Perfect Makeup Tips for College Girls

College days are the first time when girls experiment with makeup. There are two possibilities, you are either going to look like a diva or end up looking like a box of Crayola. College makeup look needs to be pretty and not overdone; you obviously don’t want to show that you tried too hard. Right? So, how do you get ready for an 8 AM class when you are surviving on just  4 hours of sleep? Are you confused about which look is appropriate for college, anyway? If yes, then the following information is going to be your college makeup survival guide. Read ahead, to know makeup tips for girls.



Foundation: College makeup is all about looking natural. Don’t go for a full coverage thick foundation, which is going to make your face look cake-y, if done wrong. Get a water-based light mineral foundation that blends with the skin like a dream, and gives a dewy finish look. A foundation with SPF is going to be an additional bonus. You can blend the foundation using a beauty sponge. Make sure to blend the foundation into the skin, instead of rubbing it like a moisturizer.


Concealer: This beauty product is very handy for girls these days when you wake up with a pimple on your face or did not get enough sleep (because you were completing that presentation). Apply it over the zits and wherever you need an extra cover. Blend it with the same beauty sponge that you used to blend in the foundation.


Eyebrows: The most important makeup tip for college girls is to define the eyebrows. Any makeup look-simple or glamorous look is incomplete without defining the eyebrows. A sharp eyebrow can transform the whole look. Get an eyebrow pencil with one end with the filling product and other with a spoolie brush. Start filling in from the center and gradually move outwards. Make sure to go in small strokes to achieve a natural brow look. Clean off the excess product with the help of the spoolie brush. Another everyday makeup trick is to clean off the area just below and above the eyebrow with a concealer and blend it well with a beauty sponge.


Eyeshadow: Don’t go overboard with this one as minimalism is a key to highlight your eye beauty. Just take a bit of light brown eyeshadow on your fingers, and blend the shadow on your eyelid. Blend it well with the eyeshadow brush and if you wish to take the same eyeshadow to the waterline, then avoid shimmer eyeshadow, as it can make your entire look unflattering.



Eyeliner: This is an optional step since you can either use black eyeliner on the upper eyelid to draw winged eyeliner or can keep it simple by drawing the shape of the upper lid.


Mascara: If there is one product that you should always keep inside your handbag, then it has to be mascara. It would instantly open your eyes and make it look bigger and better. Just top up your eyelashes with 2 to 3 coats of mascara to skip having clumpy lashes, or would say look like spider webs. This step is 100% necessary, no matter how beautiful lashes you have.



Blush: A nice flush of color on the cheeks is surely going to enhance your look. Dab on a light coral or baby pink blush over the cheeks, for a nice hint of warmth and color. This makeup tip will add life to your face, making it look healthier.


Lipstick/Lipgloss: Finish the look by swiping a coat of your favorite nude or pink lipstick. If possible, do avoid going for bold reds, magentas, and wine colors as the lighter, the better. The matte finish and semi-matte finish lipsticks will give a natural and non-sticky look to the lips. You can even use a transparent lip gloss in place of a lipstick to keep it very natural.

Wrapping Up

This may seem like a lot of steps, but will actually take you just 10 minutes, when you get a hang of it. As of now, remember to keep it as simple, natural, and dewy as possible. Follow an effective skincare routine to keep the skin healthy and glowing. If you have more college makeup tips for girls, then make sure to share them with all the makeup enthusiasts here.