Girls' Night Out- Your Everything Guide!

A date night is definitely great, and a Netflix night alone is amazing too. But no other feeling beats the one when you get together with your girls' gang and have a girls’ night out! This is also the perfect time to show off that tricky cat eye you have been practicing all week or that bold lip color you have been craving to try for so long. Being around your closest friends gives you enough confidence to have fun with your beauty look. So, here we have covered some ultimate beauty guide for a fabulous girls’ night out. Check it out and thank us later!

Work out that smoky eye look

No other eye look is more famous than the smoky eye look. So a girls’ night out is just the perfect time to have some fun with your favorite eyeshadow palette. However, it doesn’t mean that you restrict yourself to the classic charcoal look. In case you are all up for trying out something different, go for a golden smoky eye look, which is smoldering yet soft.

Go for a cat eye look to create some extra drama

The cat eye look is just like a little black dress in your wardrobe. No matter what decade it is, it’s always in style. Also, the winged effect makes you look younger as it widens and lifts the eyes. So if you are in no mood to go for that complete smoky eye thing, avoid the shadow and pick up your favorite liquid liner. A bare lid with a cat eye is more than enough to bring that extra dose of drama to the table.

Have some experiment with false lashes

Have you been nervous to try the false lashes? If so, then with all the courage, try it on the next evening out with your BFFs. In case you do not want to go for a full set, try a smaller cluster or flare. You may find the entire glue and application process to be a little tricky the first go-around, but it can prove to be an instant makeover once you have got them on!

Get creative with nail wraps

Try some nail wraps and have fun with it. Nail wraps or stickers are great because you do not need to be an expert to apply them. However, these nail wraps might not be appropriate for the office. So girls’ night out is a perfect time to try this funky style statement.

Go bold with a lip statement

If you are someone who always does a nude lip during the day and a red lip at night, challenge yourself to try something different. Go for a hue that isn’t your signature color and have some fun with it. Rather than a classic cherry, try a deep mulberry or an electric pink.

Add a pinch of glamour with shimmer

It might not be your everyday style, but the shimmer is definitely a glamorous way to pull your complete girls’ night out look together. The idea here is not to go overboard. You want to look shimmery and not glittery. Check out for a highlighter that has “illuminating” or “shimmer” in the title.