Amazing WFH Makeup Tips To Look Good For Your Next Meeting

Currently, we are all in hibernation with extremely hectic schedules. To be honest, when you are working just five steps away from your bed, you are not exactly motivated to put together a nice, uber-chic outfit and start attending your zoom meetings, right? You don’t even feel like changing into something nice, how do you gather the courage to put on a full face of makeup.    There are days when we apply a little bit of lip balm just for TLC, and we all feel like we’ve achieved something! But, what about the meetings on Zoom that could have just been an email? You want to look your best, right? We want to be dressed up to show them that we have things in control and we are “civilized.”    Here are some amazing WFH makeup tips for all girl bosses out there, so you are looking good for that next Zoom meeting!    1. Wearing light shirts/tops     Okay, so let’s begin on how to look fabulous during that next Zoom meeting! Start by wearing a light-colored shirt/blouse. Choose neutral colors for your clothing; this prevents you from getting that bright, diamond-like face that shines bright like the lights from heaven!    Keeping a neutral shirt on reduces all that sheen reflecting on your face, which will make you look natural.    2. Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer   During this hibernation period, where all of us are working from home, concealer and tinted moisturizers are our best friends. We’ve tried dozens of tinted moisturizers and cracked down on Nars as our personal assistant to make us look superiorly elegant and even-toned. It will offer you so much more coverage than others of the kind and will stay put the entire day. So no matter how many meetings you are left with, you are going to be good for the whole day. Now, as far as concealers are concerned, again, we trust our guts with Nars. They glide on without piling on our skin because, let’s just say, it is horrible if a concealer starts to pill.    It also makes us look like we’ve had a great night of sleep. The Nars concealer blends amazingly well and will just melt into your skin like it is already a part of the same.     3. Opt For Powder Foundation      If you are really a full coverage foundation person like I am, the L'oreal Paris True Match Powder or Mac Powder Foundations are your go-to product when you are working from home. This is one of the best WFH makeup tips for people who are not looking for a lot on their skin but still want their skin to look even-toned.    The formula for both powders is lightweight and breathable, and it will not settle into your fine lines or wrinkles. In fact, it will give you a natural, no-makeup look!    If you want to apply nothing from the two options given above, you can just apply some concealer and set everything down with some translucent powder or banana powder. Not only will your face look glam and chic in a much more natural way, but it will also mattify your face.    4. Your background matters    The next WFH tip is to keep your background tidy, non-distracting, and clean. Depending on where you are currently living and working from, the colors behind you, walls, plants, or your bookshelf, everything will matter. So, try to make sure everything is crisp and neat as much as possible. Your background, at least the part that is actually going to be visible behind you, should not have any scandalous or questionable items just lying around. Ensure that you have a bright, tidy, non-distracted background for all your zoom meetings. This gives you off as an organized and responsible person.    5. Add light to your work area   Keep your working area, especially the area where you are going to be taking your video calls, well-lit and clean. If your meetings are supposed to happen during the daytime, sit near a window. Let the natural light from outside the windows come in; let it hit your face. Adding natural daylight to your videos will add the much-needed confidence in you that you’re having a really good skin day!     If you are unable to find some natural light to add to your work area, especially for your video calls, try to turn the brightness on your computer all the way up. This will do an equally good job of making your skin have an almost natural glow.    You can use a lamp too, if necessary. But whatever you do, just ensure that your work area and your face are well-lit up during that meeting. It should not look like you are sitting inside a cave or a dungeon.    6. Focus on your brows      Well, we are not asking you to make your brows all spazzy and upright. We just want them to look presentable. Your brows can really make or break your entire face.    Invest in brow mascaras. Nyx sells some of the best brow mascaras that are cost-effective and work amazingly well. They color your brows just the right way, shape your brows, tame those frizzy strands, and do everything right to ensure your brows are not going to be a cause of embarrassment for you on your zoom call.    If you have the extra time, follow brow makeup tips and tutorials, dip your brushes in some brow pomade by Benefit, and finish it off with some Anastasia Beverly Hills brow freeze gel. You are good to go for the entire day!    7. Add some eye cream    Start applying some eye cream before your zoom calls and makeup routines. This is especially important if you are in your late 20s. You should start doing so immediately to ensure the fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes, and those huge eye bags because of extra binge-watching are not really prominent on video calls.    Ensure your under-eyes are protected and hydrated well against all the harmful rays from your computer screens and all the extra workload you’ve been putting in. Clarins works amazingly well for us, and so does Kiehl’s. But, you are free to make your own choice. Choose anything but just choose to apply something to your under-eyes.    If you can, try to apply an eye cream with vitamins and hyaluronic acid. This will work as a great moisturizer for your under-eye area and will target all the dark circles as well.   8. Swipe up some mascara    Fuller eyelashes are a dream we all have every single day! Your eyes can actually look amazingly prominent if you swipe on a single or two coats of mascara.    We absolutely love two-faced mascaras, but a wonderful, cheaper replacement for the same will be L'oreal Paris’ Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable mascara. Your lashes will make you appear aware, open, and alert. It is perfect for that daily work look!    9. Don’t miss out on some lip color      A single swipe of natural lip color will instantly take your work-from-home makeup look to an ultimate new level. This is one of the last WFH makeup tips we have for you today.    Reach out for that daily, neutral shade that is noticeable but barely OTT. Shades in nude, baby pinks, and berry tones work amazingly well to accentuate your screen appearance. They are also universally flattering and will not make it look like you are really putting in extra effort to get ready every morning.    10. Hydrate enough    Drink plenty of water throughout the day. To ensure your skin and lips are supple and healthy on the outside, hydrating enough is important. Often makeup tips and gurus do not talk about the importance of staying hydrated during the day. But, not consuming water can cause dehydration in your body and cause your skin to be flaky, chapped, and overall oily, too, in most cases. It will also improve your metabolism and overall body functions.    Taking care of yourself is the ultimate WFH makeup tip. It is extremely important. Just following a few simple tips can do so much for you, make you look stunning in just a few minutes. Keep reading the Womenwire blog for more such skincare and makeup tips! You will not regret it!   

Makeup Artists Reveal Their Best Skincare and Makeup Tips

It's 2022, and you still don't have a beautiful, polished, professionally done makeup face on for the next event? Here are a few MUA secret skincare and makeup tips, tricks, and hacks you should definitely know this year!    Makeup Artists’ Secret Skincare and Makeup Tips   1. Get rid of that peach fuzz.    Let's get real. You can actually shave your face and get rid of the excess peach fuzz on your face. You can take the help of those little brow razors to do the job for you. Choose a brow razor with a feather-light touch on your face, drag it around your face, pull it down gently, and say hello to your new smooth and flawless face. Makeup will sit aesthetically on your face.    Estheticians are going to tell you not to do this to your face, but you really have to listen to your heart. This is your decision. If you are confused, opt for a patch test a day or two before you want to attend any event, especially if your skin is sensitive.    And no, your hair will not grow back thicker. It is a total myth. After you are done, just wash your face, and apply some aloe vera gel. You are good to go!    2. Prep your face!      Okay, so we see various makeup artists do this all the time! Even if our faces are clean according to us and all set to be glammed up, they still use Clarisonic on our face to really deep clean them. So, even when it looks like your face is clean, really get deep into the layers. Extra-cleanse and exfoliate it (of course, don't over-exfoliate your face).    Wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser, something that is not extremely harsh on your skin and does not leave your face dry like a desert. Avoid all facial cleansers with added alcohol, parabens, and fragrances. Once you have found a master product that is eco-friendly and keeps your beautiful face good-looking, hold on to that little rockstar!    Also, one of the most essential skincare and makeup tips for you is to ensure you are washing your face with lukewarm water.    Talking about exfoliation here, a good exfoliator will actually remove all the dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, smoother skin surface where you can easily apply makeup. All you need to do is choose an exfoliator with tiny granular particles and work your way out, from the center of your face, in small, circular motions. Rinse it off after 2-4 minutes of exfoliation with warm water.   If you skip prepping your skin up and deep cleaning it, you are, sooner or later, going to experience massively clogged pores. This can often lead to skin breakouts for most people. Even worse, it negatively affects the final finish and appearance of your makeup.    3. Toning Up!    Apply a toner, especially after you exfoliate your skin. A quality toner is a must-have in your prepping-up vanity and must be applied with the help of a cotton pad. Remember not to drag your skin down while applying your toner-filler cotton pad over your face. Apply it gently, just dabbing it all over your face, exactly as you would do with your beauty blender.    Toner application leaves necessary moisture in and removes any and all traces of impurities as well as dirt left in your skin, even after washing.    4. Hydration!    Once you have deep-cleaned your face, start with your skincare routine. Every master makeup artist does this, and so should you. Apply your face cream and your eye cream before you start with your makeup. If you are in your late 20s, you should start immediately. The fine lines under your eyes might not look prominent right now, but sooner, as you hit your 30s, they might not look as adorable.    So, ensure your under eyes are really protected and hydrated against all kinds of makeup products. Clarins work wonders for us and, of course, Kiehl's. But you choose whatever suits you. The only fact of the matter is that you should start applying eye cream as soon as you can.    You can even choose an eye cream with added vitamins and hyaluronic acid. This works as a moisturizing base for your under-eye and also acts as a targeted skincare product for your dark circles or other concerns that you may have.    Leave the eye cream for a few minutes before you start applying your base products. You really should give your face some time to actually absorb most of those moisturizing layers you apply. If you don't give your face products enough time to absorb, you might look at everything just piling and coming right off your face, just halfway through the day. And trust us when we say this, it really looks horrible at that time. Follow these skincare and makeup tips to ensure your makeup lasts longer and is budge-proof the entire day.    As an added bonus, to prep your skin even better, spritz some rose water on your face after you've followed all of these steps. This should be done regardless of the fact that you have oily skin or dry skin. Adding a mist of rose water all over your face actually boosts moisture surge and quickly helps the added layers of your face cream and eye cream go deeper in your facial layers.    Rosewater will also add the much-needed glow you require for your skin to look flawless and dewy after makeup. Your makeup will not be just sitting on your face when you follow this step!    5. Priming up!      Using a good makeup primer, according to your skin texture and kind, is one of the last skincare and makeup tips we have for today! Primers are fantastic in terms of all the benefits they offer you. A vitamin glow-based primer has multiple other benefits than just prepping up your skin as a final step before makeup goes all over.    It is easy and hides all of your pores, acne marks, and even breakouts when applied correctly. Your face becomes this incredibly smooth canvas that helps your makeup just glide across your face and last longer.    Regardless of your skin type, age and texture, these MUA secrets will be there for you, working wonders for your makeup routine. Just give it some time. It might sound overwhelming to you right now, following all of these steps before actually getting to your makeup, but it is not. It's actually pretty easy.    Do check out this space for more such makeup tips, tricks, and hacks!   

Genius Lip Care Tips To Keep Your Pout Soft And Supple

One of the most underrated yet most looked after features in our makeup routines is our lips. And taking care of your lips is something we are not regularly doing! So, people, we need to follow lip care tips to keep our pouts soft and supple daily.    We follow thousands of skincare routine steps to get facials, spas, manis, and pedis done. But we never pamper our lips. Lips are the true reflection of our diet, lifestyle as well as our habits. This is why we need to start treating them better. They deserve a lot more than we give them.    Here are a few genius lip care tips to keep your pout soft and supple.    Lip Care Tips      Start scrubbing today!     One of the best ways to take care of lips is by using a lip scrub. Time and again, you should really exfoliate your lips. This is the only way you can rid your lips of all the dead skin cells just sitting atop your mouth. Underneath that deal skin cell layer is your actual supple, soft, and nourished lips.    Lip scrubs are a fantastic way to even help your lipstick slide smoothly and evenly.    Apart from giving you all these benefits, lip scrubs also promote excellent blood circulation and reduce overall discoloration. Your lips are incredibly soft, supple, healthy, and nourished. However, an important thing to note here is that exfoliating your lips more than once a week is actually having damaging effects on your lips. Use gentle exfoliating scrubs on your lips once every week, and you will see great results!    Hydration is the key!    To ensure your lips are supple and healthy on the outside, you must be drinking enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Not consuming enough water can be a leading cause of chapped, dehydrated lips.    Therefore, ensure you consume at least 7-8 glasses of water or approximately 2-2.5 liters of water in a day. This helps heal your chapped and dry lips and improve your overall body function as well.     Keep your enemies close, but your lip balm closer!    Well, as accurate as this saying sounds, you need to really keep your lip balm closer with you. What if you have to really smile while looking at your enemies? You do not want dried-out, lifeless, chapped lips, right? Heal your chapped lips with a hydrating and moisturizing lip balm. Lip balms enriched with shea butter should be your priority on the list of lip care tips. This helps give your lips a great dose of moisture.    Lip balms can easily also form a layer on top of your lips to protect them from any harmful aggressors, environmental or otherwise. Make sure you are really applying your lip balm a few times every day and under your lipstick to get better results.    Keep the UV rays away from yourself, precious!    The same way harmful sun rays can affect your entire face and your body, the UV rays can cause damaging effects to your lips too. In fact, the skin of your lips is extremely susceptible to damage due to UV exposure.    This can lead to multiple issues like darkening of your lips, aging, and lip thinning. Therefore, you need to apply sunblock on your lips, too, just like all over your body. It is essential to either apply sunblock or get a lip balm infused with SPF. These products are going to protect you from sun damage, keeping your lips looking soft, supple, and youthful.    Clean them real good daily!    Make sure you are keeping your lips as clean as your lips. It is crucial for the health, vitality, and youthfulness of your lips.    The same way you keep your face clean while taking your makeup off before bedtime, it is essential to focus on your lips too. Even if you are not wearing any lip makeup, it is necessary to keep your lips clean. This helps keep your lips clean and rids them of all the dirt, oil, or other impurities, protecting your delicate skin from all kinds of damage.    In order to clean your lips correctly, follow this fantastic lip care tip:   1. Saturate a cotton pad with some cleansing milk or micellar water.  2. Wipe your lips across gently with the same cotton pad. 3. If wearing a lip product, repeat the process to make your lips squeaky clean.  4. Follow with a generous amount of lip balm to keep your lips soft.    Lick ice creams, not your lips!    For most people, it is a pretty bad habit, but they do lick their lips every single time they feel dry.    It might give you a respite for some time but is going to damage your lips in the long run. Once the saliva evaporates from your lips' surface, it starts to become drier. This can further lead to your lips being more flaky and parched.    The easiest way to avoid this is by simply using a lip balm every single night before bedtime as a part of your skincare routine. This ensures you are going to wake up to supple lips every morning, which is super-hydrated all throughout the day.    Prep your lips the right way!   All the lipsticks that you are usually going to use, or have ever used, contain multiple ingredients that are essentially drying on your lips.    Therefore, if you already have pretty dry lips, scrub them and exfoliate them, moisturize them, and then wear your lipsticks. This eliminates the appearance of fine line wrinkles and keeps your lips smooth, soft, and supple.    Lip Care Facial - How To Pamper Your Pout?      Now that we are done with multiple lip care tips, it is now time to talk about giving your lips the spa treatment and the pampering they deserve the right way. Learn how to pamper your pout with a lip facial.    Exfoliate well.  There are multiple ways to do this. Apply a really thick layer of lip balm and roll q-tips along your lips to remove all dry and flaky bits. You can even use a DIY lip scrub by mixing some of your lip balms with sugar granules. This DIY mask will actually work wonders for your lips as sugar granules are not too harsh on your lips.    Mask them up real nice So, anyone who actually is familiar with all the lip care 101 we just presented up here, you really need to moisturize and hydrate your lips.    The best way to do that is to use lip masks to plump up your lips. You can use Laneige, Paula's, or Dr. Barbara's to do the deed for you. Leave any of these lip masks for at least 5-10 minutes, and then rinse it all off.    We especially love the Laneige lip mask in the original berry flavor. It contains hyaluronic acid and is super hydrating. The mask also has traces of vitamin C in it, so it helps our lips with depigmentation from time to time as well. It is effortless to use and super convenient to apply as a part of our daily skincare routine.    Plump it!  Just a couple of months ago, we discovered this incredible product - The Dewy Look by Glossier. This baby has our heart. It has single-handedly managed to keep our lips plumped up all throughout the day.    All you need to do is just swipe a layer of this lip plumper onto your lips, and in an instant, you will get fuller, more voluminous-looking lips. We could really see the difference.    The formula is not too sticky and contains all the right ingredients your lips will love. It simply works by targeting the capillaries in your lips, causing them to swell your blood vessels. This makes your lips appear redder and fuller in the most non-harmful way.    Quench your thirst  Well, not quite literally! But, really try to quench your lips' thirst. Use a significant, hydrating lip balm with immense nourishing qualities like shea butter, plant seed oils, etc. as well. Lip balms must be the last step of your lip facial. Some of the best lip balms you can use are Honest Beauty, Dr. Barabara, Glossier, L'Occitane, and Palmer's.    You do not always have to spend a fortune over a lip balm. It just needs to contain the right ingredients for that perfect lip care session to come to an end.    Taking care of your lips is extremely important. Just following a few simple lip care tips and steps will offer you some stunning results in no time! Keep reading the Womenwire blog for more such skincare and makeup tips! You will not regret it!   

Best Makeup Tips For Oily Skin That Will Change Your Life

Summers are right around the corner, which means oily skin beauties need to beware!    The trauma-inducing season for makeup junkies is here. I understand genuinely what people with oily skin go through during summers. I have had oily skin my entire life, and I know how hard it is to maintain. It can be frustrating seeing your makeup just melt away halfway through the day. It could get cakey, separated. The worst part - when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are horrified.    Been there, done that! The messy, sticky look can petrify anyone. It can get hideous when you are on a date. This is where my skincare and makeup tips come in!    These tips and tricks are pretty simple to follow, and you can easily do them right from the comfort of your home. Most of these tips and tricks are just small changes that can bring out a massive difference in your overall look. It will also help your makeup last longer, while it is budge-free, matte, and shine-free all day long.    Skincare and Makeup Tips For Oily Skin      Hydrate    Nine times out of ten, people tend to have extremely oily skin because their skin is dehydrated. By producing excess oil, your skin is only trying to hydrate itself. So, ensure you are really hydrating well. Drink a lot of water, use hyaluronic acid-based serums and mists to lock that layer of moisture in. it will work wonders!    Stop choosing oil-free products    You should immediately stop doing that to yourself. Oil-free products are actually eventually going to leave your skin to dry out, which will obviously produce more sebum/oil. Apply face products with oil in them. It is a misconception that putting more oil on already oily skin is causing more harm!    It is not true! So, start shopping for products that will actually help your skin instead of drying it out. You need essential oils in your skin, even when it is oily.    Cleanse your face    When you have oily skin, it is vital that you clean your face correctly every single morning! Don’t just keep using micellar water or makeup wipes to remove makeup or just to keep your face fresh all day long. You need to dig into those facial cleansers and really clean your face out with water.    Use a good exfoliator.    Another great skincare and makeup tip for oily skin is to really use a good exfoliator. There are some fantastic exfoliators readily available in the market that are easy and safe on your skin to be used every day. Using exfoliators on oily skin daily can help you get your pores clean. Pores can get easily enlarged because of the sebaceous glands flaring up to create excess oil every now and then.    So, when you are exfoliating, you are actually cleaning out the excess of those glands. This also helps reduce the extra texture and flakiness on your skin. Using an exfoliator also will help you prevent blackheads and breakouts.    Say hello to facial oil.    Another great skincare and makeup tip is to introduce your skin to facial oil. It is crucial to invest in a good quality facial oil, especially for your nighttime skincare routine. It will make a massive difference to your oily situation!    Once you apply facial oil that suits your skin during the night before you go to bed, you are going to produce less oil the subsequent day. These results might not be visible in the very first use itself. It will take time! So, after about two to three weeks into this new routine, you will actually start to see the results.    I absolutely adore the Dermalogica Phyto replenish facial oil in my nighttime skincare routine. It absorbs quickly into my skin, smells fantastic, and does not cause any breakouts to my already oily and acne-prone skin. It also acts as a natural barrier for my skin.    Two weeks into using it, I noticed a dramatic difference in the overall oil production on my face.    Not waiting for moisturizers to absorb      So, this one is not really a skincare tip but more a makeup tip.  It is essential for us to moisturize our skin well before we apply our foundation makeup and other products to our faces. However, it is also crucial that we wait for everything to seep into our pores and then start with our makeup.    So, if you are applying a facial serum, toner water, eye creams or a moisturizer, or anything else, even a makeup primer, you need to wait before applying your foundation. Everything will take a little while to settle into your skin and be absorbed.    Wait for at least 10 minutes before you start with the next steps in your makeup routine. Iron your clothes, sip some of your smoothies, watch an episode of your favorite Netflix show, paint your nails to go with your outfit, do anything during those 10-15 minutes. Allowing your skin products some time will actually make your makeup last longer in a budge-proof manner.    Choose the suitable primer.    One of the best makeup tips for people with oily skin is choosing a primer that will work for oily skin. Rather than selecting just any primer that will work against your skin, choose something that is suitable for oily skin.    Some primers meant for oily skin people are the pore minimizing primers. They are made up of a really thick silicon base, which does manage to cover your pores as much as it can but leave your skin slippery. This will not let your makeup last longer, though, and leave your skin slippery smooth for makeup application. Once these primers mix with the oils in your makeup products, it just doesn’t work!    Another kind of primer you should also avoid using is an illuminating primer. Illuminating primers have reflective particles in them that are designed to give you a shimmery finish. It will not work for people with oily skin. It will make your skin look even greasier than it already is. At all costs, avoid them.    The primers you really need to be opting for must be lightweight inconsistency. They should be hydrating and moisturizing. These are the primers you should be using to increase the life of your makeup. You should always choose something that will be absorbed into your skin instead of sitting right on top of it. You do not want any form of residue!    Hourglass, Covergirl offers some of the best primers for oily skin types in the market!   Setting powder to the rescue!    Okay, so this is a really cool trick I read about in an old makeup journal at a salon. The trick was used by professional artists way back in the 20th century and works wonders even today!    This works so well that YouTube’s very own sensational makeup artist Wayne Goss recommends doing so. The trick here is to take your setting translucent powder and dab it all over your skin after you’ve applied your primer. Please note that this should be done lightly, with a sponge or a brush, whatever suits you, before putting your foundation on.    If you need a velvety smooth finish, setting powder is the key for oily skin.    Just dip your powder brush into your translucent powder and dab it across your face, really pushing the powder into your pores. It will lock everything in and make your makeup budge-proof, shine-proof, and oil-proof.    Use the right foundation.    Contrary to popular belief, foundations meant for oily skin that claims to give you a matte finish will actually do more harm than good! You should definitely stay away from such foundations.    Such foundations are going to cake your skin and make everything look bizarre and heavy.    You would want to choose something extremely lightweight and almost liquid in terms of consistency. The consistency should be equivalent to Nyx’s total control drop liquid foundation. It will work wonders for your skin.    Using extra foundation to cover blemishes    One of the best makeup tips that you can take away from this entire article is not to use excess foundation on your face! Ever! Layering up your foundation does no good to anyone, which is precisely why you must avoid it. Use foundation only in thin layers, which will work wonders for your skin.   Once you are done with your foundation application, ensure you are not applying extra foundation to cover up any form of blemishes. Layering up foundation right atop your acne spots or blemishes will make your foundation tacky, flaky, and extremely visible in the wrong way.    Instead, what you should be doing here is to use a concealer wand over your foundation to act as a shield for your blemishes and marks.    Covering everything up with a highly pigmented product is something that will actually work in your favor instead of covering your blemishes with foundation. It will only create layers that are actually going to look ugly.    Spray your face again    The entire purpose of a setting spray is to lock in all the makeup layers on your face so that it does not move the whole day. However, did you know you can use your setting spray after applying your foundation and before other steps?    Yes, you can!    Apply a setting spray after you’ve applied foundation and before using any other product. This helps lock in your foundation, making it light and budge-proof.    Lock your face with powder    The real key, the game changer! Locking your face entirely with powder once your makeup is done works beautifully for everyone! It is one of the most trusted makeup tips for people with oily skin.    All you need to do is take a wet sponge, dip it into your setting powder, and dab it all over your face. While you are patting, don’t go for a lighter hand. Instead, really go heavy on the dabbing. You should be pushing the powder pigment into your facial pores.    Just dab all the way and lock your entire makeup with powder. Using your sponge this way, pushing the powder into your skin creates an extra barrier that oil needs to get through to ruin your makeup.    Final Words: There you go! Brace summers like a pro with these makeup tips. You can run, laugh, dance, work, cook, do anything really. Your makeup will not move an inch! Just keep your face clean and hydrated at all times, drink a lot of water! You will master everything else with a few tips here and there.   

Contour Face Makeup Tips - Contouring 5 Different Nose Shapes

Whatever you know about contouring your nose so far, forget that knowledge! This is your ultimate guide to get past those two vertical lines on each side of your nose and do something that is suitable precisely for your nose shape. Contour face makeup tips by WomenWire will help you in this concern.    So, we will be going through 5 different nose shapes and understanding the various contour face makeup tips for them.    1. Flat Nose    The first nose shape we are covering today is the flat nose! People with flat noses have this common complaint - the bridge of their noses is not well-defined. This is precisely what we have to achieve through contouring face makeup products and the right brushes.    So, if you have a flat nose, take your contouring kits, bring your brushes, and follow these steps:    - Start by dipping your brush into the contouring product - Place your brush, with the product on, right where your brows start above your nose.  - Draw a line, right from the brows, all the way down to the tip of your nose.  - Follow this on the other side too.   It is this simple to contour a flat nose!    PS - Flat-nosed people do not require a highlighter to correct their noses in any way.    2. Triangular Nose    The next nose shape is a triangular nose. A triangular nose shape is basically wider around the nostrils than it is around one’s eyes.     So, for correctly contouring a triangular nose, all you need to do is follow these steps:   - Start by framing your nose, especially around your nostrils and around the tip of your nose. So basically, you have to place your contouring product about an inch and a half or about two inches down towards the tip of your nose.  - Do not place this contour face makeup product around your eyes because your nose is already narrow there.  - Once contouring is done, place your highlighter around the inner corners of your eyes, just below the starting point of your eyebrows. You want to throw in more light around the highlighter areas, especially in your eyes’ inner corner, to balance everything out.    And that’s how your correct triangular noses are!    PS - Go a little heavy with your highlighter. But not too heavy!    3. Crooked Nose    The next nose shape to learn contour face makeup tips is the crooked nose. Now, the crooked nose is not exactly like a broken nose, not an indentation, but your nose is actually moving a bit towards the other side instead of following a straighter line like other nose shapes.     The nose is a relatively easy one to contour, no matter how difficult it sounds or looks like! We will have to apply similar principles as we do to people with flat noses.    For correctly contouring a crooked nose, all you need to do is follow these steps:   - Start by drawing two straight lines, following right down the starting edge of your brow. So, let’s say your nose is “crooked” towards the left side of your face. The tip actually moves towards the left of your face. Draw a straight line on the right side of your nose.  - Ensure your line is exactly straight and not following the groove that is a part of your nose naturally. Your line must not depend on that groove.  - Repeat the same principle on the other side of your nose too. Your line should not move with your nose. Lines should be straight!    So, that’s how you correct your crooked nose with contour face makeup!    PS - Go easy on your highlighter. Your highlighter will ideally go in the middle of the two straight lines you’ve drawn. It should be straight, despite the natural grooves and shape of your nose.    4. Bulbous nose    The bulbous nose shape required a little different approach to contour and correct.  For correctly contouring a bulbous nose, all you need to do is follow these steps:   - Start by placing your contouring product right below the edge of your brows. - Draw a straight line down your nose from this starting point - Go down almost a third of the way, and not all the way down to the tip of your nose. - Once those two lines on the top of your nose are done, stop and start to contour around the tip of your nose.  - Your contour around the tip of your nose should look like a circular line instead of a straight line. Of course, it is contouring a round-er part of your nose to make it look less bulbous.  - There must be a gap in the middle of your nose between two different contouring points.  - This is the place where your highlighter must go. Between the gap. Not above, not below. Just right in the middle.    So, there you go! You can contour and correct your bulbous nose this way.    PS - If you think your nose is a little too bulbous, you can easily spread the highlighted part of your nose to the sides as well. You can go wider with your contouring lines.    5. Shadow-bridge nose    The next nose shape to learn how to contour correctly is the shadow-bridge nose. What a shadow bridge nose means is that the top part of your nose, between your eyebrows (where your unibrows go), and the top part of your nose’s bridge are extremely prominent. The upper triangle of your nose looks heavy. Therefore, you do not really require contouring this part of the nose itself.    For correctly contouring a shadow-bridge nose, all you need to do is follow these steps:   - Instead of starting with a contour for the upper triangle that is very prominent, add a highlighter to this top part.  - Your highlighter must be placed in the form of a triangle, where it kind of bleeds up to the top of your eyebrows in a slight manner. Nothing should be too heavy!  - Blend the highlighter off in this portion, especially at the top as well as the bottom. The most striking part of your highlighter must be in the middle, the portion between your eyes. This will instantly correct the heaviness of your nose and add the right amount of dimension to the shadowy, heavy area of your nose.    So, that’s how you correct a heavy, shadow-bridge nose with contour face makeup.    PS - Blending out your highlighter is extremely important, especially between your brows and towards the bottom of this triangle, since we are not actually using any real contouring face makeup products.    Not every nose requires two straight lines down your nose. Not every nose shape is the same! Stop copying insta-glam ways to contour your nose. Follow WomenWire for more such tips!