Basic Makeup Tips For The Beginners

Makeup can do wonders. It not only enhances the features but it also boosts the confidence in day to day life. Applying makeup is simple, fast and easy, however, wrong shades and technique can result in fake and unnatural looks. There are basic makeup tips and tricks for beginners using which you can become a professional in no time. Since you are a beginner, you will need advice on everything i.e. right product, brush, the technique of using etc. The steps below will guide you and will make you understand the importance of basic makeup techniques which will give you natural yet gorgeous looks.


1. Pre-makeup routine


Before you dive into the details of makeup, you must follow the pre-makeup routine. Make sure that your skin is hydrated enough before you put makeup.  Cleanse your face gently to remove any dirt or access oil. Use a cleanser according to your skin type i.e. if your skin is oily, go with gel-based cleanser and if your skin is dry, you may opt for a cream based cleanser to remove the excess oil. For oily and acne prone skin, toners are highly useful as they even shrink the appearance of plugged pores. Applying moisturizer is vital to keep your skin hydrated. If your skin is sensitive,  you may choose creamy and gentle moisturizer. For dry skin, there are specially formulated long-lasting hydrating moisturizers. Sunscreen is also an important part of the pre-makeup routine as ultraviolet rays can result in hyperpigmentation and early aging. Make sure that you choose the correct sunscreen with appropriate SPH level for your skin.


2. Primer and Foundation


After the pre-makeup, start by applying primer as it set the base for the makeup by making your skin smoother. Primers are available in the form of a gel, powder, and cream based formulas and you may choose them depending on your skin type. For foundation, the right shade is very important and it is best to choose a foundation that goes with your chest. Make sure that you blend the foundation evenly on the entire face so that your skin tone looks natural. 


3. Highlighter and Concealer


The highlighter is used to make your face luminous and it brightens up all the features. Applying highlighter on the cheekbones, inner corner of the eyes and bridge of the nose is highly recommended. For liquid highlighter, use a blending sponge and for powder highlighter, you can use an angled powder brush. Concealer is used to cover the dark circles, spots, large pores, and blemishes. Make sure to use a concealer shade which is slightly lighter than your skin tone.


4. Enhancing of Eyes and Defining Eyebrows


After completing the base of the makeup, it's now time to enhance your features. High-quality eyeliners are highly recommended to create a look that will mesmerize the people around you. The lining of the eye is a bit challenging and requires great practice and patience. Use a high-quality eyeliner to line your eye and dust a matching eyeshadow to ensure long-lasting looks. You may also curl your lashes using a curler and add volume by applying voluminous mascara. Well defined eyebrows are an instant eye-lift. Use an eyebrow pencil which matches your brow color. It is best if you first brush your eyebrows and then feather-in from inner corner to the upper arch. Lighter shades are generally more pleasing than darker shades. 


5. Cheeks and lips


These two are a part of final makeup touch which will compliment your overall look. Little blush is highly recommended so that you may flaunt your flawless face after the makeup. Prefer soft and lighter shades of blush to keep the looks simple and natural. Blush also adds more beauty to your cheekbones and brightens up the skin. Before you start with the lips, use a lip brush to remove the dead skin (if any). Moisturize your lips using a lip balm before applying any color. Choosing an appropriate lip color is important because it will complement your entire looks and atmosphere. Use a lip liner to define your lips and thereafter apply a lipstick which is available in different shapes and types.


Wrapping up:

Basic makeup tips will definitely help you to understand the steps involved in the makeup process. There are several techniques of each and every step of makeup which you can master with practice and time. Hoping that the above basic makeup tips will help you to get a gorgeous look.