Makeup Artists Reveal Their Best Skincare and Makeup Tips

It's 2022, and you still don't have a beautiful, polished, professionally done makeup face on for the next event? Here are a few MUA secret skincare and makeup tips, tricks, and hacks you should definitely know this year! 


Makeup Artists’ Secret Skincare and Makeup Tips


1. Get rid of that peach fuzz. 


Let's get real. You can actually shave your face and get rid of the excess peach fuzz on your face. You can take the help of those little brow razors to do the job for you. Choose a brow razor with a feather-light touch on your face, drag it around your face, pull it down gently, and say hello to your new smooth and flawless face. Makeup will sit aesthetically on your face. 


Estheticians are going to tell you not to do this to your face, but you really have to listen to your heart. This is your decision. If you are confused, opt for a patch test a day or two before you want to attend any event, especially if your skin is sensitive. 


And no, your hair will not grow back thicker. It is a total myth. After you are done, just wash your face, and apply some aloe vera gel. You are good to go! 


2. Prep your face! 



Okay, so we see various makeup artists do this all the time! Even if our faces are clean according to us and all set to be glammed up, they still use Clarisonic on our face to really deep clean them. So, even when it looks like your face is clean, really get deep into the layers. Extra-cleanse and exfoliate it (of course, don't over-exfoliate your face). 


Wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser, something that is not extremely harsh on your skin and does not leave your face dry like a desert. Avoid all facial cleansers with added alcohol, parabens, and fragrances. Once you have found a master product that is eco-friendly and keeps your beautiful face good-looking, hold on to that little rockstar! 


Also, one of the most essential skincare and makeup tips for you is to ensure you are washing your face with lukewarm water. 


Talking about exfoliation here, a good exfoliator will actually remove all the dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, smoother skin surface where you can easily apply makeup. All you need to do is choose an exfoliator with tiny granular particles and work your way out, from the center of your face, in small, circular motions. Rinse it off after 2-4 minutes of exfoliation with warm water.


If you skip prepping your skin up and deep cleaning it, you are, sooner or later, going to experience massively clogged pores. This can often lead to skin breakouts for most people. Even worse, it negatively affects the final finish and appearance of your makeup. 


3. Toning Up! 


Apply a toner, especially after you exfoliate your skin. A quality toner is a must-have in your prepping-up vanity and must be applied with the help of a cotton pad. Remember not to drag your skin down while applying your toner-filler cotton pad over your face. Apply it gently, just dabbing it all over your face, exactly as you would do with your beauty blender. 


Toner application leaves necessary moisture in and removes any and all traces of impurities as well as dirt left in your skin, even after washing. 


4. Hydration! 


Once you have deep-cleaned your face, start with your skincare routine. Every master makeup artist does this, and so should you. Apply your face cream and your eye cream before you start with your makeup. If you are in your late 20s, you should start immediately. The fine lines under your eyes might not look prominent right now, but sooner, as you hit your 30s, they might not look as adorable. 


So, ensure your under eyes are really protected and hydrated against all kinds of makeup products. Clarins work wonders for us and, of course, Kiehl's. But you choose whatever suits you. The only fact of the matter is that you should start applying eye cream as soon as you can. 


You can even choose an eye cream with added vitamins and hyaluronic acid. This works as a moisturizing base for your under-eye and also acts as a targeted skincare product for your dark circles or other concerns that you may have. 


Leave the eye cream for a few minutes before you start applying your base products. You really should give your face some time to actually absorb most of those moisturizing layers you apply. If you don't give your face products enough time to absorb, you might look at everything just piling and coming right off your face, just halfway through the day. And trust us when we say this, it really looks horrible at that time. Follow these skincare and makeup tips to ensure your makeup lasts longer and is budge-proof the entire day. 


As an added bonus, to prep your skin even better, spritz some rose water on your face after you've followed all of these steps. This should be done regardless of the fact that you have oily skin or dry skin. Adding a mist of rose water all over your face actually boosts moisture surge and quickly helps the added layers of your face cream and eye cream go deeper in your facial layers. 


Rosewater will also add the much-needed glow you require for your skin to look flawless and dewy after makeup. Your makeup will not be just sitting on your face when you follow this step! 


5. Priming up! 



Using a good makeup primer, according to your skin texture and kind, is one of the last skincare and makeup tips we have for today! Primers are fantastic in terms of all the benefits they offer you. A vitamin glow-based primer has multiple other benefits than just prepping up your skin as a final step before makeup goes all over. 


It is easy and hides all of your pores, acne marks, and even breakouts when applied correctly. Your face becomes this incredibly smooth canvas that helps your makeup just glide across your face and last longer. 


Regardless of your skin type, age and texture, these MUA secrets will be there for you, working wonders for your makeup routine. Just give it some time. It might sound overwhelming to you right now, following all of these steps before actually getting to your makeup, but it is not. It's actually pretty easy. 


Do check out this space for more such makeup tips, tricks, and hacks!