Nail Resolutions to Swear By This Year!

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 16,2018

Ladies, listen up!Resolutions are not something that you make with an awful hangover on a New Year eve’s night, only to leave it aside the very next day and return back to your normal routine.

When it comes to style and fashion,  committing yourself to some new resolutions can rejuvenate, refresh and even prepare your mind, body and soul for the upcoming year. As we have already entered into the new year, it is a good idea to put your best feet forward. This entails making style statements that best reflect where we want to move in the new year. So, let’s start with the nails. Nails can be your look’s best accessory or even can be your worst downfall. When it comes to your nails, they can be much more than simply clean, filed and colored. So, here are some of the helpful resolutions you can go by this year for your nails’ style statement:

Resolution 1: Avoid biting your nails


You must be knowing this already, but still to remind you- nothing good can result out of nail-biting! There are a large number of women out there who find it difficult to quit nail-biting despite knowing that it leads to stubby and raggedy nails. Here is a trick for you to keep your nails away from your mouth: apply a nail-biting treatment on the nails and wrap a band around your wrist. Snap it each time you bite your nails. This way, you will associate pain and foul taste with nail biting and can finally quit the bad habit for good.

Resolution 2: Make sure to apply cuticle oil and lotion frequently


Applying moisture and lotion is essential for slowing down the signs of aging, especially on hands and nails. Always make sure to keep a cuticle oil and a nourishing lotion in your handbag, at your desk at work, your car, and by your bedside table so that they are always there within your reach.

Resolution 3: Upgrade your nail care regime


No matter how many trends may come and go, natural and healthy nails will never be out. This is also evidenced during this year’s red carpet season where a plethora of naked tips were spotted. Elle, Hollywood’s A-list manicurist, who has transformed the nail statements of a number of Hollywood’s finests stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, makes use of nail care products in order to whip her clients’ nails into good shape. According to her, she advise her clients to start using cuticle oil and a nail growth supplement. Although, regular manicures can keep your nails in check, but you cannot get them in optimal health without making nail care a part of your regular beauty regime. So, this year move beyond your normal hand lotion regime with a biotin-enriched regular vitamin and an ultra-nourishing overnight treatment.

Resolution 4: Opt for overlay instead of nail tips when going for nail enhancements


If you really want your nails to grow naturally, but are also addicted to hard gel and acrylic extensions, then go for overlay instead. Although, you’ll find the length of your nails to be shorter as compared to that with artificial tips, an overlay will not only provide durability but also protect your nails from breaking.

Resolution 5: State with a nail art


Teen queen Bella Thorne consolidated her romance with the actor Gregg Sulkin by uploading a photo on her Instagram handle of her white-and-gold nail art boasting “B & G” lettering. Thanks to the introduction of an easy-to-use stamping kits, celebs nowadays have started to give their nails a dose of text appeal. So, vow to keep your nails message clear this year with emoji and alphabet stamping plates.

Wrapping up:

Are you also eager to grow strong and healthy nails? Stop exhausting money on expensive nail enhancements and give an instant kickstart to your nail care regime this year.