Choose Your Dating Partner According To Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to dating, it can be a tricky domain. Choosing your date itself is a burden because you are relying on a bunch of qualities listed by your prospective date on a website. There are 50-50 chances that you will find the person with the qualities which you prefer. Since you are taking a chance, leave no stone unturned to find out if you are selecting the most compatible one. Astrology plays an important role when you want to increase your chances. Of course, it for fun that you select someone on the basis of astrology or zodiac sign and you should only take a step forward when you find someone compatible. Scroll down for best matches for dating according to your zodiac sign.


1. Taurus


Taurus people are considered to be very practical, loyal, dependable, sensual and down to earth. It’s rare for Taurus to be disloyal. As per the astrology, Taurus is believed to gel with Virgo and Capricorn because they are also practical & down to Earth. Taurus also goes well with people having zodiac sign as Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio because these signs represent water and the combination of Earth (Taurus) and water can be mold into a solid structure.  


2. Aries


Aries is often described as “me” oriented. Aries likes to be the in-charge of things and they gel with those people take situations lightly. Aries are like fire who do not want their thunder to be stolen and are the one who makes the decision in long run. Aries would gel with Leo and Sagittarius because they are light-headed people who are more interested in fun rather than making the decisions. Aries would also be compatible with Libra and Gemini because these are air signs and it is believed that air & fire (Aries) stimulate each other.


3. Gemini


Gemini’s are the curious people who are known for dating more than one person at a time because they get bored if they are not stimulated on an intellectual level. They need someone whom they can talk at any point of time and in any regard. Gemini would be compatible with Libra and Aquarius. Gemini would also gel easily with Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries because these are fire signs and fire & air stimulate each other (food for Gemini).


4. Cancer


For Cancer, the family is foremost and they match up only with those who are home-oriented and wants to have children or family. They are emotional people and they avoid any negative elements in their lives. According to astrology, Cancer would be compatible with Virgo, Taurus & Capricorn as these are the Earth signs (sign of stability).


5. Leo


Leo’s are relationship oriented people who are extremely romantic. Chances of dating Leo with Leo are higher because of the level of romance and vanity. Leo would also gel with Libra because Libra people are also socially oriented and love giving attention to others (food for Leo).


6. Virgo


It is assumed that Virgo’s are selective and can remain single happily for whole life. They want their freedom and do not want to settle at any cost. Virgo usually matches with Taurus and Capricorn (Earth signs) because they are considered to be more planned & non-spontaneous.


7. Libra


Libra is known to be great conversationalists and they are stimulated with people who are intellectually sound. Libra would gel with Gemini and Aquarius because they are good at having conversations. Libra is also revived by Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries (fire signs).


8. Scorpio


Scorpio is exceptionally compatible with another Scorpio because they love sex. They are intuitive and highly energetic beings. Water signs such as Pisces and Cancer would be a good match for Scorpio because of the calm and intimate nature.  


9. Sagittarius  


For Sagittarius, life is all about travel to different places and explore the world. They are adventurous & spontaneous and they love to be someone who can keep up with them. If you are a Sagittarius and are considering dating according to your zodiac sign, another Sagittarius or Gemini will be a good option.


10. Capricorn


Capricorn is hardworking and responsible people who are very cautious when it comes to dating. They are attracted to hardworking people and hate irresponsible ones. Capricorn is often a good match for Virgo and Taurus (Earth sign) because they are also very grounded when it comes to life.


11. Aquarius


Aquarius are individualistic and are difficult to tie down. They love their freedom and hate being settled for anything. They crave for the company of people with intellect and smartness. Aquarius would be compatible with Gemini, Libra and fire signs (Aries, Leo) because of the stimulating nature of fire signs.


12. Pisces


Pisces are sensitive and compassionate people who love to be in a relationship. They are selfless and supportive of the demands of their partner. Pisces would gel with Cancer and Scorpio (water signs) because of the similar nature. Pisces also match well with Virgo because Virgo can bring back Pisces to earth (reality) if they flow in emotions.


Wrapping up:

Above astrological compatibility is good if you are looking for someone and are clueless whom to select from the list of dating profiles. Dating according to your zodiac sign can be a good start but do not depend heavily on these compatibilities. It’s always best to trust your instincts.