5 Things to Do on a Cruise Vacation for Free

With so many cruise activities carrying surcharges by your side, it’s quite normal to forget about things that you can enjoy without making a dent in your wallet. Stepping on a cruise is not always about emptying your funds on fun-filled cruise activities. There are a lot of things that you can do for free on the cruise and in this article, we are listing a few of them. So, keep reading this post to learn what they are and how to get the best out of them.

So, let’s get started!


1. Soak up and enjoy the backyard bash


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The backyard of the cruise is where you can relax on a comfortable deck chair and play a game of trivia over real grass  -while cruising around the island. You can sunbathe, have drinks, and simply enjoy the sightseeing while making it a complete backyard bash. Most of the fun-activities offered on cruises are made to happen in the backyard only so, this is the place where you will see yourself surrounded by many of your fellow passengers. This is the best place where you can interact with other passengers and play games while soaking up the pristine nature views.


2. Relax on a hammock


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There’s nothing more enjoyable than lying on a hammock and catching the fresh sea breeze. If you are looking for some tranquility on the cruise, this can work for you. Most of the hammocks are placed in the quiet zones of the deck and hence, ensure a peaceful time one can have with the pristine nature.


3. Experience the incredible stargazing


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If you are on a cruise and you haven’t experienced stargazing, are you really on the cruise? A cruise in the middle of the ocean is one of the best vantage points for stargazing and you must experience it at least once in your cruise vacation. Spot a place which is close to the front of the ship and have less lightening as compared to the other parts of the cruise. The closer you are to the front, the better it would be as you are less likely to experience smoke and disturbance coming out of the stacks which may obstruct your view. You can always start with the observation decks. If the winds are low paced, your cruise may also allow you to enter into their helipad area for a better view. So, you can always ask them about this and they are more likely to say a yes. Afterall, you have paid them.


4. Enjoy the food and drinks


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On a six-eight days cruising, you will find yourself engaged more on food and drinks than any other thing. The variety of delicious meals served on the cruise will make you try each and every dish to satisfy your hunger cramps. And would you mind to have free drinks served on your cruise? You will not, right? Most of the luxurious cruises offer free drinks for the passengers and if you have boarded such cruise, lucky you! Simply eat, drink and be merry on a cruise vacation because on the cruise it’s all about sunbathing and food.


5. Get cruiso-dressed


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When you are on a cruise, it is advised to get dressed up according to the theme running on the ship. Every cruise has some kind of cruise-attitude which every boarded passenger should adopt and follow sincerely. Look around the cruise for the running themes and carnivals and dress accordingly to be a part of it. While packing for a cruise vacation, make sure to keep a pair of fancy evening wear as well as your toggs to enjoy the daily cruise life at sea.

As you are now open to the best free things to do on a cruise, we hope your cruise vacation will be leisurely great. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us.