How Does a Life Audit Help You in Empowering Yourself as a Woman?

Most of the women never provide themselves the opportunity to step back in life and observe where they actually are. This is just like an artist stepping back from his wooden frame. Assessing how far one has come and where they want to move is a fundamental part of women empowerment.

It is crucial for each and every woman to check in with herself once in a while about “How is she doing? Where is she moving? What is important now that perhaps wasn’t that important previously?” Using a life audit to figure this out is the best method. In case, you have never heard of the term ‘life audit’, then there is a very good chance for you to really benefit from one. Essentially, a life audit is an exercise of self-reflection, allowing oneself to really look at every aspect of their lives, take account of goals and distractions, and assess overall fulfillment. Put simply, It is all about organizing your own life and being completely honest with yourself. It is a kind of status report for the soul and there are plenty of ways to do it.

The very first step is to write down your every goal, hope and necessities in life (such as to get a new job, love near the ocean or win an award) on a different post-it-note.

Put your phones, computers or any other distraction off and set aside a major portion of time for your life audit.   

The next step involves organizing the post-its by category such as family, career, health, etc. as themes.

Now, organize the post-its by the time such as how long will it take in order to accomplish and check-off each post-it.

If you need guidance, use the Stoplight Method:

RED (means Stop!) These are the things you should say no to at this time.

YELLOW ( means Slow Down!) These are the things in which you can still be involved, however just tone it back a bit. This is a kind of commitment that you can actually redesign.

GREEN (means Go!) This is a mission balance and a must-have in life.

                      Allocate your wishes in a timeline. Some goals of yours will be for the future, for instance, a Nobel Peace Prize definitely won’t emerge overnight. Some goals must be fast approaching; while there will be others which are general goals such as goals of your everyday life. Assign your every post-it in one of three timeframes, i.e. ‘always/every day’, ‘someday’ and ‘now/soon’. Now it is the time for you to see your organized information to decide which areas need to be nurtured and which can be evicted from your life.

Wrapping up:

We all have a pretty good idea about our goals and downfalls. This self-awareness is something which is undeniably necessary for one’s personal growth. What makes a life audit more beneficial is the fact that it makes us look at the bigger picture in a much more factual way. So, if you are determined to get your life in order this year, all you need is a blank wall, some post-it notes and some free time.