Top 7 Winter Fashion Trends That Are Definitely Going Into 2022

We might not always think of winter as the most stylish of all seasons. Apart from all the New Year’s and holiday looks, it can be difficult not to fall into the same pattern of simply wearing just a pair of dark-wash jeans, with the boring old, dull and drab gray cashmere sweaters, every single day!  


However, we are determined to add that extra flair to our winter fashion looks this year. Thanks to our renowned fashion makers and trendsetters, we know exactly what to do! 


We have seen some really amazing developments in the past couple of years when it comes to winter fashion, and at WomenWire, we suspect things will continue to grow in terms of fashion trends in 2022 as well. 


So, if you are looking forward to laying your hands on something stylish and revamping your wardrobe, here are the top seven winter fashion trends that will be a part of 2022. 


1. Bold Colors 



We have all been there, done that! Stuck in that drab color rut for the season. However, things will not be the same in 2022. 


Currently, we are seeing some extremely major changes coming our way because of the recent autumn-winter collection. Searches have increased for new winter fashion looks in bold colors like violet, hot pink, red and lime green. 


You do not have to wear them head to toe if you don’t want to! Just add a touch of them here and there in your outfit, and you are good to go. Adding a touch with a statement piece like a feathery or a fur jacket or even with your shoes will be attention-grabbing this winter season. So, go ahead and team up your bright yellow sweater on top of your boyfriend jeans. Switch things up. Ditch that gray sweater. 


Options To shop:

ASOS Design sweater ($50; $43)

Express blazer ($138; $97)

Banana Republic pants($149)

Susanna Monaco bodysuit ($168)

Naadam cardigan ($175)

Camila Coelho pants ($188)

Raquel Allegra dress ($275)

Dannijo dress ($276)


2. Shackets


Since we were introduced to winter fashion, we have loved a plaid shirt and a jacket together! But what if we told you that you could wear them combined as one piece of clothing? Yes, 2022 winter fashion is being redefined, and shackets are coming in. 


We will always have a soft spot for plaid. Classic wool-based plaid designs are incredible. Other styles are trending too, plaid in leather as well as in sharling. 


But, one thing is for sure, plaid jackets are out there and will rule 2022 winter fashion trends. They will be a seamless part of your wardrobe this year. 


Options To Shop:

Collusion ($41) 

Thread & Supply ($49)

ASOS Curve ($64)

Old Navy ($70) 

Sanctuary ($139)

Wilfred Free ($228)


3. Leather Pants



There is something so fascinating about faux leather pants that allure us worldwide. Leather pants are truly a winter fashion staple, especially the newer variants we are now seeing with fleece lining inside to keep us cozy. 


Just get a pair of straight-leg black or wonderfully bold-colored faux-leather pants, say olive green or red. Team these pants up with any of your posh-classic, a turtle neck or a slim-fit crewneck sweater, or even a button-down shirt. Tamper along the look to create a rock-chic look. 


Options To Shop:

Open Edit ($59)

AFRM ($78)

More to Come ($80)

Wilfred ($148)

Lovers and Friends ($210)

ASOS Design ($248)


4. Knee-High Boots


Knee-high boots will never go out of style, no matter what! They are a true winter classic and will always stay on top of everyone’s shopping list. They are a must-have commodity in all our wardrobes. We can never have enough of them, and we can never get enough of them! 


That’s how crazily we love knee-high boots. 


The best of this winter fashion staple comes in basic, structured leather or suede (totally no slouching, no matter what here!). Try to get them in either black or brown, which will go with almost everything. Minimal detailing is great for boots like these, say croc scales or a bootstrap around the ankles, look cool. You can also get fringes down the side of your boots if that’s your taste, but we wouldn’t recommend that. In our opinion, the simpler choices you will have, the better your wardrobe will be. 


Wear your boots with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Team the outfit up with a tailored blazer, skirt, or any dress that you absolutely love. Try to pair a dress that hits at least two inches above the top portion of your boots. 


This winter fashion staple is truly a classic must-have for everyone! 


Options To Shop:

Journee Collection ($77)

Steve Madden ($190; $114)

Chinese Laundry ($160)

Sam Edelman ($225)

Vince Camuto ($230)

Schutz ($238)


5. Retro Skiwear



Get tucked away in the warmth of those cool-looking, waist-cinching belts in neon color-blocking shades with a high-collared puff. Yes, puffer jackets are not just a thing for the ‘80s anymore. They are pretty much in. 


The throwback gear is back for 2022 winter fashion trends, not just on a slope but also off-slope. Make sure you pair this belted puffer jacket with straight-leg pants or a pair of wide-legged jeans and not just stirrup leggings! Wearing leggings with this jacket style will look like you are wearing a costume. You don’t want to be that person. 


Options to shop:

J.Crew ($198; $80)

Levi’s ($150; $99)

BDG ($119)

Free People ($368)

Bobo Choses($390)

Free People ($648)


6. Sweater Dresses


Sweater dresses are another fan favorite that will never be out of fashion! They are stylish, comfortable, uber-chic, and simply amazing. 


Currently, they are having a particular flash of popularity again, as we are venturing into the new year. The reason for their popularity again is solely based on the fact that we are all stuck at home because of an ongoing global pandemic. This time around, flowy and loose silhouettes are what people are looking forward to instead of curved, body-hugging outfits. 


Make the outfit look chic with the help of a belt around your waist and extremely minimal and sleek accessories. 


Options To Shop:

ASOS Design ($55)

Charles Henry ($89)

Daily Practice by Anthropologie ($140)

J.Crew ($148)

Theory ($495; $199)

Halston ($545)


Feathers, Shearling, And Other Textures



Worry less about focusing on prints this 2022 and focus more on textures. Focus on feathers, shearlings, and other textures that add depth to your outfit and overall look. 


Feathers, shearlings, embellishments, and other chunky textures and knittings are amazing options, but so are raised wood grain effects and croc-embossed scales. It is an amazingly great winter fashion trend coming up for us in 2022, especially for those who love monochrome dressing and neutral hues. 


It will help you spice everything up for your final look without having to jump the wagon and get out of your comfort zone. 


Options To Shop:

Nina bag ($78)

Anthropologie sweater ($120)

Blank NYC jacket ($128)

Hutch top($160)

Sleeper pajamas ($290)

UGG jacket ($298)


Final Words 

So, there you go! These are the top 7 winter fashion trends you are seriously going to see everywhere you look in 2022. They are smart, stylish, amazing, and uber-chic. We are going to use our credit cards to the max limit! Bookmark this article for future reference, or share it with your friends who would love some fashion advice.