Reasons To Why Menstrual Cups Are Better Than Tampons

For many years, women have used either tampons or pads to manage their menstrual blood during their periods. There were many sanitary products that have been introduced to the market over the period of time; however, a menstrual cup has proven to be one of the best sanitary products as it offers women many an alternative to other traditional methods. This sanitary product has many advantages but the budget-friendly factor is one of the best benefits that a woman gets.

How Much Menstrual Fluid Can They Hold?

Generally, a menstrual cup can hold up to 30 ml of menstrual fluid, which is around one-third of the average total flow each period. When you insert a menstrual cup, a light seal is formed with your vaginal wall, which allows the menstrual fluid to collect into the cup without any leakage or odor.

Advantages of Menstrual Cups

For those who are reading about these menstrual cups for the first time, let’s some spill some beans for them. They are flexible cups designed to collect menstrual blood by inserting it into the vagina during periods. The cup actually collects the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it like other sanitary products. Usually, there are two types of menstrual cups. One is disposable cups that are meant to use only one time; whereas the other type is a bell-shaped cup made of silicon or rubber. The purpose and function of menstrual cups are made to collect the menstrual fluid. This is one of the most budget-friendly options amongst all.

Note: A cup can be used for the one-time menstrual cycle; however, it is advisable to wash and sterilize it after every use.

Why Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons?

Here are some highlighted reasons to why menstrual cups are better sanitary product than tampons.

TSS Risk-Free Option

Like tampons, these menstrual cups don’t cause any vaginal dryness which leads to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This is a kind of bacterial infection that happens due to dryness of the vagina.

Safe and Healthy

Like tampons, menstrual cups have no fiber risk to the left inside the vagina. It is safe to insert and easy to remove product for women during periods.

Skin-friendly Product

Made of silicon or rubber, these menstrual cups are easy to use and are quite safe to insert into the vagina. With the usage of this product, a woman can easily say bye to all feminine hygiene such as rashes, chafing etc.


Being the only available in reusable feminine hygiene options, menstrual cups create less waste to clog up the landfills.

Cost-effective Option

Menstrual cups are a better option in terms of monetary and health. Both types of menstrual cups are made to collect the blood; however, the reusable option is best for women who look for the pocket-friendly option.


After going through this article, you must have understood the advantages of menstrual cups which is a better option than tampons. Do share your experience with us in the below comment section.