Amazing WFH Makeup Tips To Look Good For Your Next Meeting

Currently, we are all in hibernation with extremely hectic schedules. To be honest, when you are working just five steps away from your bed, you are not exactly motivated to put together a nice, uber-chic outfit and start attending your zoom meetings, right? You don’t even feel like changing into something nice, how do you gather the courage to put on a full face of makeup. 


There are days when we apply a little bit of lip balm just for TLC, and we all feel like we’ve achieved something! But, what about the meetings on Zoom that could have just been an email? You want to look your best, right? We want to be dressed up to show them that we have things in control and we are “civilized.” 


Here are some amazing WFH makeup tips for all girl bosses out there, so you are looking good for that next Zoom meeting! 


1. Wearing light shirts/tops



Okay, so let’s begin on how to look fabulous during that next Zoom meeting! Start by wearing a light-colored shirt/blouse. Choose neutral colors for your clothing; this prevents you from getting that bright, diamond-like face that shines bright like the lights from heaven! 


Keeping a neutral shirt on reduces all that sheen reflecting on your face, which will make you look natural. 


2. Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer


During this hibernation period, where all of us are working from home, concealer and tinted moisturizers are our best friends. We’ve tried dozens of tinted moisturizers and cracked down on Nars as our personal assistant to make us look superiorly elegant and even-toned. It will offer you so much more coverage than others of the kind and will stay put the entire day. So no matter how many meetings you are left with, you are going to be good for the whole day. Now, as far as concealers are concerned, again, we trust our guts with Nars. They glide on without piling on our skin because, let’s just say, it is horrible if a concealer starts to pill. 


It also makes us look like we’ve had a great night of sleep. The Nars concealer blends amazingly well and will just melt into your skin like it is already a part of the same.  


3. Opt For Powder Foundation 



If you are really a full coverage foundation person like I am, the L'oreal Paris True Match Powder or Mac Powder Foundations are your go-to product when you are working from home. This is one of the best WFH makeup tips for people who are not looking for a lot on their skin but still want their skin to look even-toned. 


The formula for both powders is lightweight and breathable, and it will not settle into your fine lines or wrinkles. In fact, it will give you a natural, no-makeup look! 


If you want to apply nothing from the two options given above, you can just apply some concealer and set everything down with some translucent powder or banana powder. Not only will your face look glam and chic in a much more natural way, but it will also mattify your face. 


4. Your background matters 


The next WFH tip is to keep your background tidy, non-distracting, and clean. Depending on where you are currently living and working from, the colors behind you, walls, plants, or your bookshelf, everything will matter. So, try to make sure everything is crisp and neat as much as possible. Your background, at least the part that is actually going to be visible behind you, should not have any scandalous or questionable items just lying around. Ensure that you have a bright, tidy, non-distracted background for all your zoom meetings. This gives you off as an organized and responsible person. 


5. Add light to your work area


Keep your working area, especially the area where you are going to be taking your video calls, well-lit and clean. If your meetings are supposed to happen during the daytime, sit near a window. Let the natural light from outside the windows come in; let it hit your face. Adding natural daylight to your videos will add the much-needed confidence in you that you’re having a really good skin day!  


If you are unable to find some natural light to add to your work area, especially for your video calls, try to turn the brightness on your computer all the way up. This will do an equally good job of making your skin have an almost natural glow. 


You can use a lamp too, if necessary. But whatever you do, just ensure that your work area and your face are well-lit up during that meeting. It should not look like you are sitting inside a cave or a dungeon. 


6. Focus on your brows 



Well, we are not asking you to make your brows all spazzy and upright. We just want them to look presentable. Your brows can really make or break your entire face. 


Invest in brow mascaras. Nyx sells some of the best brow mascaras that are cost-effective and work amazingly well. They color your brows just the right way, shape your brows, tame those frizzy strands, and do everything right to ensure your brows are not going to be a cause of embarrassment for you on your zoom call. 


If you have the extra time, follow brow makeup tips and tutorials, dip your brushes in some brow pomade by Benefit, and finish it off with some Anastasia Beverly Hills brow freeze gel. You are good to go for the entire day! 


7. Add some eye cream 


Start applying some eye cream before your zoom calls and makeup routines. This is especially important if you are in your late 20s. You should start doing so immediately to ensure the fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes, and those huge eye bags because of extra binge-watching are not really prominent on video calls. 


Ensure your under-eyes are protected and hydrated well against all the harmful rays from your computer screens and all the extra workload you’ve been putting in. Clarins works amazingly well for us, and so does Kiehl’s. But, you are free to make your own choice. Choose anything but just choose to apply something to your under-eyes. 


If you can, try to apply an eye cream with vitamins and hyaluronic acid. This will work as a great moisturizer for your under-eye area and will target all the dark circles as well.


8. Swipe up some mascara 


Fuller eyelashes are a dream we all have every single day! Your eyes can actually look amazingly prominent if you swipe on a single or two coats of mascara. 


We absolutely love two-faced mascaras, but a wonderful, cheaper replacement for the same will be L'oreal Paris’ Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable mascara. Your lashes will make you appear aware, open, and alert. It is perfect for that daily work look! 


9. Don’t miss out on some lip color 



A single swipe of natural lip color will instantly take your work-from-home makeup look to an ultimate new level. This is one of the last WFH makeup tips we have for you today. 


Reach out for that daily, neutral shade that is noticeable but barely OTT. Shades in nude, baby pinks, and berry tones work amazingly well to accentuate your screen appearance. They are also universally flattering and will not make it look like you are really putting in extra effort to get ready every morning. 


10. Hydrate enough 


Drink plenty of water throughout the day. To ensure your skin and lips are supple and healthy on the outside, hydrating enough is important. Often makeup tips and gurus do not talk about the importance of staying hydrated during the day. But, not consuming water can cause dehydration in your body and cause your skin to be flaky, chapped, and overall oily, too, in most cases. It will also improve your metabolism and overall body functions. 


Taking care of yourself is the ultimate WFH makeup tip. It is extremely important. Just following a few simple tips can do so much for you, make you look stunning in just a few minutes. Keep reading the Womenwire blog for more such skincare and makeup tips! You will not regret it!