Some Genius Bathroom Hacks to Make It Sparkle

A bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in any house. You would agree on this. You must be having a fake plant or a painting in there, but in comparison to the rest of your house, it is definitely pretty boring. Above all this, cleaning the bathroom is a task which is dreaded by almost everyone. We have brought some genius bathroom hacks to make your bathroom an interesting place.

These hacks are not only cute but functional as well. Picking these hacks to organize your bathroom would definitely make you surprised at how much your life improves. And you’ll feel proud as well for doing something really productive.

Adding a frame to your basic bathroom mirror

You can give your outdated bathroom mirror a fresh appearance by simply wrapping it in a white, crisp frame. Or else, you can also customize the style of the mirror edging and match the rest of the bathroom by finishing. Framing your mirror gives quick design and functionality to your bathroom. You can use molding and paint it in color of your choice.

Use of caddy shelf to organize the cluttered mess

There are a lot of space in every bathroom which gets wasted entirely. Use can make use of this space by making use of caddy shelf which is made with built-in compartments to organize your stuff.

Use of ‘S’ hooks to create drying space for towels

In case you need to share your bathroom with many people, finding towel space is quite tricky. Isn’t it? So, here’s a life-changing trick for you- hang ‘S’ hooks on your towel bars which will create more space for drying your towels.

Organize your lotions and hair products by hanging spice racks

There must be a hell lot of stuff lying in your bathroom that you use every day. You can use spike racks to fit all these stuff. Add a coat of paint in order to color-coordinate with the rest of your bathroom. If you want the racks to be out of sight, simply hang them on the inside of your cabinets.

Install a small tension rod under the sink to hang cleaning supplies

You definitely would not want to spend a fortune on storing cleaning supplies. No one wants to do this. You can organize all your beauty products and cleaning supplies in absolute harmony by installing a small tension rod under the sink. This will add more room below for the storage.

Make use of cake stand to store shower products

Save a lot of time during the process of getting ready to go out with this hack. Use the wasted cake stand to store beautifully your favorite shower products.

Use of nail polish to prevent rust

You all must be knowing that nasty ring the creams can leave on your tub. So, here’s a solution- Just paint the bottom of the can using a nail polish in order to prevent it from leaving rust.

Wrapping up:

So make your life simpler with these amazing bathroom hacks and feel proud of yourself.