Beauty And Fashion Tips To Slay The Prom Night

Prom night is one of the most memorable moments in high school. This event marks the end of the senior year and every young woman dreams to be the most beautiful girl, especially on that day. At a prom, a prom queen is revealed (honorary title) due to which a lot of teenagers have a dilemma during the promenade season as everyone aspires to be the one. To get ready for the most radiant look, here are some beauty and fashion pointers to consider when you plan to dress up for prom. Although the checklist is long but spending time and energy on preparing will pay off at the prom.

1. Start with the dress:

Selecting the dress is one of the most stressful yet fun parts of the prom planning. There are several options to choose from and start looking few months in advance. Visit stores and check out the magazine for the latest fashion trends that will go along with your signature style and personality. There are tons of online prom websites with a discounted price to order your dress in advance which you can also alter if required. If you are thinking of a designer dress with a big price tag, you can rent a dress from Rent the Runway or any other company for a very less price.

2. Proper undergarments

When you dress up for prom, make sure that you get the proper undergarments which flatter your dress. You may draw a lot of negative attention to a stunning dress if your bra straps or underwear line are revealing. Choose a bra which provides full support without revealing. If you are considering wearing a backless strapless dress, there are still plenty of options. Opt for seamless underwear with a specific color that does not reveal in daylight. 

3. Jewelry and other accessories

After you have nailed down the dress, it's time to add the details which will make your outfit complete. You may opt for vintage jewelry for a very low price. Make sure that you pick the accessories which accent your style but does not overpower it. Remember to pick a bag or clutch which matches your dress so that you can keep your necessities like cell phone, keys, makeup etc.  If your prom happens to fall during the early spring, buy a proper shrug (or cover up) that goes along with your dress so that you look fashionable despite the chilly weather.  If you are creative and ambitious, you may also opt to make your own jewelry rather than buying it from outside. 

4. Right shoes:

To complement the dress, select the matching color shoes. Even if you are unable to find the exact same color, you can buy white shoes and dye then later to match your dress.  If you still have problems selecting the right shoes, you may opt for a nude or black color heel since they look amazing on most of the colored dresses. Buy the shoes beforehand and wear them before the big day. This will make you more comfortable when you wear your shoes at the prom and there will be lesser chances of slipping. Consider packing a backup flat because wearing tall heels for a very long duration might hurt your feet and make you uncomfortable. 

5. Decide the best hairdo

Many girls pre-book a salon for the hairdo before the prom.  Still, if you want to style your hair yourself, there are tons of the online tutorial which offer free advice to create beautiful hairstyles for a different type of hairs. Hairstyle reflects your mood for your prom. If you want to keep things romantic, you may opt for loose waves instead of baby buns. There are various other styles such as side-swept or faux undercut, low bun with a flower crown, bob, ponytails, embellished messy buns etc.  which you may choose depending upon the party ambiance and your mood. 

6. Makeup

Practice makeup at least a day before the prom so that you feel confident. Check out the videos available online for the latest makeup tips which match your style. Consider different ideas of makeup until you find a proper look that makes you look splendid. Follow the entire makeup checklist and do not indulge in excess of anything. Remember to follow the pre-makeup routine so that the makeup does not fall off due to excessive heat or sweat. Select a proper nail color that goes along with the lip color, eyes, and your dress. 

Wrapping Up:

Each and every minute that you spend in planning the prom will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Make all bookings in advance so that you do not have to rush into anything on the prom day. Hoping that the above beauty and fashion tips will help you to dress up for prom and make you look gorgeous.