Eyebrow Slits: Tips And Essential Steps For Creating Them

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Eyebrow slits represent a trendy method of shaping or cutting eyebrows, often involving the removal of a small section or the application of makeup to create the illusion of a slit or patch in the eyebrow. Individuals may opt for a single slit or a more striped appearance, and these slits can be present in one or both eyebrows, showcasing various patterns. The creation of eyebrow slits allows for personalization, and people choose this look for entirely subjective reasons. Ultimately, the decision to embrace or forgo eyebrow slits is entirely yours. We have provided information on how to achieve eyebrow slits so that you can make an informed choice without regrets. Further insights into eyebrow slits are available in this article.


The Resurgence of Eyebrow Slits

The resurgence of eyebrow slits can be attributed to the cyclical nature of fashion, with trends from the 90s and 80s making a comeback. Eyebrow slits are experiencing a revival, remaining relevant to many individuals who use them to inject eccentricity into their image and express their uniqueness, setting them apart from the crowd. The origin of eyebrow slits dates back to the early 2000s when they served as a distinctive feature for individuals like rappers or members of popular boy bands. In contemporary times, the widespread use of social networks and photo-sharing applications, with Instagram leading the way, has further popularized eyebrow slits. Today, this aesthetic choice is not limited to specific groups but has become a means for individuals, both ordinary and notable, to convey their identity or association with a particular community.


In essence, while eyebrow slits were once linked to gang affiliations, their contemporary meaning is largely a matter of personal style and self-expression. The look no longer carries a specific significance, and individuals adopt it as a form of individuality and fashion statement.


Location of Eyebrow Slits

Where to place eyebrow slits can vary, as multiple slits may be considered, involving both the right and left eyebrows. The location of the slits may carry significance for some individuals. To accentuate their uniqueness, some young people even opt to incorporate one or two eyebrow piercing earrings with the slits, although this choice may not be universally appreciated or understood. Those with an informal and experimental approach to their appearance often see it as a means of expressing their distinctiveness. They can also be a good hack for small eyes to accentuate them.


Best Practices for Creating Eyebrow Slits

The process of creating eyebrow slits can be done either at a salon or by oneself. For those choosing the latter option, it is essential to gather the necessary tools and materials, including a disposable razor (preferably new), an electric razor with a small cutting head, an open-blade razor (exercise caution), shaving gel or foam, ice or a cooling compressor, hydrogen peroxide, alcoholic lotion, styling wax or gel, tweezers, and a large mirror.


Key Steps in the Process:

  1. Before proceeding with the eyebrow slits, ensure all tools are ready for the procedure.
  2. Remove any makeup from the face and cleanse the skin with an alcohol-containing lotion. For individuals with skin prone to inflammation, pre-treatment with ice cubes or a compress is advisable.
  3. Prior to shaving, use a cosmetic pencil to mark the angle and edges of the intended eyebrow slits. Precision is crucial as mistakes can be challenging to rectify, and hair may not grow back uniformly.
  4. After marking the location with a pencil, shape the primary eyebrow arch by tweezing out excess hairs. This step, when done with tweezers, provides a longer-lasting result.
  5. When using a razor, maintain a specific angle, use small, gentle strokes, and gradually shave the desired area. In case of any slips, immediately treat the skin with peroxide or alcohol.
  6. For those confident in their skills, a dangerous razor can be used, ensuring it is adequately sharpened beforehand.
  7. An alternative method involves using an electric shaver with a cutting attachment to carefully trim the area without the risk of a sharp blade.
  8. Another option is using eyebrow wax strips, available in cosmetics stores, to eliminate the need for sharp objects. Many individuals, especially young girls, are familiar with this effective hair removal tool.

Getting the Ideal Eyebrow Slit


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Achieving the ideal eyebrow slit can be done through various methods, such as utilizing an electric or handheld razor, or even employing makeup for a temporary effect. By following the correct steps, you can personalize your eyebrow slits quickly and efficiently.


Utilizing an Electric Razor: For permanent eyebrow slits, an electric razor can be employed to shave specific areas or tweezers can be used to pluck individual hairs. Opting for a smaller razor is recommended, as larger razors designed for facial or leg use may remove too much hair. Tweezers offer precise control but may be more time-consuming and slightly more painful.


Creating Eyebrow Slits with Makeup: A less intrusive and easily reversible method involves using eye makeup. Begin with a liquid foundation or eyebrow concealer matching your skin tone, applying it generously to the intended eyebrow slit area. Outline the edges with an eyebrow pencil, ensuring a seamless look. Setting the makeup with loose powder helps maintain the effect. This makeup approach provides a hassle-free way to experiment with the eyebrow slit look without committing to permanent hair removal. It works particularly well for individuals with thin or sparse eyebrows. Those with thicker eyebrows may need to trim and thin their eyebrows beforehand to achieve a more natural appearance.



Achieving the perfect eyebrow slits is an art that combines creativity, precision, and personal style. You can choose a permanent solution with razors or opt for a temporary, easily reversible approach with makeup. The key lies in following essential steps to ensure the desired outcome.

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