Top 5 Websites to Give You Your Daily Cuteness Fix

Having a bad day? Need a quick pick me up? Don’t go running to the liquor store yet. Instead, head to your computer and check out all the adorable goodness that the World Wide Web has to offer. From cuddly cats to disapproving rabbits, the following websites below should give you your much-needed chuckle. They may not be able to solve all the things that’s bothering you, but they just might get you to smile through your lousy day.

Check them out, let us know what you think, and if you love them, share them with all your girlfriends!

I Can Has Cheezburger? â€" This is the weblog that popularized “lolcats”â€"images of cats or other animals accompanied by hilarious captions. Founded in 2007 I Can Has Cheezburger (or ICHC for short) paved the way for image macros and lolspeak to hit the mainstream world. This site is also a great source of memes and it’s quite easy to find funny and sharable content here. ICHC has definitely helped shape the “meme” culture of the web, and it continues to be uber popular, garnering more than 1,500,000 hits a day.

Buzzfeed (Cute Feed) â€" If you love lists and photos, then you are going to love this website. Buzzfeed gives you an overview of what’s trending on the web. The site is constantly updating its homepage with hot and popular online content that can get you smiling, laughing, and face palm-ing in no time. If you’re looking for cute and cuddly creatures, go straight to Buzzfeed’s “Cute Feed” and indulge in all the adorable animal photos you can get your hands on.

Pinterest â€" This site is considered as a girl’s best friend online, and for good reason. If want to see great photos of stuff that you’re interested in, just head to Pinterest and search away. One of the best things about the site is that it allows you to bookmark these images, so you can access them whenever you want. No more asking “where did I see that cute dress again?”; with Pinterest, you’ll have all you favorite images in one place.

Cute Overload â€" As its name clearly indicates, Cute Overload is an online source for cute stuff. The site publishes pictures and videos of adorable animals and beyond. What’s more, if you want to get your hands on all the online cuteness, you can purchase the Cute Overload calendar that offers “365 Days of Impossibly Cute Photos”. That way, you can get your daily dose of delightful photos even when you’re not online.

Disapproving Rabbits â€" Believe it or not, some rabbits are even harder to please than McKayla Maroney. This website publishes (almost daily) pictures of “disapproving rabbits” along with captions that make the images so much more hilarious. This website goes to show that the “cute” sector of the web isn’t just reserved for kittens; rabbits also have a solid presence. By the way, if you’re looking for rabbit merchandise, check of the site as it also allows you to purchase Disapproving Rabbit iPad cases, mugs, ties, shoes, and more.

Image credit: crsan - on Flickr