Some Super Cool Hacks for Your New Apartment

So you bought a brand new apartment. Congratulations on that! After all, you have been planning for it from so long. Now, it is time for furnishing and decorating your new apartment and enhancing its look. No matter how big or small the apartment is, you can always make it special with some of the smart tricks and tips.

Here are some of the clever hacks for your apartment that will not only make your new living more organized but life a little easier as well. Check it out:

How to create a bed canopy?

For this, all you require is a hot glue gun, a metal hook, a mosquito net canopy and a ribbon or lace. Now lay out the mosquito net canopy and portion out enough trim in order to stretch the length of both ends and around the hoop. Glue together the colored ribbon through the lace. Attach the trim to the edge of the canopy using the hot glue gun and around the top of the hoop. Finally, by using a glue gun, attach the hook to the top of the mosquito net canopy and hang it from the ceiling over your bed.

How to hang the lamp beautifully?

The supplies that you need for this include a lampshade, nylon pan scraper, scissors, white spray paint, drill, ceiling hook, and two strands of twinkle lights. Now, cut off all the fabric from the lampshade and scrape off any glue residue on the wire. After cleaning off everything, wash the surface and let it dry. Now, apply the white spray paint in light even coats until covering everything evenly and leave it in well covered and ventilated area till the paint cures.

The next step involves taking out a strand of twinkle lights and weaving around the lampshade wire. Now, install a hook at a place where you want it hung. Drill a big hole in the ceiling in order to fit the bolt through and then screw the hook. Hand up the new lamp and attach the second strand of lights. Plug into an outlet below and here, your lamp lighting the entire room beautifully.

Façade your desk as a bedside table

This one is an interesting hack for all those who like to work comfortably from their bedroom. Now, you can create a comfy bedroom-plus-office combo with this simple trick and that too in a limited space. Since space is less, you’ll need to cut the four corners. Trying to fit a desk as well as a nightstand together in a small room will only make it more congested. Instead, remove one table completely out of the room and set up a small desk next to the bed. This will leave plenty of space for other bedside essentials such as an alarm clock, a lamp etc. With a chair that tucks comfortably under the desk, you can make use of a single table serving as both a nightstand as well as an occasional desk.

Make your personal photo banner

This is a simple and interesting hack to give your apartment a personal touch. Now, you can showcase the memories with your loved ones on the wall and cherish the moments forever. For this, you just need few things such as a hot glue gun, a ribbon and of course, photos. The very first step involves printing the photos of your loved ones and friends and cut them into triangles. Now, using a glue gun, affix the back of the photos to the ribbon and hang it on your front wall. Your very personal photo banner is all ready!

Wrapping up:

These were some of the smart hacks for embellishing your living and bedroom. Hope you like them all and beautify your living space giving it your own personal touch. Enjoy!