Fashion That Makes Women Feel Empowered: 9 Tips for Power Dressing

Because to be a real-life Wonder Woman, You actually don’t need a costume

Confidence can be easily defined as an elusive je ne sais quoi with which usually everyone grapples. But had anyone focused on how the confidence can be amped by what you wear?

Since the days when people used to rely on shoulder-pads and pinstripes to create a little chutzpah, the dressing has evolved and there is no denial on this. Today, we do not opt for the flash outfits to communicate confidence, rather anyone who is in love with fashion can explain you well how it helps to boost the spirit, talent, and skills within.

And many of the brands are here just to make you do that. The fashion collection does have a mix of mood-enhancing tailoring and unapologetic brights. You can choose either the metallic mini dress, thigh-high red boots or sharp power suit and wear such pieces makes you feel stronger.

As we all know, when it comes to finding a perfect outfit, no one can apply any one-size-fits-all formula. We have collected certain ideas and tricks from the roster of successful and stylish women who certainly reveals their methods which act as a way for inspiration.

For some women, what boost their sartorial confidence are some key accessories like a wide belt, a pair of cocktail earrings, a pair of style statement shoes and a scraped back smooth hairstyle, typically a low middle-part bun. As they are getting older, they feel the clothes are arguably less flamboyant and are easy to wear. Their confidence usually comes from fail-safe 'enhancers'.

Others may opt for a crisp mans’ shirt which can be worn with skinny trousers that give a strong silhouette. There are few other clothes paring option which women try like a high necked, long sleeved long dress from which nothing gets revealed, but its glove like fitting makes it the sexiest thing of all. For some of them, these two are pretty good options but what they prefer the most is the scraped back bun along with the pair of brightly hued earrings. As this reflects the world that you are hiding nothing and from no-one!!

Some of the below mentioned key points should be kept in mind while choosing a particular look.


Fashion is considered to be an amazing tool for empowerment which ultimately all about confidence. Having a highly personal aesthetic is what fashion is and it’s all about prints, color, proportion or the confidence you show to pair unusual pieces together.


"Which Freddie gets some air time today?" this is what you should ask yourself while picking any outfit. There are several outfits which are liked by people that translate their mood and give a crazy look.

Like a superhero costume, people often pick outfits with bold shapes and textures, and pieces that hold a strong shape. Mashing everything all together is what a pretty perfect outfit is.


To make a person feel confidents, fashion is the most incredible and powerful tool. To make yourself comfortable and to feel self-assured, you can opt for flat shoes because tired and achy feet can make your confidence low.

Also to elongate your legs, a pair of flats with high waist jeans is the best option you can go for. To give it a more classic look, team it up a crisp white shirt or a navy turtleneck.


What is important is to allocate your time in discovering what suits you and what makes you feel confident in terms of fashion. Efforts should be done in finding out what works for you and what pieces can make you feel great and can make you rid from the worry of rushing to get ready. Make sure that you should have to regret your choice later.

What works for you and what makes you feel and look good, should be your signature outfit. So just rock it!!


When you are wearing an outfit which you truly love and feel comfortable in, your confidence boost up. Wearing jumpsuits and slightly longer-length items can be a comfortable option to choose as you do not have to be conscious about adjusting your dress while sitting down or making any other movement.


Fashion is considered to be a language which speaks for itself. It gives you the power to speak to everyone through your clothes without uttering a single word.

Fashion can make you feel calm one day and feisty on the other. If you will dress in a way that reflects your emotion, you will feel in the control of your day. Having that along with a vocal expression is sure to give you confidence.


Turn to all thing colorful, if you want to boost your wardrobe. Your everyday work will definitely get inspired by rich and vibrant colors. These colors lift the mood and make a person feel powerful.

To put on a bright statement accessory will surely help you in making a good entrance. An oversized earring is a good option to choose or a bold bag or some pair of accessories and these can definitely make you look fabulous from average and can make you feel good.


You should always try something new and make it as your own. I find it empowering to try something new and make it your own. Many people are wary of the 'lady in red' cliché and they think it will not suit them, but trying it once can definitely enhance their personality and can boost their confidence. They will surely feel convinced we can call them as a red convert!!