Some Clever Beauty Hacks to Make Your Day

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 07,2018

When it comes to beauty and makeup, all the women out there definitely would like to know more about it. After all, these are the crucial things in making them look more beautiful and charming. But the amount of time spent on them every morning surely makes it a daunting task.

Now, you don’t need to spend so much of your crucial hours in front of a mirror to look perfect. The smart beauty hacks that we are going to spill out here will make your beauty and other makeup routines much easier and efficient. How will it be to shorten the amount of time that you take to get ready each and every morning? Check out these amazing beauty hacks that are fast enough to save much time off your routine and easy enough to undertake every day:

Remove your nail polish easily

Removing nail polish daily and applying a new one is a task. But, you can make it simpler by using white glue instead of the base coat. Now, apply coats of your favorite color over it. It will peel off quickly and easily when you are required to remove the polish.

Make your lipstick last longer while also giving it a matte finish

Doesn’t it sound interesting? It is easy as well. Most often it happens that your lipstick disappears by the end of the day, no matter which brand you apply. You will agree on this. Do not worry about it anymore. Here is a fix for this- place a tissue over the lips and dust some powder over it using a brush. This will give your lipstick a matte finish and will also make it last longer.

Use a lighter to fix your broken lipstick

What could be more heartbreaking than a breakup? A broken lipstick! Yes, ask any girl. But do not be sad, ladies. You can get it back intact in the holder. You read that right. Melt the lipstick that is remaining in the holder using a lighter. Use this melted lipstick as glue and hold the cracked segment back in place. If you still feel a gap, just hold the lighter and melt the lipstick around the cracks, fusing the gap. Now, place the lipstick in the fridge overnight and see the magic the next day! Your favorite lipstick will be as good as a brand new.

Use a lighter and turn your pencil eyeliner into a gel formula

We all know the issues with an eye pencil- it creates a thin and hard-to-apply line. Now convert your green, black, burgundy, etc. eye pencil into an efficient gel formula using a simple trick. Hold the eye pencil under the lighter’s flame for a second and let it cool for 10 more seconds. You will see the consistency changing right before your eyes. Finally, get your perfect smudge look by gliding your newly made gel liner instantly.

Apply your perfume at right points to make it last longer

You must have faced this at times. Applying too little perfume just wear off completely in the air at the end of the day. And applying too much of it make you smell like a perfume factory. The perfect way of using a perfume is to apply it to your pulse points and not spraying it randomly on your entire body. These right points include behind the ear, inside wrist, inside elbow, behind your knee and base of your throat.

Wrapping up:

With the wedding season just at its peak, these clever beauty hacks can keep you together for the entire evening and will make you enjoy even more. These makeup tricks and tips not only will save a lot of your time and money but will also make you use the products that are already there in your kit. Now say goodbye to all the professional help and expensive beauty products and still look like a diva!