The Top Tips For Buying Women's Hockey Jerseys

Author: Shubhankar Sen on Sep 05,2022
ww Buying Women's Hockey Jerseys


Hockey players need jerseys, but hockey fans also love to buy them. So, whether you're at the game or watching it, knowing the size and fit of your hockey jersey is necessary before you make the error of ordering based just on your T-Shirt size. This article will help you with some tips for buying women's hockey jerseys. Some styles of hockey jerseys are large, and some are small. Fortunately, there is a standard measurement rule to help you find the right size. 

The right-size women's hockey jersey is roomy enough to fit loosely over shoulder pads or a chest protector. Getting the right size is not difficult – you need a tape measure and a size chart. Also, try on the jersey with pads on instead of without.


How to measure women's hockey jersey sizes

To determine your hockey jersey size, measure your chest/width, length, and sleeve length.

Chest Width

For accurate chest measurement, dress as you would for the game: Wear underwear and shoulder pads/chest protectors. Then measure around the fullest part of the chest, just below the armpit. Bust/waist is usually the A measurement you'll see in a general size chart or a brand-specific size chart.



Measure from the top of the shoulder pad to the hip, and this number is your length, commonly measurement B on the size chart. Players typically know if they prefer a longer jersey, but this B dimension is also important for fans: Do you desire for the jersey to fall below your waist? How much? For instance, some women prefer to wear hockey jerseys as short dresses and will therefore demand a long "B" size, even though another person may think a similarly absurdly long jersey is funny.

Pro Tip: If you're new to the sport, know that no one pushes a hockey jersey. NHL players aren't allowed to do it (see NHL 9.5, the "tuck" rule), so fans aren't either. Leaving your shirt unbuttoned is part of hockey culture.


Length of the sleeves

Finally, get the hockey jersey sleeve length, with your arms out to your sides, and measure from the center of the back of your neck to your wrists. This number is the C measurement on most size charts. If you are buying your own jersey for a team game, make sure you know if your team uses ¾ or long sleeves.

After comparing your measurements to the manufacturer's size chart, you can choose. The measurement procedure is the same if you're purchasing a jersey for fashion, but you'll be able to alter it to achieve the desired look.


How should a jersey fit a woman?

For the player, the team jersey is part of the overall equipment package: It should fit loosely with overprotective gear and be loose enough to allow unrestricted movement. Sleeves should be short if your team requires ¾ sleeves, but otherwise, the sleeves will be regular length.

For fans, buying a hockey jersey to represent their favorite team is more about personal preference, so fit is more subjective. If you're heading to your first game at the rink and aren't sure what to wear under your hockey jersey, remember that layering is key. Start with a t-shirt and wear a looser, long-sleeved shirt over that. If two layers aren't enough, top it off with a hoodie or light jacket.


Meaning of 'C' and 'A' patches on Hockey jersey

Several players on the team wear "C" or "A" patches on the front left or top right edge of their jerseys.

"C" stands for Captain - Team Captain. In Hockey, the team usually elects a captain who is allowed to talk to the referees and ask for an interpretation of the rules, which he passes on to the coaches and other players on the bench. The captain is the only player on the team with this permission. "A" stands for Alternate Captain. This player fulfills the same role if the captain is on the bench. There could be several different backup captains.

Since both patches must be earned, you cannot purchase them on training or team jerseys.


How to Spot Bootleg Women Hockey Jerseys?

We strongly believe in standing behind our hockey jerseys with confidence. It breaks our hearts to see so many fake NHL jerseys lining the shelves of fraudulent sporting goods stores. Fortunately, there are several ways to spot hockey jerseys:

- Priced well below market value (unless the player has been cut/traded or is an older Reebok jersey).

- Poor quality stitching, materials, and overall workmanship.

- Misspelled team and player names and/or incorrect fonts.

- Official NHL decals and logos are missing (or misplaced).

- Misaligned numbers, logos, and other elements of the jersey.

- Jerseys that are made in China (official jerseys are made in either Indonesia or Canada).

- Only images or low-quality images are available.


Ways to adjust a hockey jersey

Creating your own hockey jersey is easy, whether you just want it for a special event or need to outfit the whole team. Pure Hockey offers various jersey customization options at various prices to add logos, names, numbers, or other graphics.

- Sublimated: This method infuses the dye directly into the fabric – the design is not a top layer that can crack or separate.

- Embroidery: Custom embroidered twill jerseys offer an undeniably high quality, professional look, and feel.

- Screen printing: Quick and relatively inexpensive, this method makes customizing hockey jerseys with names, numbers, and logos a breeze.

- Heat press: Often the cheapest option, the vinyl heat press is a popular choice.


Tips for cleaning a hockey jersey

Throw the jersey in the washing machine and use a special detergent designed to remove stains and odors without damaging the synthetic fabrics. Wash with the machine on a gentle cycle in warm water. Never use bleach or detergents with bleach. If you are washing the jersey with other gear, make sure you fasten all the Velcro fasteners, so they don't catch on your jersey during the cycle.



This guide on how to buy and size a woman's hockey jersey has offered step-by-step instructions for fitting, cleaning as well as determining the size of the jersey. But, be aware that different manufacturers may have jerseys in different sizes. Take a moment to research the size chart of the jersey manufacturer you want, and make sure to wash it after wearing it! Follow for more articles on women's fashion, sports, and much more.