Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

Whether you’re doing a great job on your diet or you got the big promotion at your work, there’s always a special time to give yourself that little extra treat you’ve been wanting for quite some time. Of course, what that treat is will differ from person to person and whatever the accomplished task is, but no matter what it is, the feeling you get from rewarding yourself is absolutely amazing. It’s a proud moment that gives you the sense that you’ve done something great and you’ve earned every bit that you reward yourself with. Maybe you’ve been on a long-standing diet and you have been craving that candy or ice cream or a certain meal so bad. Give yourself a plateau that if you reach it, you can allow yourself the reward of that treat because you know deep down that you’ve earned it. Maybe you don’t even want food; in that case, you can reward yourself with a nice little shopping spree to get some new clothes to go with your new figure. That’s a great way to reward yourself and show off your accomplishments to the rest of the world.


Say you get that promotion at work you’ve been working so hard for and with it comes a nice raise in your pay; this is the perfect time to treat yourself to something you’ve really wanted like a new television or new shoes or anything that you felt may have been out of your budget range before the new promotion. This is the perfect example of rewarding yourself for a job well done because you took the time to put in the hard work, it paid off and now you can get the things you wanted but couldn’t afford before. Of course, you don’t want to go too crazy on the spending spree, but a nice treat is perfect to congratulate yourself. Think of it as if you were a little kid again and you were back in grade school. Every time you got a good grade or did a good deed, you would earn a gold star or a happy face or your test would get put on the fridge on display for everybody to see. Rewarding yourself for things you do is based on the similar incentive that when you do great things, you get to feel proud and reap whatever benefits may come from that accomplishment; in this case the benefit is whatever you reward yourself with. Treats and rewards are what push us to do better in everything we do and to accomplish so many of our goals because we know that if we do one thing great, we earn something we want. So go out there, be great and give yourself a nice treat to reward yourself for a job well done.