Love Jumpsuits? Here Are The Top 9 Stunning Trends And Styles

  Jumpsuits were first used as a military uniform during World War I and have become a workday staple for many. Coveralls or boilersuits were worn by pilots, mechanics, and even astronauts to protect their other garments, and many people in these fields still do. Designers in fashion have capitalized on the garment's practical heritage. A neutral-toned, off-the-shoulder jumpsuit with ruched elements and buttoned pockets was featured at Max Mara's Spring/Summer 2021 presentation for a sleek spin on the style. Meanwhile, Stella McCartney (a British fashion designer) sticks to the boilersuit silhouette with flap pockets and a belted waist. The modest jumpsuit is an effortlessly stylish, one-and-done ensemble that gives you a new and polished appearance every time you put it on. It's become a simple wardrobe staple, with the best jumpsuits serving as a tried-and-true fashion technique for times you need simplicity without the fussiness of a dress or just don't know what to wear. Pair your favorite cotton or linen jumpsuit with a beautiful purse and your shoes of choice, such as white sneakers, flats, ankle boots, or sandals. Throw on a baseball cap with slouchier designs to increase the cool factor. Add polished jewelry to the mix with dressier variations, such as leather or silk, contemporary pearl earrings, or stacked necklaces. Wear a fitting turtleneck underneath your warmest outfit in chilly weather, then top it off with a puffer coat and cashmere scarf. Keep scrolling to see no-fuss jumpsuits we're enjoying right now, from elegant ensembles that rival your finest date-night outfits to simple designs that give your go-to off-duty look a run for its money.     1. Sleeveless jumpsuits For a more refined option for event dresses, try a strapless jumpsuit. Accessorize with elegant jewelry or a scarf wrapped over your head or tied around your neck for that perfect vintage touch. Jumpsuits for women have emerged as a fashion statement that controls the runway and has also captured hearts. Fashionistas love these stylish one-piece ensembles not just for their flair but also for their comfort and adaptability. Jumpsuits are an obvious winner of all seasons since they look fantastic on every woman, regardless of age, shape, or size. 2. Jumpsuits for Date Night Jumpsuits feature balloon-like legs with plenty of space, which may appear extremely elegant and attractive, especially when paired with a small belt to cinch in the waist. They also offer the appearance of slimming down the physique. There is a jumpsuit for everyone, no matter their shape, size, or height. If you're new to wearing jumpsuits, a solid color is an excellent choice. A black one is a perfect choice for first-timers because it works nicely for all circumstances. If you enjoy experimenting with colors, try olive green, burgundy, or pink, which look well on virtually everyone. 3. Jumpsuits with Printed Patterns In a jumpsuit that lets it all hang out, channel your inner flower, kid. A short spaghetti strap romper is the most effortless outfit to throw on this summer, and it will take you from days at the beach to evenings out on the town. What would a summer be without florals? This season's becoming wardrobe essential may be just as chic when worn with an informal, SoCal-inspired style. Pair the Lady Ribbon Crave You Tropical Print playsuit with a dusty suede hat. The boho feel is amplified with Saturday Night Fever–inspired platforms that base the ensemble while still adding pizzazz with a cut-out design and crisp silhouette! This garden-inspired pattern completely steals the stage. It's delicate and feminine, and the print is a breath of fresh air that neutrally tones out any item you put on its face. Don't allow delicate clothing to prevent you from romping and stomping. These jumpsuits are ideal for high-energy activities. 4. Jumpsuits made of leather A leather jumpsuit instantly reads luxurious for a sleek and simple look. Whether piled leather-on-leather as seen at Burberry or coupled with high-top sneakers as seen at Celine, the garment adds an edgy twist to the trend. 5. Tailored Jumpsuits Labels like Bottega Veneta and Hermès exhibited this look in their summer/spring 21 collections, using precise cutting on everything from separates to one-pieces. A zip-up jumpsuit comprises a structured yet roomy top and tidy pants. Hermès, on the other hand, offers a gray plaid version with a casual fit but a buttoned-up appearance. 6. Jumpsuits in disco style The jumpsuit was established as a fashion item during the disco era of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and the period's flamboyant flair may be observed in current iterations of the trend. Balmain Tom Ford (American fashion designer and a filmmaker) goes for plunging necklines and eye-catching finishes reminiscent of Studio 54. Still, Saint Laurent (French fashion designer) and Chanel's sleek jumpsuits hint at more modern designs. 7. Stay at home Jumpsuits The pandemic's trend toward simpler, comfortable clothing will not diminish. In the Spring/Summer 2021 collections, designers responded to the quest for quick fashion with many jumpsuit designs that produce immediate ensembles. Jumpsuits give an easy appearance with only one garment, mirroring the no-stress look of putting on a house dress or slipping into a sweatsuit. The stay-at-home jumpsuits are baggy in look and are very comfortable in feel. If you like to work from home, this type of jumpsuit is one of your best buys. 8. The “take me out" Jumpsuits Another popular style this season is deep plunging necklines, which enhance the seductive appeal of jumpsuits for women or any other clothing. The color black has an irrepressible natural force. This Take Me Out Fitted Black outfit feels empowered and ravishingly lovely. 9. The Red Jumpsuit Paints the Town This season, color-blocked outfits have become popular. This magnificent Merlot Red one uses this timeless color combination and perfectly enhances the wearer's curves.   Conclusion Jumpsuits have been appearing on the catwalks for a few seasons now. However, they are still popular this summer in a variety of styles. A jumpsuit goes with virtually anything. Combine it with a long cardigan for a relaxed day out, or dress it up for an evening out with cropped boyfriend jackets and bright color heels. Pair it with tights and ankle-length boots in the winter, or layer it with a jumper to create a short look effect. You can wear a single jumpsuit in many different styles that may appear different every time you wear it. Long nighttime walks with your feet on dry, fallen orange and yellow leaves from the trees are in order in October. It reminds us of the delicious pumpkin spice latte that appears around this time of year to make our ageless, mundane life more exciting, regardless of the weather. Autumn reminds us that nature goes through trends and eras like us. And, it appears that Mother Nature seemed to urge us all to buy jumpsuits right now.

'90s Fashion For Women: Here Are The 10 Remerging Trends

  The adage "what goes around, comes around" is often used in a karmic context, but it also applies perfectly to the cyclic nature of the fashion industry. And the cycle appears to be whirling faster than ever before. It's been 20 years since the '90s, yet '90s fashion is making a comeback as a mixed bag of nostalgic feelings. When you think you've seen every imaginable lost look from the 1990s, another one appears. Millennials have given a modern twist to ‘90s crop tops, chokers, and denim. We've also just rekindled a fondness for vintage-style dresses and bell-bottom pants. Continue reading our guide to the ten resurfacing trends of '90s fashion in women’s products, clothes, and designs that we wore to death and then promptly forgot about until now. 1. Accessories and Adornments Big Hoops Hoops were a big trend throughout the 1990s, and they, too, are back with a bang. The only rule while sporting this cheeky piece of jewelry was to go big or stand-alone. After all, what's the sense of wearing jewelry if it doesn't make a point? Chokers Chokers were the "IN" accessory of the 1990s. Those who wore these collar-like necklaces could accessorize their attire with an edgy flair. Some were made of cloth and had beads and gems on them, while others were flexible plastic. Chokers are back in style for 2022, and they may provide a sophisticated '90s vibe to a variety of ensembles.   2. Iconic Clothing The 1990s introduced youthful and carefree trends that dipped a bit of rebellion into fashion. Grunge, minimalism, and hip-hop outfits were some of the decade's most popular trends. The Grunge fashion movement was pioneered by Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen (renowned fashion designers), who drew inspiration from the gritty streets of New York and London. With Kate Moss (supermodel) and her "heroin chic" appearance leading the pack, supermodels were replaced by a new breed of waif models. This "too cool to care" attitude became the hottest trend in fashion due to Moss' influence. Fans of popular music often modeled their outfits after the unique looks of the musicians they admired. Here are the ‘90s fashion women’s outfits trending in this section: Flared Jeans Flared jeans reigned for a very long time before the appearance of skinny jeans. It was the go-to style for all ‘90s women. These broad-shaped bottom jeans also inspired the making of bell-bottom pants, which became popular in the 1990s due to a desire for big and loose shapes. They gave a sense of being relaxed and made them ideal for daytime wear. Moreover, they also looked great when paired with crop tops. This trend has leaped back into today’s fashion world mainly because people fall in love with looks that are not expensive and has an easy-going feel. Consider wearing a dark-colored crop top with flared jeans for a casual evening, and you are all set to become a head-turner. Mom-Jeans This trend has resurfaced in a much more excellent way. A pair of mom jeans have become a must-have in the wardrobe collection. They have been popularized by Gigi Hadid (renowned model) and other apparel labels such as Zara. Although these pants have become the brunt of fashion jokes, the design is rather attractive. ‘90s Skirts and Midis The mid-knee-length skirts were first introduced in the ‘90s by supermodel Cindy Crawford. It is one of the perfect fits for summers. It may have taken a fall in popularity over the years, but now it is back in style. It’s all denim! America's obsession with denim did not end with blue jeans; the denim-on-denim aesthetic of the 1980s was carried over into the 1990s. Denim dresses, pencil skirts, and jackets are worn all year round. The most popular color was light blue denim, followed by all-white denim, all black, and occasionally dark blue denim. There were even jeans with floral prints and stone embellishments. The most recent fashion in denim includes denim overalls, denim jackets, and ripped denim jeans. Shimmering Velvet Velvet was the most popular fabric for the people in the 1990s, along with the slinky designs which were prominent at the time. Fast forward to now, and jewel-tone velvet midis and wrap dresses from high-end and low-end labels alike are making a significant comeback for the party season. Pink-blush gowns Pink was the favorite color of ‘90s women’s fashion. Long gowns and dresses were made of monotone soft pink with varying hues. We see this trend as one of the most recognizable red carpet looks. Gwyneth Paltrow (an American actress) was ahead of the game when she chose to wear a gorgeous blush pink gown back at 71st Academy Awards. Scandi influencers who follow Scandinavian fashion have been spotted in soft-pink dresses paired with cowboy boots, making it a style statement. ‘90s Fashion Women's Slip Dress Delicate slip dresses were a wardrobe essential for any '90s girl. Today, everyone from Hailey Bieber (American model, socialite, and media personality) to Emily Ratajkowski (model, actress, and author of the book "My Body") is a fan of the trend, which is frequently coupled with stacked choker necklaces—another very '90s look. Crop-tops These midriff-baring shirts were a must-have fashion item for women in the 1990s and are back in style. Today, you can revisit the decade's most exemplary fashion by wearing a crop top with a pair of mom jeans. This stylish combo is popular among celebs and street-style icons alike. Change your cropped camisoles for short t-shirts, sweaters, and tank tops to give this style a contemporary twist. 3. Hair and make-up of the ‘90s Scrunchies In the 1990s, your appearance was defined by more than just your clothes. It was the hairstyle that made a statement. Hair accessories and, of course, scrunchies were popular in the 1990s. They went well with a variety of outfits. Scrunchies were available in various designs and could be worn on different hairstyles like ponytails, buns, or pigtails. Hairstyles The queen bee who donned the edgy short style was Winona Ryder, the famous American actress. Hairstyles might range from very short pixies to chin-length bobs. Today, most modern women have a bob hairstyle. The short bob hair-cut of Jennifer Anniston or (Rachel Green) from more than a decade of the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S show still inspires many young women, girls, and children. Straight hair was curled for a softer look. Women with naturally tight curls let their hair loose and fluffy, or even straighten and roll into soft curls (a la Jackie Kennedy) or sweep it back into sharp "power-suit" cuts. Today, most of us use electric curlers to attain the same look. Broad headbands Hair accessories were prominent in the 1990s, and thick headbands were everywhere. At the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Beanie Feldstein wore a satin headband, renewing this trend and sending us all into hair-sterics. ‘90s women’s makeup Makeup in the ‘90s included a soft lip color and a natural-looking eyeshadow and blush palette. Makeup for the eyes was minimal, with only eyeliner and eyeshadow. Light pinks and corals were the colors of choice for the lipsticks. Today, millennials categorize this makeup as "nude makeup" or a "nude look." The choice of colors gives a no-makeup used look and has a very fresh appeal in today's time. 4. ‘90s footwear The shoes of the '90s fit into the same trend groups as the apparel of the era. Both men and women wore heavy-duty combat boots due to the grunge movement. Everything from floral slip dresses to flannel shirts and frayed jeans looked great with these rugged, gritty shoes. Birkenstocks were a go-to shoe for the minimalist trend. Birkenstocks were known for their homogeneous look and feel, even though they were available in various designs and colors. The Spice Girls, in particular, helped popularize platforms. Classic pool slides and Converse Chuck Taylors were also popular footwear choices. Today, many millennials are opting for this minimalistic yet formal look. People who love Jennifer Lopez's style have been wearing a new line of strappy heels from the Zara store. These shoes bring us back to the best and most sophisticated '90s fashion for women. 5. Bucket Hats Although this look may have originated in the grunge music scene, Naomi Campbell, an American actress, has also been spotted using it. Justin Bieber's embroidered bucket hat went viral on his gram at the beginning of 2022, assuring us that this look will stick around for a long time.  6. Small handbags What we popularly call tote bags these days is nothing but inspired by the '90s-style tiny bags. In the '90s, women carried teeny-tiny bags that barely fit any essentials. They were made out of polka dots or other simple fabrics. At the premiere of her movie "Jolt," Kate Beckinsale's little bag was a huge hit with the designer fraternity in 2021 and continues to gain popularity even now. Also, fanny packs have been the subject of numerous fashion jokes, but in the 1990s, they were hailed as an ingenious method to keep your belongings close at hand while still looking stylish. Waist-belt bags are making a comeback, and they're seen on everyone from fashion bloggers to Kendall Jenner in recent months. 7. The Gothic look The Goethe look has been around for a very long time. It’s one of the ‘90s fashion trends for women that have survived the past two decades. Helena Bonham Carter looked eclectic as ever in her gothic look as she wore a sheer black gown and accessorized it with a gold chain necklace (also very on-trend right now). This trend is also gaining momentum with the millennials, mainly because of their newfound love for the color black. 8. Cat-eye Sunglasses The era of the 1990s was famous for its overly dramatic cat-eye frames. The style is more current now, as seen by Selena Gomez's tortoiseshell pair and a blue off-the-shoulder dress. 9. Body Piercings Piercings were the must-haves of the 1990s women's fashion culture, from piercing the nose, lips, tongues, ears, and belly buttons to even piercing the nipples. This ‘90s woman’s fashion is making a major comeback this year. 10. Watches Digital watches were the 1990s' effort at wearable technology, and smartwatches are what we have today. Techy watches were all the rage back then, and CASIO's timepieces—from classic to G-Shock—appealed to everyone, from office workers to tech-wear fashionistas. Conclusion In the 1990s, fashion culminated in grunge style, giving us more variety in clothing than there ever was. Slip-dresses, flared jeans, crop tops, and basket hats are some trends that we intend to keep up with, but many directions did not make it to the future -intentionally and mostly for our good. Revamping old styles and incorporating them into a modern look can be challenging, especially if you are not a trend follower. Well, you chin-up friend! Yes, because we have covered you from trending hairstyles, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, and outfits to trending footwear designs, from seasonal wear to party attire. We have answers to all your questions. Remain Au courant with the latest fashion trends brings you.  

Y2K Fashion For Women In 2022 - Follow These Iconic Looks

So, we all know fashion is pretty much cyclical! If we keep holding onto something for too long, it will actually come back to style. But, in most cases, these cycles can last for about 10 years or so. Just two short decades later, Y2K fashion for women is again becoming a mainstream trend. It is making its appearance back in our lives.    Y2K fashion is prominent across all kinds of social media platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram. The fashion trend is embraced today by Gen-Z, a generation that was too young to embrace the butt-skimming, midriff-baring scenes completely. Today, as young adults, they grow up in a much more nostalgic manner, yearning for simpler times. As a result, they are now reaching back for those baggy pants, cropped t-shirts, and those kitsch accessories that were superhit among us!    That era, altogether, is known for a lot of extremes, especially as far as fashion is concerned. Fashion at that time was driven largely by ultra-consumerism and pop culture. You could see it all around you, with all the bedazzled logos and designer monograms on every single thing. An average daily wardrobe was full of different pieces that existed to prove that streetwear, too, could be glamorous.    So, it is natural that we want to return to that phase once again and relive our lost chances through those clothes and choices. This crossover between luxury and streetwear, the overall “narcissism'' of social media, and the nostalgic feeling for those simpler times are what we are rooting for today!    Let’s dive right into Y2K fashion trends and give you all the details you’d need to nail that perfect look and incorporate it into your wardrobe as an adult!    What is Y2K Fashion For Women?    Though trends suggest that the fashion industry focuses on minimalism and pared-back styles, Y2K fashion trends focus on making a statement. And that statement is usually louder than anything else around us!    Y2K fashion for women will cover the phase from the late ‘90s through the early and mid-2000s. For millennials, it is actually a haven!    Who Ruled the Y2K Fashion Scene?      Pop culture women ruled the fashion scene at the time! Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Missy Elliott, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Bradshaw ruled our lives back then.    We cannot forget how iconic Regina George from Mean Girls was at that time or the legendary Elle Woods from Legally Blonde! So, yes, we are talking about taking the best parts of Regina George and incorporating them into our looks today. So think of everything hot pink, teeny-tiny bags that are of no practical use, denim on denim, bedazzled logos, and of course, Juicy Couture.    Why is Y2K Fashion Back?   It is not surprising that the Y2K fashion has made a comeback now. It was truly one of the biggest fashion trends from our past decades. Today, it has come with its own twisted version that suits us all.    The late ‘90s through the early 2000s was a pretty experimental phase. The nostalgia for that freedom is what brings this trend back into our lives now.    Where Can You Buy Y2K Fashion?    If you want original pieces from the era, you should look out for thrift stores and pawn shops for some iconic looks and original pieces. You could even scrooge through eBay for digging out some iconic outfits from that era.    Etsy is another great treasure chest for authentic fashion clothes and accessories that are also inexpensive. You can even go to some resale platforms like Grailed or Vestiaire Collective to grab some great pieces. If you are looking for some coveted designer pieces, you can look out for the original Fendi Baguette or the Dior Saddle bag.    Many high-end designers have their own contemporary versions of some core pieces from the Y2K style, so you should also check out Browns, Mytheresa, and SSENSE.    Must-Have Items To Follow The Y2K Fashion Trend In 2022     1. Bandanas are a must-have fashion trend for women in 2022 2. Prefer wearing more relaxed demic fits that are flowy and wide. Say no to skinny jeans this year.  3. Think about what Lindsay Lohan or Regina George’s mini skirts looked like in Mean Girls. Get them out of your wardrobe and wear them! To follow this Y2K fashion trend in the winter months, team that mini skirt with turtlenecks and knee-high boots to nail that perfectly relaxed yet iconic look.  4. Pair your jeans with a denim jacket. Denim on denim is a major trend hovering over our lives.  5. Say hello to soft, ribbed cardigans that are buttoned up without the top and the bottom button! These clingy ribbed cardigans can be worn with mini skirts or baggy denim and can also be styled over your silky slip dresses.  6. Team up shiny materials in pearlescent or silver shades. Give your outfit that touch of nostalgia of the early 2000s.  7. Team up a metallic puffer jacket with your flared jeans. You can even add some random pieces to your look; think of colors like pink, orange, and light blue.  8. Get your game on with some playful, kitsch accessories. They formed an integral part of our outfits back then. These accessories can simply elevate your entire look with just a pop of fun! Think about fruity enamel bracelets by Roxanne, OTT sunglasses from that era, resin hair clips, scrunchies, and so much more! Even say hi to those pretty butterfly hair clips from the early 2000s.  9. How can we forget the iconic Juicy Couture velour tracksuits that we all adored on Paris Hilton? If this OG look is not your cup of tea, think of pairing the same colored sweatpants and sweatshirts together to achieve a similar, uber-chic 2022 look.  10. The teeny-tiny tees are one of the cutest things to make a comeback this year. These cropped t-shirts sit right above your belly button with a larger fit around your chest. Choose these tees with quirky quotes, characters, or fun patterns on the front. Graphic baby tees are iconic. Style them with pleated skirts or loose-fitted jeans.    What fun memories do you possess from the iconic Y2K era? How old were you at the time? What’s the best trend you are excited about?    Let us know. Follow WomenWire blog for more such tips! 

10 Different Ways To Wear Joggers Fashionably This Year

Joggers have made a comeback recently, which is great because it is just like you are wearing sweatpants but in a super cute, fashionable way. This article aims at giving you a few options on how to wear joggers, styling them, dressing them up, or just dressing them way down!    There are so many different options we will be talking about today on how to wear joggers!    So, let’s begin.    #1 The first way to style and wear joggers is to invest in the right ones. The ongoing trends suggest high-waisted joggers are really in fashion now. For fall, you can pair a high-waisted pair of joggers with a neutral-colored sweater. But, you need to be really careful here while pairing the two items together because if you get a sweater that just hands over your joggers and you are not tucking it in when styling it, you can make your look a little too casual and messy.    So, we suggest you get a pair of joggers to be styled with a medium or lightweight sweater and tuck it in, all the way for a chic casual look.    #2 You can even go for a front tuck, where you just tuck in the front part of your sweater in your joggers and leave the other parts hanging out loosely. The look, when done right, looks clean and smart. You can even go ahead and pair heels with it.    You can pair some sparkly heels with them, and voila! You are all set to go out and have some fun. It is a really cool outfit you can wear during the day and on your night out with your friends!   #3 You can even pair your joggers with a cool, low, and plunging neck-lined blouse and some fancy and sparkly heels for that uber-posh look you want for your casual brunch with some friends.    #4 Another amazing way to wear joggers fashionably is to team it up with a lace spaghetti top and a shrug over it for that perfect, pristine look. Underneath, wear shiny heels with gold hoops to incorporate some warmth into your look.    #5 Another thing you could do we feel that most people don’t really think about is to pick out the best flouncy, and OTT sleeved blouse you have and pair it with your joggers. Big, puffy, and flouncy sleeves are really in trend now and look amazing with joggers. Don’t pair that with your jeans, which you would normally wear underneath. Get that uber-chic and casual smart look with a pair of joggers underneath. Pairing your joggers with a formal blouse makes your outfit stand out. You will need a pair of heels, stilettos, or wedges; anything would go with it.  #6 Another fun way to wear joggers is to wear a pair of plain, black joggers with an animal print bodysuit. Animal-print bodysuits offer a uniquely sharp look to your entire outfit, which is difficult to overpower with other elements in your look. Pairing that sharpness with a pair of joggers will trim down your look, soften it up for a glam look for the evening out with your loved ones.    #7 You can even go ahead and pair your joggers with a sequin shirt. A shirt with a knot in the front goes amazingly well with your joggers and offers you uber-chic smartness. If paired well with the right sunglasses, you are going to kill it, girl! Tuck the shirt in loosely and let some of it slide out, right near your navel, atop your high-waisted joggers. You are good to go!    #8 If you want to wear joggers fashionably during winters, try adding layers to your outfit. Add a base layer to your bottoms before you wear your joggers. Wear a warm thermal layer under a white tank top or any normal shirt or t-shirt of your choice. Add shackets, denim jackets, or just a warm, woolen button-down shirt on top of your outfit to complete the look. And if it gets too cold, add your trenchcoats! It will look fabulous. Tennis shoes or boots look great with such a look and give you the comfort you crave.    PS: Add a tan leather jacket over a white t-shirt and black joggers to wear joggers fashionably this year! The look is way more Pinterest-y than you think!    #9 Graphic tees always look amazing with joggers and offer you the cool, running-some-errand look while buying yourself venti-iced red-eye. You do not have to be extremely matchy here, just get a pair of any joggers and wear it with any graphic tee of your choice. Either tuck the t-shirt in or tie it up in the front near your navel, and you are good to go. Wear a pair of white casual sneakers with the outfit, or if you are game, you can do wedges here as well.    PS: If you get chilly with this look, wear your favorite teddy coat over your tee, you will still look cool!    #10 Button-up shirts are an amazing option to wear joggers with this year. You can tuck them in your joggers, or you can let them loose from the back, with a sharp knot in the front, sitting atop your joggers.    If you want to leave it loose, ensure your shirt is not too long. Pair that look with a denim jacket or a corduroy jacket to complete this outfit.    Or, for an entirely different look, wear a really long shirt with your joggers, and tie the front atop your joggers. Leave the ends flowing loosely behind you. This ties up your look as a boho-chic one, especially when done with a floral or an embroidered shirt. Tying up the shirt in the front is really important to ensure your waist looks well-defined and your look gets accentuated.    Final Words  So, there you go! These were 10 different ways to wear joggers fashionably this year. Do try them out this year and slay it! Follow WomenWire for more cool fashion and beauty tips!   

Top 7 Winter Fashion Trends That Are Definitely Going Into 2022

We might not always think of winter as the most stylish of all seasons. Apart from all the New Year’s and holiday looks, it can be difficult not to fall into the same pattern of simply wearing just a pair of dark-wash jeans, with the boring old, dull and drab gray cashmere sweaters, every single day!     However, we are determined to add that extra flair to our winter fashion looks this year. Thanks to our renowned fashion makers and trendsetters, we know exactly what to do!    We have seen some really amazing developments in the past couple of years when it comes to winter fashion, and at WomenWire, we suspect things will continue to grow in terms of fashion trends in 2022 as well.    So, if you are looking forward to laying your hands on something stylish and revamping your wardrobe, here are the top seven winter fashion trends that will be a part of 2022.    1. Bold Colors      We have all been there, done that! Stuck in that drab color rut for the season. However, things will not be the same in 2022.    Currently, we are seeing some extremely major changes coming our way because of the recent autumn-winter collection. Searches have increased for new winter fashion looks in bold colors like violet, hot pink, red and lime green.    You do not have to wear them head to toe if you don’t want to! Just add a touch of them here and there in your outfit, and you are good to go. Adding a touch with a statement piece like a feathery or a fur jacket or even with your shoes will be attention-grabbing this winter season. So, go ahead and team up your bright yellow sweater on top of your boyfriend jeans. Switch things up. Ditch that gray sweater.    Options To shop: ASOS Design sweater ($50; $43) Express blazer ($138; $97) Banana Republic pants($149) Susanna Monaco bodysuit ($168) Naadam cardigan ($175) Camila Coelho pants ($188) Raquel Allegra dress ($275) Dannijo dress ($276)   2. Shackets   Since we were introduced to winter fashion, we have loved a plaid shirt and a jacket together! But what if we told you that you could wear them combined as one piece of clothing? Yes, 2022 winter fashion is being redefined, and shackets are coming in.    We will always have a soft spot for plaid. Classic wool-based plaid designs are incredible. Other styles are trending too, plaid in leather as well as in sharling.    But, one thing is for sure, plaid jackets are out there and will rule 2022 winter fashion trends. They will be a seamless part of your wardrobe this year.    Options To Shop: Collusion ($41)  Thread & Supply ($49) ASOS Curve ($64) Old Navy ($70)  Sanctuary ($139) Wilfred Free ($228)   3. Leather Pants     There is something so fascinating about faux leather pants that allure us worldwide. Leather pants are truly a winter fashion staple, especially the newer variants we are now seeing with fleece lining inside to keep us cozy.    Just get a pair of straight-leg black or wonderfully bold-colored faux-leather pants, say olive green or red. Team these pants up with any of your posh-classic, a turtle neck or a slim-fit crewneck sweater, or even a button-down shirt. Tamper along the look to create a rock-chic look.    Options To Shop: Open Edit ($59) AFRM ($78) More to Come ($80) Wilfred ($148) Lovers and Friends ($210) ASOS Design ($248)   4. Knee-High Boots   Knee-high boots will never go out of style, no matter what! They are a true winter classic and will always stay on top of everyone’s shopping list. They are a must-have commodity in all our wardrobes. We can never have enough of them, and we can never get enough of them!    That’s how crazily we love knee-high boots.    The best of this winter fashion staple comes in basic, structured leather or suede (totally no slouching, no matter what here!). Try to get them in either black or brown, which will go with almost everything. Minimal detailing is great for boots like these, say croc scales or a bootstrap around the ankles, look cool. You can also get fringes down the side of your boots if that’s your taste, but we wouldn’t recommend that. In our opinion, the simpler choices you will have, the better your wardrobe will be.    Wear your boots with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Team the outfit up with a tailored blazer, skirt, or any dress that you absolutely love. Try to pair a dress that hits at least two inches above the top portion of your boots.    This winter fashion staple is truly a classic must-have for everyone!    Options To Shop: Journee Collection ($77) Steve Madden ($190; $114) Chinese Laundry ($160) Sam Edelman ($225) Vince Camuto ($230) Schutz ($238)   5. Retro Skiwear     Get tucked away in the warmth of those cool-looking, waist-cinching belts in neon color-blocking shades with a high-collared puff. Yes, puffer jackets are not just a thing for the ‘80s anymore. They are pretty much in.    The throwback gear is back for 2022 winter fashion trends, not just on a slope but also off-slope. Make sure you pair this belted puffer jacket with straight-leg pants or a pair of wide-legged jeans and not just stirrup leggings! Wearing leggings with this jacket style will look like you are wearing a costume. You don’t want to be that person.    Options to shop: J.Crew ($198; $80) Levi’s ($150; $99) BDG ($119) Free People ($368) Bobo Choses($390) Free People ($648)   6. Sweater Dresses   Sweater dresses are another fan favorite that will never be out of fashion! They are stylish, comfortable, uber-chic, and simply amazing.    Currently, they are having a particular flash of popularity again, as we are venturing into the new year. The reason for their popularity again is solely based on the fact that we are all stuck at home because of an ongoing global pandemic. This time around, flowy and loose silhouettes are what people are looking forward to instead of curved, body-hugging outfits.    Make the outfit look chic with the help of a belt around your waist and extremely minimal and sleek accessories.    Options To Shop: ASOS Design ($55) Charles Henry ($89) Daily Practice by Anthropologie ($140) J.Crew ($148) Theory ($495; $199) Halston ($545)   Feathers, Shearling, And Other Textures     Worry less about focusing on prints this 2022 and focus more on textures. Focus on feathers, shearlings, and other textures that add depth to your outfit and overall look.    Feathers, shearlings, embellishments, and other chunky textures and knittings are amazing options, but so are raised wood grain effects and croc-embossed scales. It is an amazingly great winter fashion trend coming up for us in 2022, especially for those who love monochrome dressing and neutral hues.    It will help you spice everything up for your final look without having to jump the wagon and get out of your comfort zone.    Options To Shop: Nina bag ($78) Anthropologie sweater ($120) Blank NYC jacket ($128) Hutch top($160) Sleeper pajamas ($290) UGG jacket ($298)   Final Words  So, there you go! These are the top 7 winter fashion trends you are seriously going to see everywhere you look in 2022. They are smart, stylish, amazing, and uber-chic. We are going to use our credit cards to the max limit! Bookmark this article for future reference, or share it with your friends who would love some fashion advice.