Effective Ways to Detox Your Body

Detoxification is a process in which a person makes necessary changes in the lifestyle to clear the body from the toxins. The food you consume, the water you drink and even the air you breathe, is full of toxic substances and harmful chemicals which can cause long-term disease if not flushed out of the body. Even if you feel healthy, you should still consider detoxification once in a while to remove the harmful chemicals that are consumed from inorganic foods and environment. Although your body undergoes self-detoxification up to some level but owing to the large quantities of toxins in day-to-day life, you should consider detoxification by external means also. Benefits of detoxification include an increase in vitality, immunity, libido, younger look etc. Some of the effective ways to detox your body have been discussed as below:


1. Water:


Water is one of the most important and asset if you are considering to detox your body. Almost 90 percent of your body consists of water and it is also a natural detoxifier. Most of the body functions such as the production of saliva, perspiration, waste removal etc. need water for the proper working of the body. There is no fixed amount of how much water should we drink but you should drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily. If you are working in an air-conditioned environment where the possibility of water loss through perspiration is less, drinking 2 liters is enough. If you work at higher temperatures where the possibility of loss through perspiration is more, drink more water (4-5 liters or more). Adding lemon to water helps in re-hydrating the system and promotes digestion. Drinking one glass of lemon water in the morning (empty stomach) clears the toxins from your body and will keep your body organs hydrated.


2. Eat organic:


To reduce the toxic substances in your body, it is best to choose the right foods. You may consider switching to organic fruits and vegetables instead of processed food or fast food. Your diet must be composed of a variety of fruits & vegetables along with whole grains, beans & legumes, nuts, and seeds. You must focus more on whole plant foods such as dark green vegetables (spinach, lettuce etc.) as they are full of micronutrients and have very low calories. Hence, they will satisfy your hunger without putting a load on your stomach in form of extra fat.


3. Sugar Intake:


Through recent researches, it has been proved that our body does not need too much sugar from artificial sweeteners.  Most of our sugar requirements are derived from the food that we consume. If you will consume more sugar, you will be asking your body for more insulin. This will put a strain on your pancreas and will overwhelm your body. Consuming less sugar throughout your life will also help you in avoiding fatigue, diabetics, the risk of cancer and excess weight.


4. Exercising and meditation:


Exercise and meditation are vital for a healthy and stress-free life. Exercising on regular basis improves the blood circulation in the body, lubricate joints, strengthen the body parts and enhances the digestion. Exercise helps you in sweating which removes harmful chemicals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium from your body. Sweating at a sauna is also helpful as it will eliminate the toxins through sweat. However, you should consider a sauna secondary to exercise. Meditation helps in clearing the mind and reducing stress. Stress is often as toxic to your body as the harmful chemicals that you consume. Meditating on a regular basis will help in the overall growth of the body and will also increase your concentration.


5. Green Tea:


Green tea helps in detox your body by eliminating the harmful substances. Make sure that the green tea which you are consuming is organic and is packed with natural polyphenols. Drinking green tea with polyphenols benefits in two ways. Polyphenols targets and promotes the functioning of the liver which is a major detoxifying organ and it contains antioxidants which are known to fight free radicals. Drinking green tea on daily basis also reduces the risk of cancer.


6. Exfoliate:


Nothing is better than exfoliating your skin through brushing and oil massages. Regular bathing is also essential as removes the toxic load and reduces the mental and emotional stress. There are a variety of exfoliating scrubs available and you may choose them according to your needs.


Wrapping up:

Above tips on how to detox your body will surely help you to release the excess toxins from your body. Once you understand the need for detoxification on regular basis, it will make your life energetic and full of positive vibes.