Some Myths About Bras- Not To Believe

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Jan 17,2018

Myths about bras are taking a toll on the new generation.Let’s discuss some silly and common myths that are getting more popularity than any celebrity Facebook page. While growing up, you must have heard about the things that might harm you in some way, just for the case, making weird faces could turn your face into the one in the coming years. When it comes to girls, the most common one is wearing a bra to bed won’t keep your bust booby or perky; or underwire bras could lead to cancer; weirdly, a lot of women still women believe in these myths that we have been listening to since ages.

Read on to uncover the myths you need to stop believing in what you have grown believing. So, don’t stop your read, rather make a note of myths that you should believe and what to not.

Myth 1: Don’t sleep with the bra ON

Do you still remember the time when your mom asks you to drop your bra before you hit your bed? A couple years ago, an American actress, Halle Berry, revealed in an interview that she'd been sleeping in a bra since age 16; although Berry boasts an enviable decolletage, it has nothing to do with her bra habits. There’s no scientific evidence that wearing a bra or not wearing a bra will make a difference with what happens to your breasts over time. A lot of drooping and dropping happens mainly because of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. According to experts, over time, perkiness fades as gravity pulls the ligaments in your breasts downward. So, you can sleep with the bra ON!

Myth 2: Don’t wash bras too often

This is sheer stupidity! Instead of a rare wash, you must wash your bra every time you wear it. Just imagine that the all-day-sweat and germs you would be carrying with your bra as it constantly rubs against your skin and that's why you must wash it every time. Therefore, in order to prolong your bra life, you need to make sure to wash them less often. There are most of the experts who believe that it will damage the fabric when it is washed too frequently.

Myth 3: Bra is FOREVER

The bra is Eternal!This one you must have heard from your mother or your grandmother. Hadn’t you? This myth is moving from generation to generation as you are about to dispose of off your bra either when you are too bored with it or your bra straps fall off, you are always asked to not to throw away your bra. Whether it can be worn with the help of safety pins or can be adorned after replacing elastic of the straps, you are not allowed to throw it away. Most of the women believe that a bra can last for at least 10 years. Contrary to this, a bra needs to be changed in a year as it can affect your breasts’ shape or could ruin your dress style.

Myth 4: Bras make your breasts SAG

Again, this is something that one shouldn’t buy at all. The bra is an accessory that supports your breasts or makes them look firm and enhanced. There are many women who still believe that bra makes your bursts loose and saggy, which is sheer myth nothing to believe in. So, if you are a modern woman, it is advisable to ignore such myths and choose the bra that enhances your stye while supporting you all comfort.

Firm It Up

Having read about bra myths, do you still want to continue believing the same myths that have been a part of your life or you would stand up and whack these folklores. So, be a modern woman and stop believing all the myths that have been boggling your mind since ages.