Makeup Tips For Teenagers & Beginners - What's Your Undertone?

As a 20-something grown adult today in 2022, my first memory of putting on makeup was when I was 14! I remember taking my mom's powder foundation and layering my face in so much powder for school that I was almost expelled! At the time, my mother did not reprimand me. She encouraged me to learn how to do makeup right, so nobody knows you are wearing anything!    This was one of the first makeup tips I received as a teenager. Yet still, the learning curve was too much.    I struggled a lot with my winged eyeliner, made my cheeks a little too rosy, matched the wrong eyeshadow with the wrong lip shade, did not blend my liquid foundation well, or even worse, chose the wrong undertones for my foundation!    My mom could not be with me at every step. She, of course, had her limits. She was also juggling a lot on her plate at the time. But that makeup tip she gave me at the time is still etched in my mind - Do your makeup right, so nobody knows you are wearing anything!    If you can relate to me, whether you are a struggling teenager or a makeup beginner, WomenWire is here for you! We know how important it is to have a mentor or a role model! We are going to give you our best makeup tips, so you can start and master the basics at first.    These makeup tips will help you in the right direction to find out the perfect shade of foundation for you, which will be your start!    I so wish I knew these tips when I started out!    Makeup Tips To Find The Right Undertones      The ideology behind flawless skin is flawed!  There is really no flawless skin. Today, it is really easy to come across people with glass-like, crystal-clear, and flawless skin. Whether it is the Instagram filters or Photoshop, we are all obsessed with flawless skin.    Truth be told - the idea of flawless skin is flawed at multiple levels.    In real life, perfect skin is unachievable. Angelina Jolie or even Zendaya do not have perfect skin! It is because we are all humans. We all have pores, fine lines, dark circles, and all sorts of imperfections.    There are multiple studies today that prove the correlation between exposure to social media's unrealistic beauty standards and one's mental health and self-esteem. Studies even show that teenage girls who tend to reshape and retouch their images before they upload them to social media have a lower body image.    We have all been there. I also had (still have) a lot of dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. I used to put a gallons-worth of concealer under my eyes to cover everything up nicely. The more concealer and foundation I used, the more high-coverage formulations I wanted.    Because of this, my under-eye area became drier with each passing day. It got really uncomfortable at nighttime, so I could not go to bed. And the routine of perfectly adding the right color-correcting shades before putting on my makeup was physically and mentally exhausting.    One final day, I got this wake-up call. I stopped doing everything! Once I stopped, I then realized and felt that everything I did was unnecessary.    Stop looking for perfect, flawless skin!    Learn To Appreciate What You Already Have    Everyone has different features, and you might see multiple makeup tutorials and try to follow them. It is really difficult to follow them since, of course, everyone comes with their unique set of features. We all have different face shapes, eye shapes, and even skin tones and types.    Trends are constantly changing. In fact, change is the only constant in the beauty industry.    When you are just beginning to do makeup, it is really important to know your features. Know your true self. This is one of the most important makeup tips for you. Know your face shape, eye shape, and even your right skin tone.    When you know your true self, you can aim at being the best version of yourself! It is hard, especially when you are just starting out. Personally, it took me almost four-five years to find out my ideal makeup routine and my true self.    It even took me a really long time to figure out my right undertones and my true and perfect foundation shade!    Your Undertone and Complexion mean something!   So, here's something you must definitely know before you get your new foundation or concealer.    Skin Complexion  When you are getting yourself a new foundation or concealer, the first thing to know is your real skin complexion. It is all about how light or deep your skin color is.    It all really comes down to the color of your skin surface. You have an endless range of options, from the palette going from light to deep, in general. But, it is important to know that it can even change for everyone, depending on the kind of season we are in. You could be an NC 35 during summers while becoming an NC 25 during winters! It all really depends on seasonal changes as well.    Undertones The second most important makeup tip to know before buying a new foundation is to know your true undertone.    Undertones are really just the right pigment of your skin. The color that is beneath your skin is your undertone. Undertones never change, while your complexion can.    There are four undertones in general. They are:    - Warm  - Cool  - Neutral  - Olive    So, if the base tone of your skin is yellow or gold, you really have a warm undertone. Your skin is prone to getting tanned easily but can rarely burn. If your skin tone is bluish and pink, you have cool undertones. Your skin can burn easily but will tan really minimally.    For neutral undertones, it is quite confusing, to be honest. They are a mix of both warm and cool undertones.    So, if you have an olive skin undertone, general foundations and concealers might look pinkish or too yellow, and neutral shade foundations or concealers might look a bit ashy.    How To Find It Online?   If following all these makeup tips is too confusing to understand, simply visit Rare Beauty or Fenty Beauty's official websites. Both the brands carry over 40 different shades of foundation, along with a mini-quiz on the website, which you can take to know your right complexion and skin undertone. And suppose you find the right one online. In that case, you can either buy that shade or visit Sephora to get two or three different shades tested out on your face to really get a glimpse of what you are going to be buying.    Another thing you can easily do is go to any Mac counters and get a consultation with Mac official makeup experts in the store. They will happily advise you on your right undertone and complexion and the perfect shade for you!    Whatever you do, when you visit the stores, just get a few samples for yourself. You can refer to these samples when you make future purchases for drugstore products from different brands to get a real idea of the right shade of foundation or concealer for you.   

Life-Changing Makeup Tips - Learn How You Can Lift Your Face

The way you used to apply your face products is no longer working out for you? Are your makeup tips obsolete? Are you thinking of spending thousands of dollars on that facelift you’ve been eyeing at? Well! Stop right there! These life-changing makeup tips can help you learn an incredible way to lift your face in an affordable, no-nonsense way.    Part of wearing makeup is the ability to have fun and play along with multiple elements to accentuate your features. If you want to exaggerate your lips, just a little bit of lip line right above your real lip line can do wonders for your face. It will give that illusion of a juicy pout! If you want your eyes to look sultry, just perfect your winged eyeliner, and you are good to go!    With makeup, you can really do wonders.    Learn these life-changing makeup tips to give you a faux-face lift with just three products at home and save thousands of dollars.    What are these life-changing makeup tips?      These makeup tips have been prevalent for a very long time. However, they have recently grown in terms of popularity. These makeup tips can easily help you lift your face!    These techniques can be used on anyone. If you are very, very young, these might not be the most appropriate makeup tips for you. It can make your face age or give you a more mature look. So, if you are 16, trust us, you do not want to look older!    You will miss looking younger once you are older. So, this technique is extremely specific to your face shape and eye shape. It will look different on you, and it will look different on the person next to you!    Now, one thing to remember here before you begin doing your makeup with this technique is that even if this does not work out for you, don’t fret! Remember, this is just makeup. It can wash off. It will not gravely affect your life or your routine. However, if it does work for you, it will help you change and revamp your makeup routine.    The placement    So, the first thing you need to do is imagine a straight line along the outside corner of your eye. The line must run down the outside corner of your eye, wherever that may be.    For people with wide-set eyes, the lines on either side of their faces are going to be a little farther apart than the lines for those with close-set eyes. It is going to be different for everyone!    Right to the outside corner of your eye is your magic line that will lift your face. Everything you do with your face - highlighting, blushing, or even contouring should stay within the line.    What we mean by this technique is that the line, the imaginary line on your face, running down along the outer corner of your eyes, should be your boundary. So, if you are highlighting, ensure the highlighter does not come near your eye. It should be present away from your eye. The exact placement must be between the outer corner of your eye and the side of your face. It should not come anywhere near your pupils or your nose.    So, say goodbye to blusher on the apples of your cheeks! This line will be your guideline to keep everything on the outside corners of your face to optically lift your face.    Where will the highlighter go?    As per these life-changing makeup tips, your highlighter should ideally be placed on the top. It should start from your temples and go near the outer corners of your eyes.    So, the next time you are actually doing this trick to lift your face, you will see how it will instantly lift your face. Your cheekbone will be a little lower, so you are actually going to place your highlighter a little above your otherwise desired position.    Remember, you are aiming to lift your cheekbones and your overall facial features.    Where will the blusher go?    Again, your blusher should ideally go just below your highlighter as per these makeup tips. The position where you would have otherwise put your face highlighter on earlier is where your blusher should go. It is high up on your actual cheekbone.    Your blusher and your highlighter will bleed into each other once you blend them. They will be pulling up your entire look and your features in reality. Once blended well, it will give you the most radiant-looking face ever!    Where will your contour go?    As per these makeup tips, your contour should start right from the top part of your ear and not from that small lobe in the middle of your ear.    Starting from that top part of your ear, your contour will go down towards the outer corners of your mouth. But remember, not to make them touch each other. Contours or bronzers should never touch your mouth. Ideally, they should be placed within that imaginary line we have created as per our faces.    So, the darkest part of your contour will be by your hairline, near the top part of your ears, and then traveling down, just underneath your cheekbone.    How will it all look?   The placements of your products - highlighter, blusher, and contour/bronzer must be in this order only. However, the location of your placement will vary as per your face shape and type. As per your face, shape placement for these products is going to be totally different than someone else’s face shape.    What will be the ideal face lifting makeup for me will not exactly suit you, and vice versa! But trust us when we say this. Once everything is blended, pull your face up, and make it look amazing!    What about your forehead?    Regarding your forehead, we will talk about the line technique to lift your face. The imaginary line you created can extend up to your forehead too. The same way it went down, running along with the outer corners of your eyes, it can go up as well.    The imaginary line this way is actually cutting across the outer edges of your eyebrows to really help you lift your face. Now, if you are applying bronzer to your forehead, the same things apply as the other three products mentioned here.    You should be applying your bronzer outside the line and not a millimeter inside when shading with your bronzer, shade above your temples, where your highlighter sits. Your bronzer should not come below the outside tip of your eyebrows. Start heavy on the bottom with your bronzer, and go lighter as you go up. You can go up till your bronzer meets your natural hairline. It should ideally fade up when moving up, from thicker to thinner.    Final Words:    So, there you go! These were some life-changing makeup tips that can help you lift your face. We hope these tips make sense to you and learn something from them. These makeup tips are incredible, especially for people above the age of 40, and can make a major difference in lifting your face without having to spend a lot!   

What Is Toppik Made Of? Here's How Quick-Fix Hair Fibers Work

There is definitely hope for people suffering from a spare, patchy area on their scalp! Quick-fix hair fibers like Toppik are a fantastic option for those who cannot rely on the surgery!    Hair fibers are a wonderfully quick option to address hair thinning and balding problems. Hair fibers offer solutions across all genders and hair types. This article will act as your guide to know what hair fiber products like Toppik are made of, their ingredients, the solutions they offer, and how you can apply them to your scalp.    You can make your hair look better!    Toppik - Things To Know   The most basic thing you need to know about Toppik is that it is just hair fibers.    Toppik is a shakable product that you can put on your scalp to cover up those hair loss patches. It is not a long-term solution or does not dye your scalp. It is a loose fiber product that you can shake out and cover up any areas of the scalp that are showing.    The official website for Toppik shows some pretty intense yet exciting cases where people have lost quite a bit of hair. They simply shake it over their heads, and the product miraculously covers it all up.    If you are able to find a pretty good match for your hair color, this will work amazingly well!    What’s in it? Let’s talk about what this stuff is!   We have put in our research at WomenWire, and undertook that the product is actually made up of keratin hair fibers. It got exciting, so we further delved into more research here.    So, when we say keratin fibers, what does it really mean?    Well, keratin can be found everywhere! It is found in your teeth, your fingernails, your hair. Keratin is also found among wildlife and other animals, like the beak of Toucan Sam on your breakfast cereal Fruit Loops are made out of keratin (It is true! Real Toucan beaks are made of keratin). What’s really interesting is that even wool is made out of keratin!    So, this is basically what Toppik is!    When you take the product out of the bottle, Toppik actually has a hairy-ish appearance and texture. It almost looks like hair has been finely chopped into this powdery-hair-like product. But it is all made out of keratin derived from wool products after applying some chemicals to them to get the texture right!    Basically, a process is undertaken to really process the keratin out of wool texture! The product derived from this process is further dyed to match your desired hair color, which can be easily applied to your scalp.    P.S. - Toppik is expensive! So watch out for other products that look like it.    Is there more?  Yes! Quick-fix hair fibers for thinning hair even come with a special fiber extending spray. These sprays help strengthen the bond between hair and the product. For example, Toppik’s Fiberhold Spray can offer you even more longevity when it comes to the product’s application and holds. So, your product lasts longer until your next hair wash because of these sprays.    Any regular hair shampoo can lift off the fibers out of your hair, leaving your head clean and all set for the next application.    Hair fibers for thinning are the ultimate beauty hack! You can use just a tiny pinch to cover up a larger surface area. It will only take a few seconds to apply, and you can fake your hairstyles incredibly! You can even use hair fibers to cover any telltale signs of hair extensions.    How Do Quick-Fix Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair Work?    Once you sprinkle or spray quick-fix hair fibers for thinning hair, they will not shift or bleed away. They will not wear away as well. They have longevity power in terms of holding on to your hair. Your hair fibers also come with a robust, natural charge that creates a magnetic effect with your hair, binding them to your scalp and natural hair. This charge helps hide your hair thinning areas and creates an illusion of fuller, thicker hair.    Hair fibers work best for people with minimal to moderate hair loss or hair thinning concerns. It works wonderfully well in cases where hair is thinning yet is still present on the head. Fibers will need something to hold on to.    So, your head will be like a tree with branches, and hair fibers are like leaves. The leaves will require branches; otherwise, it just doesn’t work!    Will These Quick-Fix Hair Fibers Get On Your Clothes?      People are often concerned about quick-fix hair fibers getting on their clothes! WomenWire tested it out to break all myths!    Yes, it is a concern that hair fibers are messy and inconvenient. They could fall onto people’s faces and around the clothes and on the floor or the carpet. But these concerns are wrong.    Hair fibers like Topppik will not do that. In fact, when we tested out the products and their application, nothing got messy throughout the day. We did not face troubles while using the hair fibers in context to our clothes, our surroundings, and even our pillows. It will stay in one place, i.e., on your scalp, until you shampoo your hair!    How To Use Quick-Fix Hair Fibers?    Applying To And Around Part Line    Brush your hair and style them as per your desire. Apply the fibers around the hair surrounding your part line.    Applying To And Around Hairline    This is a little tricky, however, not completely unachievable. All you need to do is apply the hair fibers product to your natural hairline. Your hairline is actually a little thinner towards your forehead. Apply your hair fibers a couple of millimeters away from that. In this step, you can use a comb to prevent fibers from falling on other surrounding areas.    Applying To And Around Crown Area    Brush your crown area, and use the hair around your crown in a way it camouflages your entire scalp. Apply the hair fibers evenly all over this area. After your third time doing so, you will not need a mirror!    Final Words: Hair fibers for thinning hair are becoming increasingly popular around the globe. They are extremely affordable and easy to use. You can use them on the go by just brushing your hair or following your regular hair routine. They are dry, odor-free, and offer natural coverage on your scalp.    Apart from offering coverage, they also offer you the confidence to go out in public, despite your hair balding and thinning concerns.    Quick-fix hair fibers come in many shades that can be bought to match your natural hair color. You can also buy a combination of shades and match them to your natural hair color. Fibers do an excellent job at creating an illusion of thinning hair and covering up your patches in an instant. They are, of course, a great, affordable alternative to all kinds of invasive and noninvasive hair procedures and treatments like PRP.   

Tips To Apply Contour Face Makeup Like A Total Pro

Let’s just come straight to the point. There might be thousands of makeup tutorials out there, but learning how to apply contour face like a pro is a tricky job. If you are still struggling with contouring your face and achieving that Kylie Jenner look, we are here for you!    Beauty experts at WomenWire will walk you through the process from start to finish. We will explain what makeup brushes you will need, the kind of colors you will need to choose, and where exactly you should place your contour face makeup products.    Let’s jump right into it!    Steps to get the contour of your dreams!    Step 1  Contouring your face  Before you begin with contouring, you need to ensure that your foundation is all set and in place. Set your foundation makeup with a translucent powder.   Now, feel free to work with any contour face makeup product you are comfortable with. We are going to be using a powder contour to explain the process.    Pro Tip: While selecting the right color for your contour face makeup, choose a color on the neutral or cooler side. This way, the color will actually mimic a shadow.    Now, coming back to the technique. Use a contouring brush and start applying the product to your temples. Work your way up in a circular motion, simultaneously with sweeping motions.    Ensure you are working the product into your hairline as well to avoid all kinds of harsh lines on your face.    Coming to your cheekbones, the rule of thumb is to place the color directly underneath them. Start by using an angular contouring brush and move the product towards the corners of your mouth. The closer your product gets to the edge of your mouth, the sharper your face will look.    But, of course, for obvious reasons. Do not exactly go from ears to lips with your contour. There should be a gap between the contour face makeup and the edge of your mouth.    If you would like to start contouring other parts of your face, you can use the same brush. For instance, if you are contouring your nose after your cheekbones, you can do so with the same brush. Just hold the bristles really together for that well-defined look. Create two parallel lines down your nose, going into the creases around your eyelids. Again, this is completely optional. You can also add a little contouring around your chin to create that “V” look you are aiming for.    Pro Tip: Little goes a long way. Don’t go overboard with contour makeup.    Step 2  Placing your highlighter When looking to highlight your face after contouring it, pick out a product with a similar undertone as yours. Additionally, you should choose a highlighter that is one to two shades lighter in comparison to your foundation.    To apply the highlighter correctly, use a more precise contouring brush. Place the highlighter towards the center of your forehead, lightly, just dusting the brush against your forehead. The same goes for the top of your cheekbones and then sweeps the same brush without dipping it back again around your jawline. All this should be done ever so slightly.    If you have contoured your nose as well, place the highlighter in between the shaded region.    Step 3 Bronzing up your look Whether you are looking for a just-out-of-a-tanning salon glow or are looking to carve out your special features, bronzer does everything!    For that subtle summertime look, sweep a shimmery bronzing shade around your temples, sweeping down to your cheekbones. Then bring your bronzer to your chin from the bottom. Follow these three steps and move your brush around these three places on your face in a 3-shaped motion.    You will get an instant beachy, sun-tanned glow!    Pro tip: If you want a noticeable glow, dust your bronzer onto the tip of your nose as well. Sun hits here directly!    Step 4 Finish it off with some blush  The final step to finishing off your look is by applying some blush. Blush offers you a major dimension. You can easily fake that dazzling and glowy flush by grabbing any blush of your choice, dipping a fluffy brush into it, and working it around the apples of your cheek. Work your way up to your hairline as well.   From top to bottom, your cheeks must read - Highlighter, blush, and contour!    Contouring according to your face shape     Contouring is not going to go anywhere for a while! Once you know the basics of contouring, it is now time to understand the right way to use contour face makeup as per your face shape.    Of course, contouring is not a one-size-fits-all kind of practice.   Determining your face shape is, therefore, an integral part of contouring. There are four major kinds of face shapes - round, oval, square, and heart.    To determine your face shape, simply go to your nearest mirror with an old kohl pencil or a lip liner. Your hair must be pulled back for this activity. Start outlining your reflection on the mirror. Follow the outlines of your entire face. Once you have made a rough outline on the mirror, observe the shape that comes out. You will get a close enough idea of your face shape.    Round Face Round face shapes often lose their definition after the base makeup is applied. Therefore contouring round-shaped faces needs to be full of shadows and adding angles.    Accentuate the cheekbones on a rounder face. Contour just below the cheekbones. Make that iconic duck face to really get that shape correct. Contour along with your forehead and temples as well, in the form of the letter “C.”    Round-faced beauties should not be shy of a highlighter!    Pro tip: For round-faced people, eyebrows are key. Angled, arched brows bring more dimension to the face and break up the curviness. Experiment with your brow pencil and have fun!      Oval Face Just like the round face type, an oval face type also comes with a rounded jawline. The only difference here between these two face shapes is the elongation of the face. Bella Hadid has an oval face. The forehead for oval face shapes brings out the widest areas.    For oval face-shaped beauties, rely on blush to do wonders for you. Blush will add that depth and dimension you need. Bounce your blush around the apples of your cheeks and below your chin to get that well-rounded look that brings your best features forward.    An oval face is already pretty symmetrical, so you can easily focus on contouring under your cheekbones. You are good to go!    Heart Face To get a clear view of this face type, imagine Reese Witherspoon. She has a wider forehead and has a pointy and angular jawline.    Apply your highlighter along the bridge of your nose, the top of your cheeks, and around your upper jawline. For the contour, sweep it across the sides of your forehead to minimize its overall width.    The jawline of such a face shape is already defined well. So, heart-faced beauties will only need a touch of contour face makeup below their chins. Blend the contour correctly, add that touch of bronzer and blush, and you are all set to hit the town!    Square Face If your face shape resembles Katie Holmes’ face shape, your cheekbones, temples, as well as your jawline will already have defined angles. They are also pretty symmetrical and equally placed away from the center of your face.    Contouring a square face shape requires softening the edges. You need to work on rounding up your angular features. So, contour around the perimeters of your face and blend it nicely to get that natural look.    Pro Tip: For a square face shape, you need to remember highlighting only around your forehead, chin, and the bridge of your nose. You can also add a touch of highlighter under your eyes and right below the corners of your mouth for some fun.    So, there you have it! Start practicing the right ways to apply contour face makeup like a total pro. You have all the techniques, and your face shape is set out for you!  

6 Ultimate Ways To Apply Foundation Makeup In 2022

How to apply foundation to make it look like a second skin? Well, here is your guide!    What are Parisian makeup artists' top secrets to applying foundation makeup? We bring you all the secrets. All you need to start is by executing everything without any traces. If you want people to say "your skin looks amazing" and not "your foundation looks great," execution is the key. Finding these compliments is half the battle won. Once you have that Houdini-looking skin, ensure everything vanishes into your complexion. It is incredibly crucial. These six top tips on applying foundation makeup come directly from the best Parisian, in-demand makeup artists, who explain ways to achieve that glass-like, elusive second-skin finish.   1. Start by Creating a Glowy Canvas   The first thing is a complete no-brainer. You have heard it everywhere. Ensure your skin is clean, refined, and moisturized. However, people don't really tell you that it is essential to keep your skin supercharged in terms of glow. So, to achieve that glowing canvas, start by putting on a hydrating mask. Follow this step with a facial massage. Not just any facial massage, a lymphatic facial massage will work wonders for your skin.    You need to begin with a hydrating sheet mask that targets your specific skin type. A sheet mask with rose extracts can help you combat oiliness if your skin is oily. A sheet mask with aloe extracts will help combat that extra dryness on your face. And if your face is suffering from a lot of inflammation, go for a sheet mask with tea-tree extracts.    Once you are done with the mask, for at least 15 minutes, massage the leftover moisturizer/serum from the mask gently. Now begin to apply your moisturizer to your skin to boost your facial circulation. It also helps reduce your overall puffiness. Massaging these products gently helps create a natural flush that makes your skin truly awake and glowy.    Moisturizers like the Embryolisse Lait-Creme concentrate, Clinique 72 hours moisture surge, Tatcha the water creme, or the Tata Harper Water-lock moisturizer work wonders for all skin types.    2. Prep Your Face With a Primer    What bothers both amateur and professional makeup artists is the question - to prime or not to prime? It has concerned everyone at some point in their makeup routines, even us!    Some makeup artists usually tend to skip this step entirely because they are opting for a look that relies on as little product as possible. However, priming is essential. Despite the fact your skin is hydrated and moisturized, you need to give yourself the chance to really glow. If applied correctly, primers tend to prolong the life and longevity of your foundation makeup for all-day budge-proof wear.    After hydrating and moisturizing, ensure you are wearing a primer. Opt for a primer with an anti-shine formula if you have a shiny and oily t-zone. It can help target all your hotspots like your hairline, forehead, sides of your nose, and around your mouth. It even offers you a sheer, luminous glow above your cheekbones.    3. Apply a primer with your fingertips, tapping into your skin gently   Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer, Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Instant Retouch Primer, Nyx Shine Killer Primer, and the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer are some of the best in the market!    4. Apply your Foundation From the Center and Move Outward      Only apply foundation makeup where it is extremely necessary. You do not have to apply it all over your face. Start with a few small dots around your face, where you actually want it to be targeted. Makeup artists also suggest that one needs to start around the center of their face, and then blend it towards the cheek, out.    Another crucial part of your face makeup is applying specifically to the area around your mouth, prone to yellow undertones as well as shadows. To combat discoloration around your mouth, you can also use a concealer. But hey, we are talking about keeping foundation makeup to a minimum to make it look like a second skin!    To make sure your foundation looks extremely natural, you can skip the bridge of your nose and let your natural skin and freckles and all the imperfections really show through. You can even skip applying foundation around the corners of your nostrils; it is here that the pigment tends to cling tightly to all the dry patches.    Some foundations that offer good but natural coverage are Estée Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Foundation SPF 45, Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfection Foundation, Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, and Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Flawless Foundation.   5. Buff the foundation! You are not a painter.    No matter what your choice of tool is, you really need to start buffing the foundation makeup into your skin and not paint it all over. Yes, your face is a canvas, but you are really not Monet!    Whether you are using a foundation brush, a stippling brush, your fingers, or a beauty blender, buffing is the key!    If you use a sponge or a beauty blender, bounce it across your skin. The painting will do you no good. Buffing or bouncing will help build better coverage, smoothen your foundation, and avoid all those harsh streaky lines across your face.    A few tools you can use to apply foundation better are - Beautyblender The Original, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, NYX can't stop won't stop foundation brush, Morphe Deluxe Buffer Brush, and Sonia Kashuk Essential Flat-Top Foundation Brush.    Pro Tip: If you have dry skin, you should stick to beauty blenders and makeup sponges. They do not tug at your skin like stippling brushes and other foundation buffing brushes. This way, the foundation does not cling to your dry patches, and flakes are not visible around your face, making everything look better and natural.    6. Strobe around your high points    Strobe around your face, wherever the sun actually hits! For a better dimension to your face and that natural sheen, blend a strobing cream or highlighter to the high planes of your face that are bound to catch light naturally. The first places you should be doing it are your temples, cheekbones, and Cupid's bow.    Powder foundations are great for people with an oilier skin type, but if not applied correctly or a cheap product is applied, it can look chalky and fake. Rather, you can opt for a strober that comes in a creamy, balm-based texture to make your makeup look dewy and glowy. It almost looks like you are not wearing any product on your skin.    Some of the best strobing creams and liquid highlighters in the market are - Mac strobe cream, Kevyn Aucoin glass glow liquid illuminator, Fenty beauty match stix shimmer skinstick, Westman Atelier lit up highlighter stick, Hourglass vanish flash highlighting stick, benefit high beam liquid highlighter, and Glossier haloscope.    Blot all the way!    Once all these steps are done, soak up all the excess oil from your foundation makeup and other products underneath with blotting paper. Gently blot around your face, lightly tapping on all the target points. Then, apply a featherweight translucent powder to really lock in your foundation and prevent any unwanted sheen.    Use the powder with a brush to apply it extremely lightly across your face. It should get to only the areas you really think get the shiniest towards the end of the day. Your skin should look natural, silky, smooth, and even-toned by the end of all these steps. The only light coming in should come in the right amounts from the dewiness within your skin layers now.    The final step - spritz it all away with a makeup fixer. Keep the spray at least 5-6 inches away from your face, close your eyes, and spray in generous amounts. But, here, what we mean by generous is to not drench your face with a lot of makeup fixer water! It will make your makeup drip. Just spray in moderation. 3-4 pumps should be enough!    Some of the best translucent powders available in the market today are - Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder, Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil Pressed Setting Powder, Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder, and Hourglass Cosmetics Veil Translucent Setting Powder.   Some of the best makeup fixers available in the market - Queen of Hungary Mist, Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Setting Spray, Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray, MAC Fix+ Magic Radiance, Morphe Continuous Setting Mist, Benefit The Porefessional Super Setter Pore-Minimizing Setting Spray, Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray, and Nyx Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray.    And that is how you really come about executing an unbelievably perfect second-skin! Follow these steps to really guide your makeup as a part of your face and not separate!