11 Incredible Women Skirt Trends To Shop For This Season

  Women's skirts are the oldest known garment in history. Even males wore it into the 1600s and 1700s. Skirts, on the other hand, evolved with the times. The only difference is that the length of the hemlines tends to change as per the rising temperatures, occasions, and one’s style. The mini skirt will become synonymous with spring and summer fashion as it makes a significant reappearance in the middle of fashion's Y2K revival. The Spring 2022 runways and the most recent Fall 2022 fashion shows are flooded with stem-baring skirts ranging from raw-hemmed cargo designs to the classic low-rise denim micro. The women’s skirt trend hit every designer collection, including Prada, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Versace, and Miu Miu's viral micro version. From mod-inspired designs to pleated tweeds, these short skirts have a stylish spin on the skin-baring appearance. Although the garment's fashion history dates back to the '60s, '70s, and '90s, statement skirts come with current stylistic concepts that modernize the trend for 2022. Any interpretation of the women’s skirt will bring some relief from clingy pair of jeans and heat-trapping leggings. Experiment with hemlines and waistlines, designs and pleats, and materials ranging from denim to silk. Combine your favorite mini with a matching co-ord top for a whole matching ensemble, or use a baby tee for a head-to-toe early-aughts look. Here is a round-up of the 11 women's skirts for you to flaunt in the spring of 2022.     1. Mini-skirts for Cargo Like the popular cargo pant, the early-aughts cargo mini is having a moment. This practical mini skirt is available in khaki, army green, and even camouflage. A frayed hem and menswear-inspired belt complete your Cadet Kelly (A Walt Disney movie character) style.   2. Skirts with pleats The Tennis skirt has become a mainstream fashion in the women’s skirt league, also known as a pleated mini. From athleisure labels like Alo Yoga to streetwear labels like Daily Paper, the sporty skirt comes in different styles to suit every taste and occasion.   3. Mini Denim Skirt The classic denim mini is not going to be left out this year. With Canadian tuxedo design and uber-short hemlines, brands like Diesel and Versace define the new denim mini era. Every few years, denim maxis reappear, and if you're a fan of the '70s or '90s style, you should consider adding one to your closet (like this option from Free People or a black hue from Dia & Co).   4. Skirts with prints Designers embellish short skirts with geometric and vibrant designs for a modern spin on the mini. Vibrant checks and swirl patterns are just a few of the '70s-inspired prints that are now popular, particularly as matching sets or flowery print skirts. Additionally, Dior, Christian Cowan, and Courrèges’ Spring 2022 collection were adorned with Mod-printed miniskirts.   5. Maxi tube skirts It is the look in which skirts end at the ankle and yet have a more streamlined fit. Designs that sit close to the waist will help to lengthen your legs. To make the cloth float while you walk, try tiny splits that end at the knee—it'll be more comfortable. It's conceivable that Lopez is just getting a jump start on spring fashion. Last September, the maxi skirt was all over the runway, and even street style icons have started wearing them. The good news is that longer skirts are seasonless, suitable for different dress codes, and can be worn in almost any weather (even snowy days), so if you're on the fence about jumping on board, this trend will be a worthwhile investment. Models wore long, gorgeous maxis with embellishments at Dior's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 presentation.   6. Midi Skirts Knee-Length Midi skirts are ideal for putting together professional work attire. You may wear them in the houndstooth print since it is always an easy pick for shapewear. You may also create this look with a shirt and a lace skirt. Lace is in style, and this very feminine midi skirt will bring out your inner grace and elegance.   7. Maxi Skirt with Side Slits Some people like more modest maxis, but if you want to liven things up, go for a version with a slit and show off a single leg. Pair it up with pointed-toe heels that have the '50s feel or a pair of thick black boots which will give you a grunge vibe. Sneakers are also a great choice for a laid-back, daily look. Because this skirt can be worn a hundred ways, it's worth experimenting with a shoe that complements your mood and makes a maxi work for your style.   8. Wrap-around Skirts Wrap skirts once assumed to be out of style have made a strong comeback. Wrapped skirts are back in fashion after a long pause of a decade or so. The key, however, is in the execution, so explore alternatives in bright colors. If you can manage to carry this chic skirt well, the end result is authentic contemporary classics that are always tasteful and lovely.   9. The fringed skirts There's no need to feel limited and constrained when a new silhouette may completely change your mood for the day. A long fringe skirt, well-matched for the summer season 2022, always communicates things in the sun, sea, and an enthusiastic attitude.   10. Flowy Long Satin Skirts Face any formal occasion with confidence by wearing the only long skirt in season for spring-summer 2022 - the stunning long '90s style satin skirt. Intricately layered lengths and satin add dramatic depth to your look, while the slit makes you appear sublimely sensuous.   11. Women's Leather Skirts Women's leather skirts are somewhat edgy, especially in burnt orange or subtle pleats that create a flattering silhouette and overall put-together appearance.   Conclusion This year you are lucky to select from the numerous style of women’s skirts, but we're sorry to break it to you: it's the micro-mini that's finding its way into the mainstream. It is not easy to think about showing legs, but if you've been trying to figure out how to style knee-high boots, the mini-skirt is the perfect complement. If you're more of a maxi girl, we're talking classic tube fits that end near the ankle rather than the A-line hippie design we've seen in previous seasons. Instead of bulky fabric, choose a slinky, full-length style. If it seems a little restricting, keep in mind that a minor split allows more movement. As they say, “if you are dressed right, the party will come to you.” WomenWire.com can help you create magic this summer by bringing the latest in women’s skirts and reinventing your 2022 look.  

10 Wedding Guest Jumpsuits That We Are Swooning Over

  Jumpsuits have been a wardrobe staple since the '70s—and have only gained traction in the 21st century. And thankfully, for a good cause! They look adorable while still keeping the wearer tremendously comfy. Jumpsuits are a terrific wardrobe option for anything from weekend brunches with the squad and days at the beach to (you guessed it) weddings.  A trendy jumpsuit matched and mixed with some fantastic accessories (and potentially a jacket or a shawl if it has an open back or exposed shoulders) results in an excellent combination for any wedding. Plus, they're forgiving if we love to dance all night, and frankly speaking, who doesn't, that too on a wedding day. Therefore, we adore a multipurpose wardrobe selection! To assist you in picking the right one for your next wedding (or formal occasion), we've collected the ten stunning wedding guest jumpsuits that prove how classy this costume option is.     1. Classic black fallen-shoulder Jumpsuit Like a little black dress, you can never go wrong with a basic black jumpsuit–especially if it's budget-friendly!    2. Strapless Jumpsuits A strapless jumpsuit is perfect for showing off your shoulders. Wear it with shoulder-grazing earrings or gold jewelry to complete this exquisite style.       3. Puffed sleeves jumpsuit This jumpsuit has a lot going on, from the floral design to the single and double puff sleeves and wide-legged pants. Elegant and stylish, it's the right combination.   4. Velvet wedding guest jumpsuits Velvet jumpsuits in rich jewel tones like hunter green for winter weddings are a must-have attire. For a wedding around Christmas or New Year, we particularly like the Eloquii style (A New York-based fashion brand that pampers plus-size women).   5. Polka dot jumpsuits Wear this polka-dot outfit to embody the carefree summer vibe. A couple of ruffles and a one-shoulder neckline add a whimsical and modern aesthetics to this dress. It can be easily available in standard, long, short, and other fun, colorful variations.   6. Monochromatic Jumpsuits A solid-colored jumpsuit makes it simple to achieve a monochrome appearance. It elongates your figure and is quite fashionable. Simply add matching shoes, jewelry, and a handbag. If you wish to experiment with a dash of color, go for bright lip color.   7. Back bow styled Jumpsuits If you're attending an elegant dinner or a cocktail party, this one is the right pick. It is best paired with high heels, dangling earrings, and an evening clutch. You can wear this version of a wedding guest jumpsuit to their bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or a last-minute change of clothes for their wedding reception.   8. Lacey Jumpsuits This jumpsuit has an exquisite look and a flattering sex appeal. Ideally, you can pick this one up for a beach or semi-formal wedding. Pairing it up with gold accessories or a gems-studded clutch will have you feel and look at your very best.     9. Stretch-crepe Jumpsuits Stretch crepe makes this the perfect choice for dancing, walking, doing bridesmaid duties, or just being able to be on your toes throughout the wedding. This jumpsuit is ideal for a night in the town or a special occasion.   10. White-colored jumpsuits A white jumpsuit is an evergreen option. You can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making it an excellent choice for weddings and special events. This one-piece will be your go-to option when you need to dress up.     Wedding Guest Jumpsuits: FAQs   Is it ok to wear jumpsuits at a formal wedding? The answer is a YES! Jumpsuits are an attractive option for any wedding or dress code. Dressing in a jumpsuit is a fun and elegant choice. They're comfy and easy to dance in. Consider the season, dress code, and venue when looking for the appropriate wedding guest jumpsuit. Summer weddings call for light materials and little adornment. Consider silk or velvet jumpsuits for more formal weddings.   Do jumpsuits suit all body types and shapes? Yes! Jumpsuits, in our opinion, are an excellent option for women of all shapes and sizes. Choosing a jumpsuit silhouette that flatters your body type is equally crucial with any other wedding guest dress. When it comes to jumpsuits, taller women may choose floor-length jumpsuits, while shorter women may prefer cropped ones with a more fitted look.   Can a jumpsuit be a formal wedding attire? Sure! While some jumpsuit styles are relaxed and informal, others are fairly elegant and can be a lovely alternative to a formal floor-length gown.   What accessories will go well with a wedding guest jumpsuit? While some jumpsuit styles are comfortable and casual, others are rather sophisticated and might be a great alternative to a formal floor-length gown. Or else, if you want to wear a jumpsuit that stands out on its own, don't go overboard. A small earring and pump can make a big difference!     Conclusion When it comes to jumpsuits, what matters most is the silhouette, regardless of whether you choose a floral design or jewel tones to don for a spring or a fall wedding. Wide-legged jumpsuits are ideal for tall women, while cropped ones with an ankle-skimming length are best for petite women. All sorts of events may benefit from the elegance of strapless and one-shoulder designs for guests who like to flaunt their upper body. Last but not least, jumpsuits in lightweight materials and loose-fitting designs will always appear carefree and airy during a summer wedding. With WomenWire.com, there's something for everyone regardless of their personal preferences, physical characteristics, and financial resources. These wedding jumpsuits are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Genuine Weight Loss Tips For Women That Actually Work

Losing weight can be hard! This is why WomenWire brings to you simple weight loss tips for women that actually work!   There’s just so much out there that it is extremely difficult to decide whether or not to try that new weight loss plan or stick to your old routine. Hence, we are putting together this simple and powerful list of weight loss tips for women that will help you genuinely. We will not tell you to spend most of your time at the gym or ask you to start eating kale suddenly!    We will just give you a simple list of a few weight loss tips that you can rely on and implement in your daily activities to start living a healthier life without feeling overworked or overwhelmed. These weight loss tips for women will help slim you down and keep the excess weight off in a pretty effective manner.    So, rather than keeping you in this suspense bubble, let’s just jump right into the tips!    Weight Loss Tips For Women That Work!    1. Staying Hydrated    Pretty much the first tip on this list for women is this extremely simple and workable one - keep hydrating yourself. And yes, we know that you are not really following it. Thirst can be easily mistaken for hunger, especially in the early morning hours. If you start your day with two huge glasses of water, you are actually taking care of your body. Don’t satisfy your thirst with food. You will continue doing this the entire day and ruin your summer body.    Before you opt for that cup of tea or coffee in the morning, try to include water in your diet. The actual amount of water you consume will vary depending on each person, but try to drink as close to a liter of water in the morning.    Grab one of those refillable water bottles and carry it with you everywhere. Your overall weight loss process will be better if you get closer to consuming a gallon of water daily. You will feel fuller throughout the day.    All the water levels will balance your potassium and sodium levels in your body. It will also help you look your best daily. In fact, the more water you consume, the more toxins you are releasing from your body.    2. Eating More Is The Key    Most weight loss tips for women will tell you to eat less, but not this one! We are telling you to eat more. But don’t just order that pizza just yet. Wait! Focus on the calorie intake throughout the day. Limit your intake of all kinds of unhealthy calories. Reducing your food intake overall can help you lose weight, but that is not going to last for a very long time. It is not a healthy sight when trying to keep it off.    Living a lifestyle with low calories will help you focus entirely on eating more food that’s actually going to help your body. Therefore, consume more and more fruits and vegetables. Consume a diet full of fiber, water, and other micronutrients to keep your body satiated. If you make an effort to consume more, you will automatically eat less unhealthy food.    3. Keeping Healthy Choices Visible     When you are trying to make some healthy choices in life, you need to ensure that they are visible around the house. If they are readily available and visible to you, you are going to make these choices. So, if you find yourself in the kitchen trying to jump at a snack just to curb that craving, find a fruit bowl. Instead of jumping for that pack of chips, grab that bowl of fruits.    Try to keep as few unhealthy foods as possible around the house. If you don’t buy them and keep them right in front of your eyes, you are less likely to consume them. Even if you really have to keep some snacks around the house for your loved ones, do your best and hide them away from yourself. Keep them out of plain sight. This way, you will not be tempted to indulge in them.    4. Start Walking Everyday    Yes, we did tell you that you will not be spending your days at the gym with these wonderful weight loss tips for women, but we did not say that you are not going to do anything. It doesn’t really hurt to keep your body moving a bit, right? Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight.    It is not a high-intensity exercise. Therefore, it is not going to amplify your overall appetite. Spending an hour at the gym will actually do that, but not walking. We are not trying to say that the gym is not great; we are only saying that walking is key if you are not ready for that kind of commitment towards yourself daily owing to your lifestyle and schedule!    Walking can be done easily with other things, which means you will make the best use of your time. You can talk to your friends on a walk, listen to an audiobook, or just adore the nature around you or even the sunset! Time will just fly by, literally. In fact, you don’t have to commit to walking for hours on a stretch. You just have to push in at least 30 minutes of walking during the day, which can be at any time. You are going to burn a lot of calories and improve your health too.    5. Following The 80/20 Rule   The last weight loss tip for women is that you should really make this a part of your life; it’s super-effective and will make you happy.    The 80/20 rule.    This rule states that you can eat healthy 80 percent of your time and less healthy during the remaining 20 percent. This way, you can indulge in most of your favorite food items without having to avoid anything, feel bad or guilty, or even feel deprived.    Depriving yourself of something is actually the enemy of longevity. If you do not really like your new diet, you are not going to stick to it for too long. This means weight loss might not be possible.    Weight loss, for obvious reasons, is not a magic bullet that will hit you, and boom, all your weight has disappeared. Losing weight is a dedication; it will take some extra time and effort to really lose it all. Hence, it is really important to modify your lifestyle in a certain manner that will help you lead your life healthier, with precautions and freedom, at the same time.   

The Top Mental Health Self-Care Tips For A Better Life

There are plenty of stress relief activities surrounding our lives currently, which might not work out if you do not take care of yourself. Meditation will not help you out if you do not get adequate sleep. In fact, if you are meditating, you could doze off since you are not fulfilling your body’s need to sleep.    Similarly, if you are hitting the gym a few times, it might not relieve as much stress as if you were exercising regularly. It is important to fuel your body, not just with food and nutrition but also with self-care! Our basics are what we should be focusing on first and make our lives stress-free.    This article will talk about some mental health self-care tips and their significance in our lives. It will also talk about the things you can implement in your lives to take care of yourself.    Self-care is not just about finding ways to lay back and relax. It is more about taking care of your body, mind, and soul on all levels. It is about taking care of yourself on a mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual level. It is important to find the right balance and restore it if you’ve lost it. You have to find some form of relief from all kinds of triggers and stressors in your life.    What is Self-care?     Self-care is a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional process that purposefully engages in various strategies to promote a healthy, well-functioning, and enhanced lifestyle and well-being. The term essentially describes a conscious act of a person to promote their own mental, emotional as well as physical well-being. There are different forms of self-care one can indulge in. It can be as simple as ensuring 8 hours of sleep every night or getting out for a few minutes to get some fresh air.    Self-care is essential to build resilience toward different stressors in your life that you cannot eliminate entirely. When you have taken steps to care for your mind, body, and soul, you are equipped to live your life at your best!    However, most people view self-care as a luxury instead of making it a priority. As a result, they are left feeling tired and overwhelmed. They feel they are ill-equipped to handle all of the inevitable challenges life throws at them. It is extremely important to assess how you care for yourself and your well-being in different domains. This helps ensure you are actually caring better for your mind, body, and spirit.    Self-Care - Significance  An effective self-care routine displays multiple important health benefits. Some of the benefits include:   1. Reducing mental health disorders like anxiety and depression  2. Reducing stress 3. Improving resilience  4. Improving happiness 5. Enhancing energy  6. Reducing mental and physical burnout 7. Improving interpersonal relationships   As per the World Health Organization, self-care is significant to improve health, prevent diseases, and help you cope better with any illness. Different forms of self-care are linked to different kinds of health and wellness programs, including a longer, more fulfilling life. Exercise can help you find a sense of purpose in life. Sleep is, in fact, connected to an enhanced and healthy lifespan.    Mental Health Self-Care Tips      Developing a self-care plan    Our mental health self-care tips will start with developing a fully dedicated and effective self-care plan, which is tailored according to your life and needs. It should not be dictated to you, nor should it be blindly copied or followed. You should be crafting it on your own, customizing it as per your needs and self-care plans.    A fully-customized self-care plan is going to help you take preventive measures to ensure that you are not getting overstressed or overwhelmed. All of this helps you not feel burnt out in the end.    Assess the right areas of your life that need some more self-care and personal attention. Reassess your life quite often; this helps develop the right plans. As your situation changes, your self-care plans are going to change too. As you build your self-care plan, you should be taking the following steps. These steps can definitely prove to be helpful:   1. Assessing your needs  Make a small list of things in your life and the different activities that you are engaging in daily in your life. This list must include different parts of your life, along with all kinds of activities that you are engaging in every day. This includes your work, school/college, personal relationships, family, other commitments, and hobbies.    2. Assess your triggers and stressors  One of the best mental health self-care tips is that you need to start considering all your stress points. Think about various aspects of your life and consider ways in which you can address all the stressors in the right manner.    3. Devise the right strategies  Think about all the activities you can indulge in that make you feel better in various areas of your life. Spend some time thinking about the people in your life, your friends, family, and other loved ones. If doing something or spending time with a certain someone is causing you stress and trouble, stop doing that. Develop some boundaries in your life. This is a great way to build a healthy connection with others around you.    4. Plan ahead  Plan ahead for all kinds of challenges in life. When you discover you are neglecting some parts of your life, you should devise the right plans for changing and negating those challenges.    5. One step at a time  Baby steps! Take small steps. You do not have to get it done all at once. Identify all the small steps you are taking to better care for yourself.    6. Start focusing on your needs Even when you do not feel like you have to, you should really squeeze self-care into your routine. Making self-care a priority is an essential step to taking care of yourself. Taking care of different aspects of yourself helps you operate in a more effective and efficient way.    Mental Health Self-Care Tips The way you think about yourself and the things that fill your life and your mind, the better you can influence your emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being.    Mental self-care can include doing various things that will keep your mind working sharp daily. Therefore, indulging in puzzles or learning something new that will fascinate you is the way to go about it too. You could also find a book to read daily or watch an inspirational movie or documentary to fuel your mind.    Mental health self-care tips also include various things to help you stay healthy overall. This will also include self-compassion and acceptance, which will help you maintain a better introspective dialogue for yourself. Here are a few obvious questions that one should consider when thinking about mental health self-care tips. These definitely should be a part of your mental self-care:   - Are you proactive in doing things that help you stay healthy mentally?  - Are you taking out enough time in your life to do activities that are going to stimulate you mentally?   Ask yourself these questions daily. Stay away from stressors. Take care of yourself. Follow the WomenWire blog for more such tips!

It's Time To Break The Bias On International Women's Day

International Women’s Day offers us all an opportunity to reinforce a notion, one that states that each of us has an individual role to play. We have a role to play when it comes to forging a gender-balanced world. International Women’s Day calls for gender equality and parity and celebrates the achievements of women across the globe!    This global celebration is spread across the social, cultural, economic, and political achievements of women worldwide. The day marks a call to action to accelerate gender parity. On March 8th, the world witnesses significant activity globally, in groups, as people come together to celebrate the achievements of all beautiful women around us.    International Women’s Day is honored and celebrated as a significant event every single year, with an aim to:   1. Celebrate the achievements of women  2. Raise awareness in context to gender equality  3. Lobby to accelerate gender parity 4. Organize fundraisers on female-focused charities   Be A Part Of This Movement      #BreakTheBias is the theme for International Women’s Day 2022!    Become a part of this incredible movement and imagine a gender-equal world. Imagine a world that is rid of all kinds of bias, discrimination, and stereotypes. Imagine a world where all sorts of differences are actually celebrated and valued.    All of us coming together to be a part of this movement can forge an equal world for everyone. Together we can break the bias! No single NGO, Government, corporation, charity, media hub, women’s network, or any academic institution is solely responsible for celebrating and organizing the day's events. This day belongs to each of us, in a group, collectively!    How Can You Get Involved?    Yes, we can come together and break all biases. But, how can we do it on an individual level? We can all start by breaking these biases in our community, in our workplaces, in our universities, colleges, schools, and in our neighborhoods!    If we come together, individually, with our own set of thoughts and actions, we can break the bias this International Women’s Day and beyond!    So, the next time you come across any form of gender bias, stereotyping, or discrimination, come forward and break the prejudice. Whether unintentional or deliberate, it will make it difficult for women to move ahead in their lives. Every time you see it, take action to level the playing field—help #BreakTheBias.    Wear These Colors   Sport these colors on March 8th this year. You can even sport them beyond the day! The colors purple, green, and white are significant in celebrating International Women’s Day. Purple is symbolic of dignity and justice. Green is symbolic of hope, and white is purity. These colors originated back in 1908 from the Women’s Social and Political Union in the United Kingdom.    Why do we still require International Women’s Day?    We still do require International Women’s Day. There is absolutely no space in our world for complacency. As per the World Economic Forum, most of us, in our lifetime, will not be able to witness gender parity happening! As per the same data, it is highly unlikely that our children will also notice gender parity in the future years to come.    Gender parity will probably take more than a century to be attained! So, there’s a lot we still need to do. We all must come forward to play a part.    Some Empowerment Quotes To Inspire Women Globally    A gender-equal world requires women who are ready to take control of their lives, are prepared to make their own decisions, and succeed in the pursuits of their choice.    WomenWire presents to you some of the most empowering quotes to inspire you this year, so you can #BreakTheBias too. These quotes are from innovators, activists, leaders, and idols who have managed to follow their pursuits and make a considerable difference in our society.    "There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind." - Virginia Woolf.   "Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness." - Oprah Winfrey.   "I say if I'm beautiful. I say if I'm strong. You will not determine my story — I will." - Amy Schumer.   "We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead." - Beyoncé.   “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” - Coco Chanel.   "There's something so special about a woman who dominates in a man's world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer." - Rihanna   "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." - Michelle Obama.   "We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women's voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored." - Sheryl Sandberg.   "Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe you must become its soul." - Coretta Scott King.   "I think women are scared of feeling powerful and strong and brave sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. It’s not the absence of fear, it’s overcoming it, and sometimes you just have to blast through and have faith." - Emma Watson.   "I raise up my voice – not so I can shout, but so those without a voice can be heard… we cannot succeed when half of us are held back." - Malala Yousafzai.   "If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito." - Anita Roddick.   "Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong." - Ella Fitzgerald.   Let’s empower women further!  This International Women’s Day, let’s empower women all across the world. Empowering women to break all kinds of biases and barriers offers them a sense of self-worth. It provides them the ability to determine their own choices and follow their pursuits. It gives them the power to influence change.    Are you empowering yourself or the women in your life?