors you wear might also be necessary, depending on your profession. For example, if you work in a field where you must wear a uniform, try selecting a color that you feel most confident in. Nail polish, rings, and other accessories can be used to add color to an otherwise neutral outfit. If you have tattoos, consider wearing clothing that can cover them up at work. And, finally, if you're trying to impress clients or colleagues, you may want to choose a suit or other pieces you wouldn't wear every day.   2. Pair black with white Whether you're wearing a pantsuit or a dress, you can make an outfit more attractive with this classic color combination. It works exceptionally well with patterns because black and white are the base colors of most designs. Mixing and matching black and white together allows you to create outfits that look even more stylish than they would have if they were just one color. Black and white are also great colors to use in the fall because they go with everything. Another wardrobe office staple is black jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black blazer. Black and white clothing can be worn year-round, but it's beneficial during the fall. This can be done with several pieces such as tights, shirts, and blouses. You can also do it with accessories like belts, shoes, and bags. Using these two colors together will help you create a lot of different outfits while still keeping things simple. You can carry this look on a casual office day like on Fridays.   3. Invest in quality fabrics and well-made items The timeless black blazer is always a safe bet. It is a wardrobe staple that will get you through any occasion. A black blazer will always look sleek and professional. However, the quality of the blazer will make a huge difference. Make sure you invest in a blazer of excellent quality. If you can, buy one that is made out of wool. This is a fabric that is appropriate for any season, and it is also incredibly versatile. From formal to casual, a black blazer can be worn to fit any setting! Black is also a slimming color, making you look more put together and professional. As black is a neutral shade, you can easily pair a black blazer with various colors and patterns. You can mix and match from a solid shirt to an Oxford pattern easily. Black is very versatile, and you can wear it year-round. Where possible, it's best to invest in a black blazer rather than a suit jacket.    4. Statement Pants There's no rule that says office attire has to be uninteresting. Wear a tailored pair of pants with a quirky design to work to inject your individuality. You can decide if you want to dress this up with a jacket, trench coat, or cardigan over a tank top for a meeting of the whole staff or dress it down with great pair of shoes for a casual Friday.   5. Keep your basics in the office If you have a few work staples, such as a black pencil skirt and a white blouse, keep them in your desk or locker at work. This will allow you to change your look without having to leave the building and spend any money. You can easily make a new outfit out of these items by simply adding a new piece of jewelry or scarf. This also allows you to change your outfit whenever you feel like it without worrying too much about impressing your boss.   6. Show some skin If you'd rather not expose too much flesh, don't worry. However, if you're feeling insecure about your outfit and want to feel more confident, adding a little skin can help. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to bear your midriff or anything. You can simply add a cardigan or blazer that shows off your shoulders. This little touch will help make you feel more confident in your outfit and will also make you look more professional.   7. The little black dress  A black dress is a staple for a reason and is a perfect addition to your office wear outfits. Black is a versatile color that may be worn as a dress or as a tunic with one of your favorite pairs of jeans or leggings. Black is a timeless hue that never goes out of style. The upkeep and sanitization are child's play as well. A little black dress is an excellent addition to any office wear wardrobe.   8. Mix and match your prints If you like wearing patterns and prints, don't be afraid to mix and match them. However, ensure you match them correctly and don't get them too matchy-matchy. If you have three pieces of patterned clothing, you can create three completely different outfits by pairing them with other items. This also helps you avoid looking like you're wearing your pajamas to the office.   9. Jumpsuits To be frank, many times, we don't have time to ponder (much less plan your clothes), and a fine jumpsuit is one of the greatest alternatives for those situations. You can make a bold fashion statement with minimal effort by just adding a belt or a pair of heels to this versatile garment.   10. Stylish pants, blouse, and flats During Zoom meetings, we were welcomed dressed formally from the waist up while being casual on the bottom; this may be adapted for our return to the workplace. Back at the office? Ease into business casual with a blouse that makes a statement. It's that little something extra you've been wanting, and it rounds out an excellent getup for a night out on the town after work.   Wrapping up If you're a regular person wondering, "What should I wear to the office in a post-pandemic world?" while staring blankly into an open closet, you're not alone. Do not feel isolated. Eventually, you want to ensure that you put your best foot forward when you go to work. You also want to ensure you are comfortable in your work clothes. Remember that you are an individual and must dress for your personality. Consequently, if you feel confident and comfortable in your outfit, that is all that matters. Make sure you are not afraid to experiment and try something new when picking out your outfits. If you are not confident in your outfit, try to change something about it until you feel comfortable and like yourself again. Continue reading our blog on for more information and updates on fashion, travel, beauty, entertainment, and more.  

All About Women Sportwear: The Evolving Trends Of 2022

Does the fact that life appears to be returning to normal imply that loungewear and activity wear will take a second seat to fashion? Most fashion gurus are skeptical. The world's obsession with women’s sportswear will continue to expand, and fashionistas everywhere will want to stay fashionable while practicing Tai Chi or tennis. As reported by the NPD Group, a market research firm based in the United States, the sportswear sector accounted for 40% of all online sales last year. Wearing fitness apparel that makes us look and feel good motivates us to exercise and enhances our self-esteem. Here are a few athleticwear trends to look out for in 2022.   Styles With a pandemic-hit world, the increase of leisure athleticwear remains widespread, and the trend appears to be continuing. Athleisure is the fastest growing apparel segment in fashion, fueled by a new trend in wellness aspirations and celebrity and influencer endorsements on social media. The line between sportswear for women and their daywear is becoming increasingly blurred, allowing fashion-forward workout fanatics to mix and match the two.   Sustainability 2022 is setting the standard for environmental effects. Over the last several years, gym enthusiasts have become more ecologically concerned, wanting more information about how their clothing is made while looking for organic and recycled clothing pieces. Some sportswear brands and their websites even let customers pick goods based on their preferred sustainability approaches.   Tops Sports bras are a perfect wardrobe staple for women, not to mention a fashionable appearance when paired with coordinated leggings and shorts. However, in 2022, look for cheerful and entertaining bras. Cutouts on bras will undoubtedly be trendy this year, as will crop bras. In keeping with the athleisure trend, fashionable fitness folks may be spotted working out in a top crop bra, then slipping on a comfortable cardigan or jacket to do errands or meet for brunch.   Bottoms This winter and spring, high-waisted trousers will remain popular at the gym. What would we have done without them? Stretch in whichever direction you wish; these belly wraps make us seem slimmer in practically every yoga pose. We might not see many low-waisted pants for a while, so stock up on your favorites during after-holiday specials or online. Biker shorts are still prevalent in 2022. These skin-tight stretchy shorts aren't for everyone, but if you're acclimated to the design, you can jazz up the appearance with bright, glittery shirts for winter. Cropped leggings and bootcut pants are another terrific exercise choice if you like a bit of extra cloth around the legs.   Matching sets The popularity of perfectly matched training sets, a mainstay of both the gym and the leisure time, is expected to wane in the next year. Even now, muted earth tones predominate. However, the most interesting recent iterations are brighter and printed, with logos and other designs in warm colors like red and orange.     Work Out Dresses In order to streamline your workout attire, consider investing in a one-piece. After a session of yoga or Pilates, a fitness catsuit paired with an open cardigan is a chic and comfortable outfit. Putting on an exercise dress is becoming increasingly common, and this trend will likely persist. Abercrombie has recently launched it in every color, and it's going to be my new favorite thing to wear this spring. In this style, a tennis court isn't necessary to dish up good looks.   Cat-suits The one-and-done catsuit is growing from popularity among trendsetters to become a mainstream staple by 2022. It allows for ease of movement, and it's extremely stylish. If you're not into the long-dress trend, a cropped or romper cut could be more your style. If you feel overly exposed in a one-piece swimsuit, try layering a pair of shorts over it. That's such a throwback!   All Sizes Because men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes work out, firms are reacting by offering larger sizes, lengths, and variety. Many businesses are already incorporating plus-size models in their advertisements and online. Some companies are breaking down barriers and marketing to women of all shapes and sizes, including curvy, tall, thin, and tiny women. Old Navy® unveiled Bodequality in August, an initiative to provide all women's items in sizes 0 to 30 and XS to 4X, priced the same and merchandised in the same parts of the store and online. Other brands offer similar initiatives, illustrating that everyone deserves to look and feel well in their sportswear.   Colors It's no secret that bright colors make us feel happy, so while we're dealing with a pandemic, strong, gorgeous hues will still be available. If you like the 2021 color-block style, you can still perform your lunges and squats in monochromatic matching tones in 2022. Fitness clothing will also be available in earthy tones like browns and greens. Camouflage and animal designs are still trendy in 2022, making us feel more secure and connected to nature.   Style Tech Athletic gear can fulfill a variety of functions. Modern businesses are integrating technology with fitness to make gear, ranging from socks to shirts to hats, incorporating performance-enhancing technologies while remaining fashionable. Companies are using compression material to improve technologies. Compression leggings and performance tops assist in circulating blood throughout the muscles, which benefits hypertrophy, force exertion, fatigue management, and post-workout recovery. The possibilities are numerous, worn by everyone, from elite athletes to regular exercisers. Tech-driven clothing is evolving, making it easier to take your workout game to the next level.   Conclusion Fitness apparel will evolve and improve as long as people exercise to fulfill their needs. The following year appears to be no different. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of daily activewear, and the athleisure business is predicted to be worth $83 billion by the end of 2022. There will be many options for sportswear, and fashion is always a component of doing out. Keep reading our posts on for everything you want to know about fashion trends and more.

14 Celebrity-Inspired Gray Hair Looks You Can Have

  Many of us will go through the process of gradually developing gray hair as we age. Some people may choose to change their hair's color, while others may want to keep its natural shade. The latter choice may be freeing since it opens the door to experiencing a whole other hue. Gray, in our view, has all the beauty and nuance of any different color. Hair and color expert Nikki Lee addressed everything we could about this popular shade. Here are some of our favorite celebrity hairstyles for gray hair color, complete with expert advice on achieving the looks. This is an excellent resource whether you want to enhance your natural gray, highlight some faint streaks, or play with the shade intentionally. If you are still struggling with second thoughts, here are fourteen celebrity-inspired gray hair looks that will inspire you to go gray.   1. Jamie Lee Curtis The actress's short, naturally gray hair is accentuated by her penchant for wearing all-white ensembles and cutt0ing-edge styles. The actress allegedly stopped dying her hair in 2017 to avoid exposing herself to "burning chemicals on the head," as reported by Yahoo News.   2. Steve Martin The actor started graying his hair in his 30s. According to a 1977 feature in Rolling Stone, the comedian's hair and beard had been a dark brown when he was 32. Even though Steve Martin's hair is now predominantly white, it has always been a signature feature of his appearance.   3. George Clooney Since around 2009, George Clooney has begun sporting gray and silver hair. When he saw himself on the TV the very first time, he joked; he was taken aback by the sight of his gray hair. GQ quotes him as saying, "The ancient, gray-haired guy in "Up in the Air" really threw me off. And I was the one who did it." It seems that these days, Clooney can appreciate the color.   4. Idris Elba Idris Elba's beard is beginning to show gray, yet his hair is still black. Elba's beard has become integral to his image, and he admits he feels insecure when he needs to shave it for a role.   5. Kelly Osborne To some extent, gray hair is artificial. Kelly Osbourne is in love with her silver and dark gray hair colors, especially when infused with purple and lavender tones, which are some of her favorite colors. Osbourne said in 2012 on "The Talk" via the Daily Mail: "It's something I've wanted to do my whole life; I've always wanted to be youthful and have gray hair."   6. Andre Cohen In 2013, the TV host revealed to his audience that he doesn't bother to cover his graying hair with dye. In 2013, while appearing on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," he vowed to his viewers that he would not be dying his hair. I can honestly say, "Hair coloring is something I've never done."   7. Helen Mirren Helen Mirren, a British actress, has been sporting silvery-white hair for some time. Mirren told The Daily Mail in 2015 that women should not be afraid to experiment with their hairstyles and should not feel pressure to conform to societal norms. "When I colored my hair pink, I felt like a princess. Many women never have the nerve to change their lives beyond what they were excellent at or did between 18 and 28." She revealed her information to the media. To paraphrase: "It's nice that some individuals rock a classic haircut that suits them, but it's far better to embrace how you look now and then be current."     8. Stacy London Stacy London told The Gloss that her gray streak appeared when she was a youngster due to severe psoriasis combined with strep throat. As a fashion expert, she has worn the streak throughout her career and claims she has no plans to stop. The gray stripe was "kind of a badge of honor," she claimed, in place of her inherent insecurity. "Do however you please with my hair, but you can't color my grey streak, I told Pantene. It's intrinsic to who I am."   9. Patrick Dempsey. Fans of "Grey's Anatomy" saw Patrick Dempsey's black hair gradually turn silver over his ten years on the show. Dempsey and his wife, Jillian Fink, met in the 1990s while running a hair shop. They tied the knot in 1999, and she is still the one who cuts his hair.   10. Jon Stewart While on "The Daily Show," the comic sported a full head of silver hair; after leaving in 2015, he has added a full gray beard to his silver hair. The hilarious Jon Stewart has been known to joke about how he has aged. He told attendees at the 2017 Stand Up for Heroes event in New York City, "This must be very amazing for you to see me here," as reported by The Daily Beast. "Oh my God, it must be Jon Stewart's grandpa!"   11. Meryl Streep When Meryl Streep was younger, she naturally let her blonde hair go gray. Streep's white hair in her classic performance as Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada" caused a flurry of excitement among fans. She wore a gorgeous red dress to the 2018 Oscars and absolutely nailed it.   12. Steve Carell In 2017, when Steve Carell debuted a full head of salt-and-pepper gray hair, his admirers went crazy for the appearance, to the point that they even made memes about it. Later in the year, Carell joked about the internet's fixation on his hair in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, stating, "I can't stand it when people just consider me in terms of how I look. Genetics plays a role. It's hopeless; I have no options." To which he then extended, "I can hardly contain my delight. That's fantastic!"   13. Tan France The fashion expert on Netflix's "Queer Eye" is not afraid to flaunt his prematurely gray hair. While becoming gray at a young age is common among South Asian males, Tan France told Refinery29 in 2018 that he was "very much at peace" with his hair. "I love these traits about myself, and I want other kids who aren't Caucasian to feel the same way."   14. Andie Macdowell Andie MacDowell sported her natural gray hair on the red carpet at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival after introducing her new salt-and-pepper waves on Instagram. She explained to Vogue last month that the inspiration for the change came from her children. During her period in quarantine, her hair began to grow, and her children often remarked that mom "looked badass" with her new gray hair. The actress claimed it made her feel "more powerful" to embrace the appearance now, even though her management had advised her "it's not the time" to go gray.     Facts That Are Actually Kind of Cool About Gray Hair Opting for a color: Think about your skin tone, your natural hair color, and your lifestyle when deciding on a shade, but remember that it's all up to you.   The severity of maintenance: A higher level of care is usually associated with decreasing weight and increasing silver color content. Keep in mind that people with naturally darker hair than blondes will have more difficulty maintaining gray and silver shades since they require pre-lightening. Also, the contrast will be much more pronounced, and touch-ups will be more frequent as your natural color develops (unless you like to show your roots). When compared to traditional single-process color, balayage requires far less upkeep.   Works well with colors like: Any Skin Color Shades of the Same: Platonic and silver-blonde Price: Full color may start at approximately $200, while pre-lighting can begin at around $150.   Frequent Asked Questions About Gray Hair How can one wear short gray hairstyles? Bob Steele Gray Steel gray and black hair give supermodel Jourdan Dunn a rich and flexible aesthetic. It's a fantastic and trendy way to age gracefully, but this style requires constant upkeep. Nikki Lee recommends bleaching the hair before coloring it.   Pixie in platinum gray Sibley Scoles (an American actress and television personality) has proven herself a hair chameleon by giving us two major hair trends at once with her exquisite platinum-gray pixie and damp style. There is a common misconception that gray color hair needs more maintenance than others because of its prominence. Scoles embraces her ebony complexion, giving her a natural air of sophistication. Another gorgeous style is the gray hue on a close crop, especially when combined with natural texture. Cynthia Erivo, an English actress, has platinum color in her hair. However, she would look just as beautiful with natural gray.   How can I achieve that shiny gray look? Using a curling wand, you may add volume and body to your long gray hair. Using oil, massage the hair from the mid-lengths to the ends to increase shine.   To what extent would graying my hair provide volume? For fine, straight hair, the tried-and-true technique of foil highlights, or a combination of highlights and lowlights, may work wonders. Beautiful streaks of color and the impression of fullness are two benefits you'll notice immediately.   Conclusion Some famous people are starting to embrace their silver tresses, while others still hide them under color. Andy Cohen, Jamie Lee Curtis, and George Clooney, among others, are responsible for popularizing the style. Kelly Osbourne is just one example of a younger celebrity who has opted for a silver or gray hair color job. The gray hairstyles featured on's celebrity pages are guaranteed to make you the center of attention if you decide to make a significant change.

The 10 Best Walking Shoes For Women This Year

  Sure, we enjoy talking about the outfits that are hit on the runway just as much as everyone else but don't forget about the shoes. After all, shoes make everyone look great—there are no limits to the designs you may try! When the spring/summer collections hit the runway, we were happy to see old faves like sneakers, slides, stilettos (remember them?), and platforms. Bright colors and luxurious touches were at the forefront, an enthusiastic cry to wake up, put on a pair of kicks, and meet the world with gusto, regardless of your heel-height choice. Here are the top women's shoe trends to look out for in 2022.   1. Cowboy Boots With these distinctive black and white cowboy boots, you can live out your Western fantasies. Choose an ankle-length pair or one that reaches your shin — they're a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Whether you mix it with blue denim or a monochrome set, this is a look that will become head turner, and for a good cause.   2. Kitten Heels These adorable kitten heel boots will add a fashionable touch to any ensemble. White is one of the season's favorite shoe colors, so mix them with bright or pastel colors to make them stand out. This footwear goes well with jeans, a trench coat, and a midi skirt. They're a must-have for any woman's wardrobe, no matter how you wear them.   3. Boots with Straight Legs Say goodbye to shoes that are too tight to walk in, and welcome to these straight-leg boots. They look fantastic with long and flowing dresses, but they keep you warm when the weather lowers. Choose something fundamental and subtle, or go all out with a crazy design or animal print. When you wish to show off your sexy long legs, pair these shoes with a short skirt and a long jacket, and you'll be cruising the streets in style all day.   4. Decorative Heels With these extravagant heels, let your feet do the talking. One can not go wrong with a statement shoe, whether gold, silver, or crystal. Nothing extravagant — a simple design with a beautiful decoration is enough to create a statement. If you wish to go all out, try a designer shoe or one with a feature wrapped over the rear of the heel.   5. Boots with square toes Thanks to these boots, being square has become fashionable. The cut-off style adds a modern touch to classic footwear and is meant to be noticed. Show off your pins with an ankle-length pair, or go for the knee-high look with a skirt. These shoes look lovely in any context and are timeless so that you may wear them for the rest of your life!   6. Kitten Mule With these kitten heel mules, you can channel your inner fashionista. Because of its short height and prominent toe, this style goes well with just about anything. Whatever your style, you can't go wrong with these stunning shoes.   7. Military boots These durable and fashionable shoes will complement any outfit, whether you're undertaking an army crawl or strolling through the city streets. Wear trousers and a sweater with the footwear, or go for a delicate and hyper-feminine sundress for the ultimate '90s flashback. You'll be the most incredible girl everywhere you go with a pair of these puppies, no matter how you wear them.   8. White Chunky Sneaker You can take athletic chic to a new level with chunky white shoes. Whether you're wearing them for fashion or sheer comfort, this footwear is the ideal balance of luxury and leisure. You can wear it with a long skirt, sweatpants, or jeans to take on the world.     9. Boots with a Contrast Toe With these contrast toe boots, opposites attract. Whether black and brown or blue and white, these mixed and matched shoes can give dimension to any ensemble. There are several possibilities for ankle to knee-length footwear to make you appear like the most trendy person in the room.   10. Formal heels with ankle straps Platform heels are a great way to get into the summer spirit. Whether the straps go up to your leg or stop at the ankle, these shoes are terrific to show off your pins while still keeping you cool. Wear the boots with a flowing dress for a semi-formal look, or pair them with socks for an altogether laidback look.     Women's Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions Which women's shoe is the most popular? It isn't easy to pinpoint the most popular women's shoes. However, there are a few wardrobe essentials that every woman should have. A superb pair of traditional black ballerina flats adaptable, comfy, and attractive is among them. Next, sneakers are the best walking shoes for women. They are comfortable and long-lasting. Mid-heeled boots, either ankle or tall, are also on the list, followed by a pair of neutral summer sandals. Finally, black heels are the shoe wardrobe's equivalent of the little black dress - make sure you choose a design that allows you to walk comfortably and securely.   Are flats in vogue in 2022? Flats will be famous in 2022. They're both comfy and functional, and they look excellent with everything from pants and skirts to dresses and shorts. Consider traditional ballerina flats, pointed mules, loafers, combat boots, and tennis shoes. In 2022, these styles will be updated with square toes, Mary-Jane style straps, and natural materials.   Are Flatforms in Fashion in 2022? While they might be contentious, flatforms were hot in 2021. The thick soles give the user more height without the pain of heels. As a result, they're both functional and fashionable. The most popular types are sneakers and sandals, which keep your foot secure to compensate for the added weight of the soles.   Are Uggs going out of style in 2022? Ugg boots are still popular on the streets, albeit not as much as in the mid-2000s. They are not only helpful in keeping your feet warm and comfy, but they also fit right in with the stay-at-home pandemic life loungewear trend. Wear them with oversized jackets, denim, and cozy leggings this winter.   Are loafers fashionable in 2022? Both flat and heeled loafers will be popular in 2022. This classic shoe offers an ideal balance of practical comfort and an attractive appearance. Pair flat loafers with ankle-cut trousers, jeans, yoga pants, and a jacket for a dressed-up yet relaxed look. Choose block heels or open backs for heeled loafers and pair them with midi-length skirts, fitted trousers, and wide-leg jeans.   Are Birkenstocks fashionable in 2022? Birkenstocks have become a trendy sandal standard, especially in 2022, when it's all about comfort. They're a joy to wear because of the contoured and ergonomic footbeds with arch support. Furthermore, there appears to be an infinite number of materials and colors to pick from. They look great with anything from denim shorts and beautiful sundresses to mom jeans and tailored trousers.   Are ankle boots still in fashion in 2022? As a concept, ankle boots are always in trend, yet, the specifics fluctuate with the seasons. Look for combat ankle boots with hefty soles with a lot of attitude in 2022. Laces and square toes are also famous for their more intricate design when it comes to colors, the brighter, the better, with all colors of the rainbow and white on-trend.   Conclusion With warmer weather on the horizon, it's time to update your wardrobe, beginning with the best walking shoes for women. After all, nothing beats finally putting away your insulated boots and salt-scuffed shoes at the end of a hard winter. However, according to sneakers are the ideal walking shoes for women when we're not dancing the night away (or when we are!). Retro '70s shoes may brighten up a simple look, while '90s platforms are still popular.

The Best 10 Striped T-Shirt Trends For Women In 2022

  Striped T-shirts are exceptionally versatile, and you can make them work for you no matter what your style is. Most significantly, as we will demonstrate, they are applicable for any age group, season, or occasion. Even though this T-shirt may be worn all year, all of these styles are inspired by summer weather because, well, who wants to think about sweaters when the weather is finally beginning to warm up? Of course, you may be creative in your manner and utilize these styles as inspiration. Here are the top ten looks you can create with the striped shirt and become a head-turner.    1. The French-Inspired Look We discovered that a neck scarf could be used to transform any "bland" look. Try that the next time you put on a striped tee with a navy blue or white scarf, like the ones worn by the tennis players. It will look sporty and go well with a decent short skirt. Trust me, and you will not be sorry!   2. Stripe Tee with Khaki look Stripes look fantastic with khaki's military green color. The combination of khaki with a white striped tee screams safari to me. You would know if you have ever been on a safari ride. Undoubtedly, it would be a comfortable costume to wear in the middle of Africa. You can also wear something like this on hot summer days.    3. Office look You don't have to wait until Friday to wear your striped T-shirt to work. Simply wear it with your favorite heels, a blazer or jacket, and skinnies or wide-leg trousers. It will look professional, but it will also be a refreshing change for you and those around you at your workplace.    4. Classic Look Do you often say, "I don't have anything to wear," despite the numerous clothes in the closet? When I don't know what to wear, this is one of my go-to outfits. If I want to dress more casually, I choose white sneakers over sandals. A striped T-shirt and skinny black jeans never go out of style.      5. Comfy Casual When it comes to styling any appearance, accessories make all the difference. A striped t-shirt with a skirt or a strap pant accessorized with a trendy cap and vibrant colored bag can make a great ensemble. When I'm feeling too meh, I just throw on a nice hat and a clutch purse, and everything changes. Try out this look, and we promise you will thank us later.    6. Mixing prints Dare to combine prints? Experiment with different color combinations. If you're just getting started, follow this thumb rule: make sure the patterns in each color are the same. Any black and white bottom, florals, tribal prints, and broad stripes (you name it!) will look great with a striped T-shirt.    7. Effortless summer look One of our favorite ways to wear stripes is with a statement piece, such as a long skirt. The secret is to use only one bright hue. It can be a jacket, shoes, or jeans, as long as everything else is neutral. Also, remember all the money you're saving for those bottomless mimosa breakfasts on weekends? This outfit is ideal for one of those days!   8. Denim on Denim look with a striped t-shirt  We truly adore the denim on denim look. It's another look that will never go out of style. You can combine bright and dark Denim for the jacket and bottom; it will make a good style statement with a striped tee of similar blue or contrasting colors.   9. Stripped T-shirt with an over-sized sweater This look is excellent in winters when you are constantly cold and it is mildly snowing outside. No one leaves the apartment without a pashmina, sweater, or denim jacket over a striped t-shirt. This style works well with or without the shirt.   10. White striped tee with white shorts and white sneakers This outfit is for those hectic summer weekends when you have to run a million errands and later on reward yourself with a drink on a neighborhood patio for surviving a long day. You can go all in white to keep yourself cool and to beat the thrashing summer heat.      Conclusion Striped T-shirts are fantastic, aren't they? A striped shirt may add subtle (or striking) intrigue to an ensemble, whether you choose for small, subtle patterns or huge, bold stripes. Striped T-shirts look fantastically layered under coats and vests in the fall and winter and with your favorite shorts, skirts, and jeans in the spring and summer! Alternatively, wear a striped shirt with overalls or a sweater. Striped T-shirts are ideal for casual weekend ensembles. Stripes have a natural, relaxed, sporty/preppy vibe about them. In addition, traditional striped shirts may be worn to the workplace or dressed up for dinner! Choose from these top ten style trends in striped t-shirts from that help you look your best.