Beauty Secrets That Every Model Should Follow

We all are so obsessed with model’s beauty secrets that we start following the same regimen as they follow. Have you ever thought of the amount of time we invest in booking skin treatments and all just to get flawless skin? We couldn't help but to find answers to all of our burning skin care questions, we went through our past interviews and exclusives with our favorite models to uncover their most interesting advice. Whether you are a model, or aspiring model or just an ordinary woman who wants to get the glowing skin without side-effects, read on to explore the best skincare advice to get those drop-dead-gorgeous looks.

Let’s take a deep dive into a pool of useful and valuable skincare secrets that will treat your skin with all care.

Steam is the best therapy to clean your pores

After weeks of walking the runways, famous ramp model Olivia Hunter goes makeup-free in her down time. Tons of gunk can get in your pores after long days of shows with heavy makeup on, so she gives her face a deep clean with an at-home facial steam. You get a bowl of hot water with some mint tea and put a towel over your head while your face is over the bowl. Everything feels completely cleared out when it is treated with a steam. Hence, it is clear that a blow of hot steam can clear out your blocked pores. Start treating your skin with this simple stem treatment as Olivia Hunter does.

Smart Tip: Try to steam your face just before you hit the bed.

Toothpaste to treat ugly pimple

You must be wondering how toothpaste could treat your sudden and unwanted pimple within few minutes. In a recent interview with Bella Hadid, she reveals that, "My sister always told me to do this, and I feel like it works really well—the toothpaste-on-the-pimple trick.” Be careful since toothpaste can dry your skin out and make it more irritated, so don't overdo it. However, this is a quick and easy way to treat your sudden onset zit or pimple.

Smart Tip: Just a drop of the paste should be applied to your face (just around covering the pimple) to avoid drying your entire face.

Never touch your face

We all have a habit of touching of face often, however, this could leads to accumulation of dirty which turns into pimple on your face. You must have heard that in the direct contact of air, our skin gets attracted to invisible bacteria that causes pimples, acnes etc. To get rid of these skin problems, always make sure to not to touch your face frequently (we would, if it is needed only then touch your face skin).

Smart Tip: If it required to touch your face, try to put on gloves or use face tissue.

Do not remove your makeup with wet wipes

You must have seen many models are using wet wipes to wipe off their makeup, but if you want to add some value to your skin, always use face serum or makeup removers (that are easily available in the market). If you are unavailable to find such stuff, you can easily find them online as there are online sites that offers best skin care products at the best prices.

Smart Tip: To make it more easy to take your makeup off, put some baby lotion or oil for quick and effective results.

Give moisture to your skin

With so much happening all day between shows and makeup changes, a majority of models told us a steady nighttime regimen (so their skin can calm down) is crucial. Nicole Atieno's first step is to take her makeup off with a face wipe, then wash her face with a hydrating cleansing cream (because sometimes wipes aren't enough). After giving her face a mild massage of scrub, she gives a finish off with moisturizer.

Smart Tip: Apply moisturizer on your face gently and evenly.

Drink a lot of water

As you are well aware of the fact that water kills many diseases and offer good health, so make sure if you are willing to have flawless skin, do not avoid drinking water. If you can’t have plain water every hour, you can simply add some flavors to it to make it drinkable. For instance, you can make some detox drink by adding some lemon slices, cucumber and sprinkle of green mint with a pinch of ginger to it. Drink water the way to you want to make your skin refreshing and alive.

Smart Tip: In the interval of an hour, drink a glass of water.

Stick to good dermatologist

A good dermatologist is a key secret to having a good and reviving skin, so keep in mind before you switch your skin specialists frequently is that a good dermatologist is your saviour, so do not jump on different skin expert just to test or experience their services and products recommended by them.

Smart Tip: Websites and articles are the best way to find out your dermatologist.

Over To You

It is your call now whether you want to follow the aforementioned skin care formulas or not. If you are an established model or pursuing your career in modeling, then these secrets can do wonders for you.

NOTE: Spoiler: Sliced potatoes help with under-eye circles.