7 Best Makeup Tips, Trends, and Inspiration For 2022

And just like that, the winter breeze is set to bring in a happy new year! 


2022 is just around the corner. Everything will be a new slate, fresh and vibrant. For those of you who are not prepared to fill in that new slate with new things, do not panic! Your new year can be exciting as well. 


As cliche as I may sound right now, your new year is completely yours to overtake! You can make whatever choice you want, whether it is picking up a new hobby or trying out a new makeup trend. 2022 is your perfect chance to change your lifestyle and signature looks. You can experiment with new products and new makeup tips, no matter how many are on your mind. 


As our planet starts to heal from the aftermath of the global pandemic, you can pretty much do whatever you want to as far as your looks are concerned! After almost two years of limitations, beauty can be anything in 2022, but limited! It is going to be full of so many wonderful possibilities for everyone. 


So, get ready to rethink all the makeup tips and trends again. You are going to be bombarded with glossy sheens, geometric looks, and brighter shades in your makeup. Makeup trends and forecasts for 2022 are going to be super fun and bold. But with all the options, it can be somewhat overwhelming to understand where to start. 


WomenWire is trying to narrow it down for you with our 7 basic makeup tips that will work in your favor this year! 


Scroll down to find the one you love! 


1. Light, Luminous Makeup Base



Simple and easy makeup tips are always welcome! Let’s start off our inspiration list for the new year with an easy look. They are always in style, which is why skin-minimalism will never be out of style in 2022 as well. 


Everyone’s priorities since the pandemic have changed. People are now going for light makeup bases instead of the cakey, layered, powder-loaded looks they were opting for like most Instagram models. 


People are now wearing less complexion in general than ever before. 


It’s a great step because who wants to spend 20-30 minutes just blending their foundation evenly every single day? (Thank heavens for this trend because I am still looking for someone to revive my arm from 2019, still going on blending that base!)


So, we are going to be wearing less foundation and more tinted foundations. Whatever is going to be easy to apply will be welcome. Luminous skin tones, not matte, but dewy, and something in between will be the trend for 2022. 


2. #Throwback Lips!


So, the latest update on 2022 makeup tips and trends is that we are welcoming the ‘90s favorite, glossy lips back. 


Yes, they were worn by almost all the supermodels in the ‘90s and are ready to be adorned this new year again. Clinique’s Almost Lip Range in Black Honey, launched earlier in the ‘70s, was revamped recently. The shade has been selling like hotcakes, all thanks to its sudden resurgence on TikTok. 


Neutral, reddish-brown shades are cropping up in various other brands like Ogee and Glossier as an alternative to Black Honey by Clinique. 


People are being drawn again to these sheer, minimalistic shades. So, while we take a seat to ride to the future, our lips are going back to the ‘90s! 


3. Glossy Lips! 



Juicy textures are going to rule the year. With reddish-brown hues already taking over our lives in almost glossy tones, lip glosses will also be seen making a comeback. Opting for shiny finishes in your lipsticks is the new trend. So we need to calm down and stop raving about the matte finishes as we have been for some time. 


But don’t limit yourself to reddish-brown hues for lip glosses. Opt for fun berry shades. Juicy plump lips are the way to go. Make everything wet and shiny, as long as it’s not sticking to your hair. WomenWire’s 2022 makeup tips suggest choosing just a touch of pigment with warm gold shimmers, and you will get that perfect, soft luminous glow this year. 


Just open the doors to the glow zone! 


4. Fluffy Brows 


We have seen our fair share of some really interesting eyebrow trends in the past year and a half. We have been through almost all makeup tips on Google right now for our brows - bleached, slits, color-blocked – been there, done that! 


But the one that we are going to be taking with us to the new year is the fluffy disco brows we all love. Disco brows are confident, festive, and grand! Tik-Tok’s viral trendy disco/fluffy brows were first popularized by Megs Cahill. Disco brows are nothing but soap brows. But it is not just soap in there; a little pigment also does this trick right. 


The trick is extremely popular, even among some celebs. Halsey’s makeup brand About-Face also dedicated a product to this trend with their Fractal Glitter Brow Gel. 


Anastasia also has a great product, minus the pigment, as their brow gel. It is out there! Grab it, and take it with you as you step into the new year. 


5. Bold, Graphic Eyes 



Statement, bold, graphic eyes will be a great trend this year. So, take all the makeup tips on doing them just perfectly for your New Year’s bash! There are absolutely no rules whatsoever when it comes to doing graphic eyes. You can be as creative as you want to. Opt for bold neon colors, statement eyeliners, draw out patterns, create some negative spaces, do what you feel like doing. Your eyes will be your canvas this year. 


Those euphoric, high–impact eyes that are strong and bold are going to be the biggest trend you should look out for this year. 


6. Minty-Green Eyes 


In case you missed it, green is currently all the rage in the runway shows. It is like a major movement. Now, since all of the makeup tips and trends we have shared so far for 2022 originated from the runway, how can we skip this one? 


Runway shows define the trends we will be witnessing in the upcoming year, and this year's Spring/Summer 2022 collection displays green in your eyes. It is often the most ignored color for your eye makeup, but can you blame it? 


But a trend is a trend, whether we like it or not! But the color green has some extremely cute variations like lime and mint and even army green. The choices are endless with this color. 


You can go for any of these colors. Just sweep it across your lid for that soft, diffused look like watercolors, and you will be in the ranks of the latest trends this year. 


7. Sustainable makeup range



Now, we are seeing the damages that we have caused to this planet. It is coming for us in the form of locust storms, hurricanes, climate change (yes, it is real!), and a global pandemic. 


With all the protests Gen-Z is doing of late, there is a wide movement towards clean beauty as well. So, if you are serious about following the latest makeup tips and trends for the new year, make sure you are using ethically made makeup. 


Charlotte Tilbury has already joined this bandwagon. They are selling out refillable lipsticks. Byredo is doing the same with its refillable brow products. There are also a few makeup companies selling reusable eye masks! 


Sustainable packaging, cruelty-free, paraben-free makeup is all the rage for the coming years. It is a great deal of work to do, I agree, but baby steps! These small steps, these incredible innovations, it is something truly exciting and has the potential to lead to something bigger. 


The Takeaway

So, no matter where your makeup tastes lie, whether on the lower, minimalist spectrum or a higher, flashy, loud spectrum, these trends are surely going to suit you! The year 2022 has something for everyone. These makeup tips will be welcomed by everyone. So, if you support sheer coverage, this is your sign to get that tinted moisturizer and just call it a day! And those of you who want to send out a statement through their eyes, just grab that eyeliner and sweep it across your lids for 30 minutes! No matter what you do, WomenWire salutes you!