Get Ready To Revamp Your Personal Style

The Right Wardrobe, the Very right first impression. We all have been struggling with finding and improving our personal style. All of us must have faced this situation once, gazing into our wardrobe filled with clothes and selecting the appropriate one as per the day. The day we have finally become professionals after college (don’t think so platform sandals will work!!), being a part of the big promotional event for which we have worked so hard, or if we have to dress after marriage or after having a baby (suddenly all those regular wear start looking inappropriate). Wherever and whenever life takes you, the most important thing is to adapt the situation to your own unique style.

What makes the style so important? Definitely, for a good first impression, your personal style matters the most and it makes you more confident and look attractive and you feel happy approaching each new day. Don’t forget, the appropriate wardrobe reflect you as a different personality from others.

So just go through these tips to find our right wardrobe that will definitely look good on you and help you to be the most stylish one:


There are many style icons who can inspire you well and help you in improving your style. You simply have to recollect their names and start following their fashion sense. Social Media is the great way to follow these icons and gather inspiration from them, either via Pinterest, Google, or Instagram. Either you can inspire yourself from Scarlett Johansson’s Met Gala look, or you can gravitate towards Kim Kardashian’s femininity, and get attracted towards glided hair transformation of Annie Hathaway. Following styles of various icons will easily help you in figuring out what are your likes and dislikes.

2. Start with a Fresh Wear

Explore the already owned pieces in closet and try to figure out which you have not worn for a long time. That stuff will definitely help you in making a fresh start. Focus on restricting your wardrobe which may enhance your style and make you look more stylish. The pile which you feel is not worthy, which makes you feel waver, you should definitely think about donating it. Just go with your intuition and you will definitely be on the right path to adopt a completely new style.

3. Smart Shopping of Stylish Wear

If you only buy to fill the holes in your wardrobe, you’ll build a great selection much faster.

In every new phase of life, either turning from a college student to a professional, you always feel terrified, what to wear? How would you manage to look trendy? Are the current set of clothes are a perfect wear for such occasion? You will definitely start doubting your current collection. And top of all the budget you have.. Will you be able to buy something really nice looking in the price budget similar to a Ramen noodle? The best way to getting rid of such tension is to search trendy deals which may give you good discount and suits your pocket well. Stores like Forever 21, Shoppers Stop will charge only staple price for a smart handbag, a trendy dress, waist fit jeans. Ou must check these items well before buying and you will definitely have a good collection that will last for long.

4. Lifestyle Goals are must to be taken into Consideration

The perfect wardrobe is the one that you can tailor to your lifestyle and that symbolizes your originality and vision. Opt for the persona which you want to get reflected the world. The personality should be like it not only reflects your personal style but also goes well with your office work, the environment you live in, the life goals you have set. Just go on with adding some professional pieces in your lifestyle and you will definitely make your lifestyle in line with your work life. And if you have a casual or trendy work environment, you can add on pieces that make you look appropriate.

5. Your Confidence will boost your style!

Confidence plays an important role in enhancing your style. Anything can look good on you if you carry it with confidence. Never go for the size tags remove that squeeze-into-the-smallest-size mindset. Nobody is going to bother about the size which you have worn, so don’t go for choosing the smallest size that fits in. It’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. The outfit that suits you well (irrespective of the size) and that you can carry well with confidence-you should buy the one. You will only get noticed by people when you yourself feel that you stand different in a crowd.

6. Suggestions are always welcome

People often go for suggestions, whether you have to look good on your wedding day or you want to make your skin glow with the help of home remedies. The same thing goes for style also!! You can definitely take the help from a professional stylist and have a discussion with them. You can either go to a boutique for customized clothes or can seek advice from the sales professionals. The tips which you will receive from them will help you as they know their job and how to make their customers look good and feel happy.

7. ACCESSORIES are an Add-On

There is no doubt, that accessories are the simpler way to look good and create that vibe which you want. Even with the pair of jeans and t-shirt- any accessory like a bold necklace will go and make you look eye catchy. You can also opt for some delicate jewelry along with a dress that makes you look feminine.

8. Instincts Are Always Trustworthy

Any outfit of any size that makes you look good and most importantly makes you feel confident is always in style for you.

When you are comfortable in your own skin and you are true to yourself, you can definitely make a style of your own. You should not always go for designers and brand, rather your focus should be to experiment with various patterns, textures, accessories, and shoes. These all will be helpful in creating your individual personality which you will feel proud of. Remember the style you opt for should always reflect who you are and who you want to be.