Hair Care: Pamper Your Hair With A Hot Oil Hair Massage

During your childhood, you must have cried, pleaded or begged your mother not to oil your hair. Just not it made you look nerdy but it gives you squeamish feeling when you touch your oily and sticky hair. However, oiling your hair is one of the best ways to protect your hair from a polluted and harsh environment. So, this is the right time to take a pledge to pamper your hair with the righteous techniques of hot oil massage. Oiling your hair is the first step and when it’s a hot oil massage, then it is no more than being in a win-win situation. So read below to know how a hot oil hair massage relaxes you and do wonders for the health of your hair! Just keep reading to find out…

What Hair Type Is Right For A Hot Oil Hair Massage?

Well, to make a long story short, hot oil massage gives benefit to all types of hair. However, there are a few hair types that can certainly benefit more from it than others. Women with straight hair require to apply oil just once in one or two weeks as the texture of their hair allows the natural oils from their scalp to distribute evenly down the length of their hair. Women with little curls or curly hair are not lucky enough as curls in their hair act as obstacles and prevent the natural oil from their scalp from traveling down the length of their hair. Therefore, it is suggested that ladies with this hair type can add and retain moisture in their hair with the help of a hot oil hair treatment twice or thrice a week. After all, conditioned hair is healthy hair and healthy hair does not break or fall easily.

What Are The Benefits Of Hot Oil Hair Massage?

There’s a reason why the traditional hot oil hair massage treatment has withstood the test of time. Actually, there are many reasons. Here, few are mentioned:

Hair growth: How to use this hot oil treatment for hair growth? Well, massaging your scalp with hot oil generally stimulates blood circulation, which leads to better distribution of nutrients to your hair follicles. This nourishment and strengthening of hair follicles lead to faster hair growth.

Nourishes hair tissues: When treating your hair with hot oil, it penetrates the skin of your scalp the way shampoo and conditioner never can. Therefore, it gets absorbed deep into your skin and nourishes your hair follicles and tissues from within.

Prevents dandruff: Dandruff happens due to dry scalp, which causes dead skin cells to flake off in clumps. Hot oil massage treatment stimulates the sebaceous glands on your scalp to produce more natural oil and, thus, treat dandruff.

Protects from sun damage: Hot oil massage treatment to your hair forms a protective sheath over it that blocks the harmful UV rays from damaging your hair.

Reduces frizz: Hot oil hair massage treatment moisturizes your hair from within, which helps reduce frizziness and roughness of hair.

Adds shine: Hot oil massage treatment on a regular basis prevents dryness and split ends, which ultimately leads to shinier and more lustrous hair. The benefits of hot oil treatment for curly hair are really surprising.

Last Words

Hope this post helps you in pampering your hair with a hot oil massage.