Watches For Women: A Complete Buying Guide

  Wristwatches have grown in popularity among men and women over the last few decades. Before the 20th century, women wore wristwatches primarily for styling purposes rather than for keeping track of time. While a few women think of wristwatches as an accessory, they pay more attention to how the watch looks.  That is why we think that ladies must choose a watch that is in keeping with their personal style. In this way, their watch might be a wonderful accessory to their clothing or perhaps a trademark of their personal style. It's a whole different story when it comes to picking out a watch. Women need to think about a wide range of elements outside only the aesthetics. Ahead is a seven-step guide for making the right decision when buying a perfect watch, either for yourself or as a gift to someone.   1. Movements It's important to know that movement is at the core of a watch. The watch will not function correctly unless it has a good movement. There is no doubt that Swiss movements continue to be the best. When it comes to movement, you have two options: mechanical movement or quartz movement. Given the high degree of craftsmanship and the premium grade of technical features, the mechanical movement appears to be intriguing. This type of mobility, however, necessitates greater maintenance work. If it has a manual movement, you must remember to wind it. If the watch is "self-winding" or has an automatic movement, you must wear it frequently or use a watch winder to ensure the accuracy of the timepiece. If not, a quartz movement is a good option. Battery-powered quartz watches are more accurate and less costly than mechanical watches. With this form of movement, the battery only has to be replaced every two to three years, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, or when the battery has weakened. 2. Flaunt your skin tone It is essential to evaluate how the watch materials and embellishments compliment your skin tone, just as it does with other accessories. Wearing a watch that complements your skin tone can significantly improve your appearance. 3. Precious stones Diamonds and stone colors such as pink, blue, red, and magenta will compliment cool skin tones. As a result, a watch dial adorned with diamonds, rubies, blue sapphire, aquamarine, or emeralds might be a complementary option. Women with warm skin tones might pick earthy gemstones such as alexandrite, citrine, garnet, or yellow diamonds. 4. Dial You may select the best watch dial for you based on your attire and lifestyle. A minimalist watch with a primary dial is a terrific option if you wear business attire to meetings or leisure events. On the other hand, a jeweled watch embellished with valuable jewels may best be paired with elegant clothes for a distinguished or special event. The dial size should neither be too large nor too small for your wrist. Von Doren (A Norwegian watch brand) performed a poll for our Jotunheim Lady line and discovered that most ladies chose watches with dial diameters of 34-38 mm. And that's how it should be, so that the watch may become an elegant addition to a woman's attire.  5. Straps There are many different sorts of straps available for you to pick from. Because women often wear different clothes, we suggest you have different watches or belts to match all situations. If you want to wear watches with bracelet bands, it is preferable to pick a bracelet material similar to the case material. You may also choose the color and material that complements your skin tone. Leather straps are also a stylish option. The color of the leather straps on your wristwatch should coordinate with the rest of your clothing. Let's say you have a black leather purse or black high-heels; you should undoubtedly select a black leather strap for the watch. Furthermore, using a Nato strap is pretty fashionable these days. This type of strap, I feel, will be appropriate for casual or outdoor activities, as well as for pairing with athletic clothing. 6. Case Materials A watch with stainless steel, silver, or white gold casing will look best on a girl with a cool skin tone. On the other hand, warm-skinned ladies should choose wristwatches with gold or rose gold cases. Canvas and plastic watches appear less expensive, but they are often sturdier and more useful outside. On the other hand, the metal materials look fantastic, but gold and silver watches are too pricey. Leather bands aren't as strong as metal bands, but they are lightweight and look good on a watch. 7. The weight of the watch When it comes to watches, some are barely perceptible, while others feel like you are carrying some weight on your wrist. You need to find something that makes you feel comfortable. Check for leather straps instead of metal bands for watches you adore but want to be lighter. Watches for Women: FAQs What is the best way to know my skin tone? Skin tones are often classified as either cold or warm. The color of the veins inside your arms might help you determine your skin tone. Cool skin tones are distinguished by bluish veins. Looking at the mirror, you may perceive pinkish or rosy-red undertones if you have a cool skin tone. Most people, especially those with dark or tanned skin, have cool skin. On the other hand, warm skin tones are distinguished by greenish veins. A person with a warm skin tone may notice yellow or golden-apricot overtones while gazing in the mirror. People with fair skin often have a warm skin tone. How crucial is it to buy from a reputable brand? Owning a special brand is essential to some people. Watches have traditionally been regarded as luxury items. Even if you aren't a watch collector, you are definitely aware that some of the best brand names convey prestige. If you are ready to spend a significant amount of money on a watch, you should consider whether having a watch with a specific brand name is crucial. If that's the case, browse around to ensure you get precisely what you want. As you are going to spend a huge amount of money on this purchase, you want to make sure it's great and something that will make you happy for the rest of your life. How much money should I spend on a watch? You can get a $15 waterproof watch at Walmart or a $50,000 Rolex. Your budget for the purchase and the features you deem essential in a watch determines the amount you pay. Before looking at watches, you should decide how much money you want to spend on your new timepiece. How essential is an excellent watch to you? What features are you prepared to forego to discover a watch within your price range? Are all watches waterproof? Most watches are water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about water splashing on them when you wash your hands. Many timepieces (mostly sports watches) are splashproof or appropriate for swimming and diving. A 30m water-resistant watch is merely splashproof and should not be used for swimming. In this case, the pressure at 30m (or 3 ATM) is considered a "static" level, not the much higher pressure the watch feels when it moves. Conclusion  The article discussed how women's watch tastes and demands have evolved, particularly among Asian women, who are believed to be particularly passionate about mechanical clocks, for instance. Daniel Chang, managing director of a luxury company in China, has seen that women are increasingly attending master workshops on how to disassemble and repair mechanical watches that his brand hosts. Your watch is much more than a timepiece; it also expresses your particular style. Our detailed guide will help you find the right watch that resonates with your style. Purchasing a new watch is an exciting feeling, and if you take your time and follow our guide to watches for women, you'll end up with something you'll be proud to wear for years. Make a list of what you want from the watch and decide what you're prepared to compromise on. Decide the budget and the brand and consider all the points in this guideline - the ideal watch is out there, just waiting for you.

Top 4 Classic Beauty Tips For Women That Are Underrated

There are some classic beauty tips for women that have stood the test of time. These include believing in yourself, being confident about your personality, and standing tall. These methods help a lot to feel your best in most scenarios. The way people appear on the exterior may only be a small part of who they are. However, it is still a part of the overall personality. It can be a great confidence booster to know that you are feeling the very best. The best beauty tips for women do not have to be very costly or complex. There are several experts that say that people only need to take care of a few basic things to maintain and enhance their beauty. This includes the basics that can assist you in feeling and looking good without investing a lot of money or time. 1. Keep Refreshing Your Makeup and Hair You may be the person that meets with some past acquaintance after a long period and hear the phrase that you have not changed a bit since the past. This is a sign that it is time to update your makeup and hair. It is also high time if even you do not remember the last time that you made a change in your makeup or hair. According to experts, a person can look more modern and younger by maintaining their hair and makeup to reflect the current style. If it has indeed been some time since a change in this department, you can go to the makeup counters at your nearest beauty or department store and ask for help if required. Some of the best makeup is sold by makeup artists who have a pulse on the latest trends that are popular. Beverly Hills hair expert Nick Chavez said, "Ideally, your image, including hair and makeup, should be updated at least every two years - and sooner if the styles change dramatically. Nothing dates a woman more than outdated hair and makeup." 2. Select the Right Cleanser You may be a person that relies only on soap and water to cleanse your skin and face. But we feel that you should reanalyze your current strategy to clean your face. Doctors say that one of the top beauty tips for women is utilizing the softest cleaner that you can get your hands on and not use a lot. You must not wash your face a lot. This means more than a couple of times per day. It is because this can damage the usual lipid barrier of the skin. It is the layer of lubrication that safeguards the skin and makes it feel and look healthy. It also means that it can make you look much older than your actual age. The best solution for this is to not wash your skin more than a couple of times per day and select your cleanser after thorough research. Crutchfield said, "While the temptation may be great to wash your face several times a day (or more if the skin is oily), not only will over-cleansing not help you, if you're using a harsh product -- particularly soap -- you could be harming your skin, Once that protection is lost, and the integrity of the skin barrier disrupted, skin becomes dry - which means it can crack, peel, itch, burn, sting, or any combination." 3. Sunscreen Is Very Good for Anti-aging Protection Before you go and visit the plastic surgeon or spend a lot of money on a very costly anti-aging cream, you should try to put on sunscreen before you attempt to do anything else. Many people know that sunscreen can reduce your chances of getting skin cancer. But not many people also know that it is one of the best beauty tips for women that sunscreen can keep your skin looking younger for a long period. According to experts, this is because sunscreen blocks out the sun's damaging rays and blocks any aging effects on the skin that the damage might cause. Without using a lot of sunscreens, only a handful of minutes of sun exposure on a daily basis over the years can cause a lot of modifications in how the skin feels and looks. This is according to data from the American Academy of Dermatology. Without making use of sunscreen on a regular basis, you will get to see more fine lines and wrinkles on your face. There will also be a higher number of spider veins, age spots, and freckles. The skin can also look very leathery and rough or slack and loose. This is also because of the rays of the sun. Sunscreen can help keep your skin safe from the sun's damaging rays. Thus, even if a person is inclined to spend a lot of time outdoors, the face is not going to gain a lot of age in the process. Doctors say that women should go for a sunscreen with an SPF level of 20 or higher. This is because the sun breaks down the effectiveness of the sunscreen over a period. You should try to reapply your sunscreen in a couple of hours if you spend your time in direct sunlight. Another choice is to utilize your normal sunscreen before putting on any makeup. In fact, try to put on makeup before you apply anything else on the face. Then, you can go for a translucent and light mineral powder and touch-ups to get the extra protection required to keep your skin safe throughout the day. This will help to keep the wrinkles at bay for a long time. Park Avenue plastic surgeon Darrick Antell, MD, said, "The sun impacts collagen production in the skin. Without collagen, the skin won't naturally maintain that plump, moist, youthful, wrinkle-free look." Crutchfield said, "These powders contain a natural sunscreen. Since they generally don't build up on the skin, you can keep adding protection all day long." 4. Always Include a Moisturizer This is one of the best beauty tips for women. Your skin may be oily, normal, or dry. But if you can only get a single product for your skincare routine, you should go for a great moisturizer. When you go past your teenage years, these moisturizers give women a lot of protection required to stop premature aging of the skin. If the skin is dry to normal, you can go for moisturizers that have alpha hydroxy acid. These acids can assist the skin in creating more moisture in its own capacity. But if the skin is highly dry, doctors also suggest that women use products that have a tech called vesicular emulsion. If the skin is very oily, people can go for a gentle and light moisturizer. You should take care to not skip this step by any means. But when the skin becomes dry, all the wrinkles are highlighted, and this makes the person look older than their years. President of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Rhoda Narins, MD, said, "Sometimes, all you really need is a good moisturizer and a mild cleanser. You can take years off your face." Antell said, "In your 20s and early 30s, a good moisturizer can take the place of a lot of products." Conclusion These beauty tips for women will help you take care of your skin and keep you modern and updated. The skin is not immune to aging, and if you want to maintain your beauty, you should adhere to the pointers given in this article. We wish you the best of beauty and happiness.

Genius Makeup Tips For Round Face That Actually Work

Makeup for a round face involves a specific requirement that prevents “moon face” and that sunken look. The overall technique suggested here is amazingly helpful to most of your features, allowing you to apply makeup to your round face.    How to apply makeup on a round face? Here are some tips.   1. Base    Start off with a flawless base. If you are an oily-skinned person, start off with a primer to help your makeup stay for long during the day. Whether it is a foundation, powder, or just your concealer, use the right base for yourself to help enhance your complexion.    Beauty blenders work perfectly to give your base that flawless finish as it ensures that your foundation will not give you a cakey and ‘budgey’ appearance. Use it as little as you can, build up your coverage step by step, as required. If you are going to apply the product in a larger quantity, it will be really hard to manage. You don’t want your face makeup to look like “extra frosting.” Powder/mineral foundation is lighter in terms of coverage, while it still appears flawless.    2. Powder    Powder your entire face once your base layers are done. This is especially important when you use a liquid foundation or concealer. Even when you have dry skin, it is a crucial step since you want your makeup to be budge-free throughout the day.    A few things to remember when you are applying powder to set your base:   - If you have dry skin, use powder slightly around your face, only in some places.  - You should not apply a lot of powder since it will turn your makeup into a cake-like, flaky mess.  - Don’t try to rub or buff the powder into your skin; it will move and disturb the base layer. Just bounce the powder across your skin with a powder brush or a beauty blender.    3. Bronzer      Add a touch of bronzer to your face. This is going to add the much-needed color and definition to your face. Apply just a little bit of your favorite bronzer to the edges of your forehead, jawline, and cheeks. Use a fluffy brush to dab around the bronzer. You do not have to be precise with the same. This is one of the most important steps in makeup for a round face!    4. Contour    Contouring is the golden ticket for people with round faces! This is where most of your definition is added to your face. Contouring ensures your face looks less rounded and more structured. This gives the impression that you have a precise jawline and cheekbones.    Apply your contouring products with a thin, angular brush. Apply the same to your face’s natural indentation. Blend everything out nicely so that it looks more natural. Remember that you need to blend it up instead of blending it down. If you blend down, you are going to end up with a sunken-looking face.    5. Blush    Top everything off with a blush. Use a shimmery blush to bring more attention to your cheekbones. This makes your cheekbones look prominent. Apply some blush just above the contour.    6. Highlighter    Highlight the top of your cheekbones. Place it right above your blush, on the top of your cheekbones. Use a pinkish highlighter for lighter skin tones and a golden-hued highlighter for deeper tones.    More Tips On Beauty & Makeup For Round Face      1. Work On Your Hair   Keep your hair longer. This will add length to your face. You should part your hair in a deeper side parting. This will add volume to the crown of your head. This will give the appearance of having an oval face. If you hide behind your hair, your cheeks will appear fuller.    You should even be adding bangs to your hair. Long, side-swept bangs add the much-needed angle your face needs. Pull the rest of your hair into a low bun to achieve that uber-chic look.    Extremely straight hair will make a rounded face even more round, so it is important to add soft waves or curls to your face. This will distract all of the roundness of your face. You should also be wearing your hair to just one side of your face. Don’t even think of parting your hair in the middle.    Try to get a haircut until your collarbone. Add a few soft layers to your hairstyle. Loose, messy curly hair often enhances your rounded jaw angles. You can even opt for a tapered pixie cut. This kind of haircut will add the much-needed definition to your face, but keep just a tad bit of hair in front of your ears to appear feminine.    You can even put your hair in a ponytail. Let them hang right above your shoulders. Add some height to your crown region. Don’t pull your hair back straight and sleek.    2. Work On Your Makeup Skills      Place your fingers right on the edge of your hairline at the top. Trace fingers from your forehead’s tip right to the end of your eyebrows. This should also be done to your chin’s tip. Create a natural and invisible line. Anything beyond this invisible line needs to be hidden. Anything inside this line needs to be brought out. Add some highlighter to your chin, forehead, and bridge of your nose to elongate your face.    You should also be adding some highlighter under your eyes in a right-triangular motion. Add it under your eyes, along your nose, up to the corner of your eyes, and just blend it out. Use some bronzer on the outer region of your cheeks to make your face appear more oval.    You should be applying your bronzer in a straight line from your ear to your jaw. Make a fish-face, apply your bronzer from your ears, extend it to your lips. Apply it right from your ear up to the side of your face. Apply just a tiny bit of blush below your cheekbones too. Focus on applying it to the outer part of your face. Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks to make them look fuller. People with rounded faces should totally avoid doing so!    Blend all of your makeup properly to make your face look naturally flattering and structured.    Use darker shades on your lips, but of course, not black! This will make your face appear bolder. Dark colors on your eyes also work wonders for people with round faces. But, whatever you do, don’t use darker shades on your eyes and lips simultaneously. Also, if you are doing your eye makeup, apply a thick coat of black mascara. It will flatter your appearance.    3. Work On Your Eyebrows    People with rounded faces should work on creating higher, more angular eyebrows. You should avoid having rounded eyebrows. Also, keep your eyebrows thick. Thin, ‘90s eyebrows will make your face look bigger and more rounded.    4. Tips For People Who Wear Glasses    You should be picking out frames that are wide and rectangular. Colored glasses with round frames will make your face look fuller and more round. Try to focus on wearing glasses that have a thick bridge. Such glasses will focus the entire attention above, making your already fuller cheeks much smaller than they are!    Liked what you read? Follow the WomenWire blog for more such makeup and beauty tips!   

3 Makeup Bag Essentials And Amazing Tips To Stay Organized

Ever been out and about, just needing that ultra-quick makeup fix? Or did you just ever want to pair your makeup down with some essentials you can use anywhere? Whether you are looking for a quick makeup refreshment or an on-the-go makeup junkie, you need your makeup bag everywhere with you.    We are going to be talking about a few essentials for your makeup bag that should definitely be with you at all times. After which, we will be talking about incredible ways to organize everything in your vanity bag!    3 Essential Products For Your Makeup Bag     All of these makeup essentials will fit your budget and require extremely little space in your vanity bag.    1. Makeup Wipes    Makeup wipes are a must-have for everyone in their vanity bags. We all love to have them at home just to wipe off all that pesky smokey eye makeup before you actually start with your cleansing and skincare routine at night. Makeup wipes are amazing and convenient to have at your disposal during the day, no matter what time it is.    If you require a refresher, just one swipe can help you remove all the excess product buildup and oil throughout the day. Your skin will be left clean without having to find a water source! Your makeup wipes must be safe to be used around your face and eyes and should be gentle on your skin.    2. Concealer    Concealer is an amazing addition to your vanity bag because of its incredible uses. No matter what problems you are facing, dark circles, pimples, or just struggling with a no-makeup look, a little bit of concealer comes to your rescue. It makes you feel awake and fresh and even-toned.    Concealers usually come in small tubes and can be applied easily with the help of the same. You can either dab and blend it with your ring finger or just use a concealer brush to blend it in your skin. But, ring finger works the best for the same!    3. Tinted lip balm    One of the worst experiences you could have, especially during winters, is dry and chapped lips. Tinted lip balms are an amazing essential for your makeup bag. A tinted lip balm comes in a wide variety of shades, with different opacity levels, and, of course, the incredible sheen and moisture are provided to your pout.    You should always have a tinted lip balm in your makeup bag to eliminate different steps to put on some moisturizer and then a lip shade and some gloss. You can even use some lip balm on your cheeks by dabbing with the help of your ring finger to get that natural flush.    Cleaning And Organizing Your Makeup Bag     Yes, we can all agree that sometimes rummaging through our makeup bags and finding our hands in the midst of dirty products is a terrible experience. It is also heartbreaking for hardcore makeup lovers to see their favorite foundation spilling all over the place or their favorite eyeshadow palette crumbling down to pieces.    It can also be pretty difficult to get ready when your makeup bag is overflowing with products. You need to take this stress away from yourself. This mess is not what you deserve. It is now time to give your makeup bag the refreshment it deserves.    Here, we are sharing some amazing tips on cleaning and organizing your makeup bag.    1. Know what you own   The primary step you should be taking here is to take everything out of your makeup bag. Understand what you have. Take a look at all your products and make a small inventory list. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but you would sometimes be surprised to see what’s hidden deep beneath the surface.    After making a small list, throw what you no longer need or use. Anything you have not used in the past 6 months is something you probably will not use again. So, either recycle or donate it. You can even check for expired makeup and dump the things that cannot be used by anyone.     2. Take care of your beauty blenders and brushes   It might make sense to you to keep every blender, brush, and makeup product together in one place. However, note that you should be actually throwing your makeup blenders, sponges, and brushes in a different location, other than your own makeup.    God forbid, if something leaks and spills inside your makeup bag, all the other products, including your sponges and brushes, will also be in a state of mess! It is both unhygienic and annoying on multiple levels. So, keep everything protected by putting it all in a separate pouch or a bag.    3. Invest in multi-use products    One of the best ways to save some extra space in your go-to makeup bag and keep it well-organized is to invest in multi-use products. Rather than keeping a powder foundation and a setting powder separately, you should be using one that works wonders for you. I personally love the Mac Powder Foundation since it solves both my purposes.    So, if you are actually very tight on space, you can use a single product instead of keeping two or three different kinds. You can even try to use your lip shades as your blush. Just keep everything at a minimum and together.    4. Wipe down every single product    Clean up all the products you take out of your makeup bag and remove all the gunk, like any dripping foundation, smeared mascara, smudges of any eye pencil, or lipsticks. Clean down all of the outer packages. While you are at it, also clean your makeup bag. If you have experienced smudges and spillage on your makeup products, you are also bound to have them inside your makeup bag.    Hold the makeup bag upside down and throw all the useless waste items into the trash. Get rid of every single loose debris. Then proceed with cleaning the makeup bag with either soapy water and letting it dry or with disinfectant wipes. If it is made out of plastic, you can simply turn it around, inside out, and wipe it down with makeup remover wipes too.    5. Organize The Products By Size   When your makeup bag is all clean, it is now time to organize your products. It is wise to really organize everything according to the size. Instead of aimlessly throwing everything back into your vanity bag, group items as per size.    You can even go ahead and start putting together all square and circular makeup products differently. For example, all your bronzers, blushes, and face powders can go together in a pile if they are all circular palettes.    You can group together all slender products, such as your mascara, eyeliners, lip liners, glosses, brow gels, etc. By organizing your products together like this, you will not have a hard time finding everything, especially when you are in a hurry to get ready.    Also, it is important to have a makeup bag with a few partitions so that everything can be grouped together in different compartments.    Loved our way of cleaning and organizing makeup bags? Learn more cool stuff. Follow the WomenWire blog for more such makeup and skincare tips. 

Amazing WFH Makeup Tips To Look Good For Your Next Meeting

Currently, we are all in hibernation with extremely hectic schedules. To be honest, when you are working just five steps away from your bed, you are not exactly motivated to put together a nice, uber-chic outfit and start attending your zoom meetings, right? You don’t even feel like changing into something nice, how do you gather the courage to put on a full face of makeup.    There are days when we apply a little bit of lip balm just for TLC, and we all feel like we’ve achieved something! But, what about the meetings on Zoom that could have just been an email? You want to look your best, right? We want to be dressed up to show them that we have things in control and we are “civilized.”    Here are some amazing WFH makeup tips for all girl bosses out there, so you are looking good for that next Zoom meeting!    1. Wearing light shirts/tops     Okay, so let’s begin on how to look fabulous during that next Zoom meeting! Start by wearing a light-colored shirt/blouse. Choose neutral colors for your clothing; this prevents you from getting that bright, diamond-like face that shines bright like the lights from heaven!    Keeping a neutral shirt on reduces all that sheen reflecting on your face, which will make you look natural.    2. Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer   During this hibernation period, where all of us are working from home, concealer and tinted moisturizers are our best friends. We’ve tried dozens of tinted moisturizers and cracked down on Nars as our personal assistant to make us look superiorly elegant and even-toned. It will offer you so much more coverage than others of the kind and will stay put the entire day. So no matter how many meetings you are left with, you are going to be good for the whole day. Now, as far as concealers are concerned, again, we trust our guts with Nars. They glide on without piling on our skin because, let’s just say, it is horrible if a concealer starts to pill.    It also makes us look like we’ve had a great night of sleep. The Nars concealer blends amazingly well and will just melt into your skin like it is already a part of the same.     3. Opt For Powder Foundation      If you are really a full coverage foundation person like I am, the L'oreal Paris True Match Powder or Mac Powder Foundations are your go-to product when you are working from home. This is one of the best WFH makeup tips for people who are not looking for a lot on their skin but still want their skin to look even-toned.    The formula for both powders is lightweight and breathable, and it will not settle into your fine lines or wrinkles. In fact, it will give you a natural, no-makeup look!    If you want to apply nothing from the two options given above, you can just apply some concealer and set everything down with some translucent powder or banana powder. Not only will your face look glam and chic in a much more natural way, but it will also mattify your face.    4. Your background matters    The next WFH tip is to keep your background tidy, non-distracting, and clean. Depending on where you are currently living and working from, the colors behind you, walls, plants, or your bookshelf, everything will matter. So, try to make sure everything is crisp and neat as much as possible. Your background, at least the part that is actually going to be visible behind you, should not have any scandalous or questionable items just lying around. Ensure that you have a bright, tidy, non-distracted background for all your zoom meetings. This gives you off as an organized and responsible person.    5. Add light to your work area   Keep your working area, especially the area where you are going to be taking your video calls, well-lit and clean. If your meetings are supposed to happen during the daytime, sit near a window. Let the natural light from outside the windows come in; let it hit your face. Adding natural daylight to your videos will add the much-needed confidence in you that you’re having a really good skin day!     If you are unable to find some natural light to add to your work area, especially for your video calls, try to turn the brightness on your computer all the way up. This will do an equally good job of making your skin have an almost natural glow.    You can use a lamp too, if necessary. But whatever you do, just ensure that your work area and your face are well-lit up during that meeting. It should not look like you are sitting inside a cave or a dungeon.    6. Focus on your brows      Well, we are not asking you to make your brows all spazzy and upright. We just want them to look presentable. Your brows can really make or break your entire face.    Invest in brow mascaras. Nyx sells some of the best brow mascaras that are cost-effective and work amazingly well. They color your brows just the right way, shape your brows, tame those frizzy strands, and do everything right to ensure your brows are not going to be a cause of embarrassment for you on your zoom call.    If you have the extra time, follow brow makeup tips and tutorials, dip your brushes in some brow pomade by Benefit, and finish it off with some Anastasia Beverly Hills brow freeze gel. You are good to go for the entire day!    7. Add some eye cream    Start applying some eye cream before your zoom calls and makeup routines. This is especially important if you are in your late 20s. You should start doing so immediately to ensure the fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes, and those huge eye bags because of extra binge-watching are not really prominent on video calls.    Ensure your under-eyes are protected and hydrated well against all the harmful rays from your computer screens and all the extra workload you’ve been putting in. Clarins works amazingly well for us, and so does Kiehl’s. But, you are free to make your own choice. Choose anything but just choose to apply something to your under-eyes.    If you can, try to apply an eye cream with vitamins and hyaluronic acid. This will work as a great moisturizer for your under-eye area and will target all the dark circles as well.   8. Swipe up some mascara    Fuller eyelashes are a dream we all have every single day! Your eyes can actually look amazingly prominent if you swipe on a single or two coats of mascara.    We absolutely love two-faced mascaras, but a wonderful, cheaper replacement for the same will be L'oreal Paris’ Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable mascara. Your lashes will make you appear aware, open, and alert. It is perfect for that daily work look!    9. Don’t miss out on some lip color      A single swipe of natural lip color will instantly take your work-from-home makeup look to an ultimate new level. This is one of the last WFH makeup tips we have for you today.    Reach out for that daily, neutral shade that is noticeable but barely OTT. Shades in nude, baby pinks, and berry tones work amazingly well to accentuate your screen appearance. They are also universally flattering and will not make it look like you are really putting in extra effort to get ready every morning.    10. Hydrate enough    Drink plenty of water throughout the day. To ensure your skin and lips are supple and healthy on the outside, hydrating enough is important. Often makeup tips and gurus do not talk about the importance of staying hydrated during the day. But, not consuming water can cause dehydration in your body and cause your skin to be flaky, chapped, and overall oily, too, in most cases. It will also improve your metabolism and overall body functions.    Taking care of yourself is the ultimate WFH makeup tip. It is extremely important. Just following a few simple tips can do so much for you, make you look stunning in just a few minutes. Keep reading the Womenwire blog for more such skincare and makeup tips! You will not regret it!