Genius Makeup Tips For Round Face That Actually Work

Makeup for a round face involves a specific requirement that prevents “moon face” and that sunken look. The overall technique suggested here is amazingly helpful to most of your features, allowing you to apply makeup to your round face. 


How to apply makeup on a round face? Here are some tips.


1. Base 


Start off with a flawless base. If you are an oily-skinned person, start off with a primer to help your makeup stay for long during the day. Whether it is a foundation, powder, or just your concealer, use the right base for yourself to help enhance your complexion. 


Beauty blenders work perfectly to give your base that flawless finish as it ensures that your foundation will not give you a cakey and ‘budgey’ appearance. Use it as little as you can, build up your coverage step by step, as required. If you are going to apply the product in a larger quantity, it will be really hard to manage. You don’t want your face makeup to look like “extra frosting.” Powder/mineral foundation is lighter in terms of coverage, while it still appears flawless. 


2. Powder 


Powder your entire face once your base layers are done. This is especially important when you use a liquid foundation or concealer. Even when you have dry skin, it is a crucial step since you want your makeup to be budge-free throughout the day. 


A few things to remember when you are applying powder to set your base:


- If you have dry skin, use powder slightly around your face, only in some places. 

- You should not apply a lot of powder since it will turn your makeup into a cake-like, flaky mess. 

- Don’t try to rub or buff the powder into your skin; it will move and disturb the base layer. Just bounce the powder across your skin with a powder brush or a beauty blender. 


3. Bronzer 



Add a touch of bronzer to your face. This is going to add the much-needed color and definition to your face. Apply just a little bit of your favorite bronzer to the edges of your forehead, jawline, and cheeks. Use a fluffy brush to dab around the bronzer. You do not have to be precise with the same. This is one of the most important steps in makeup for a round face! 


4. Contour 


Contouring is the golden ticket for people with round faces! This is where most of your definition is added to your face. Contouring ensures your face looks less rounded and more structured. This gives the impression that you have a precise jawline and cheekbones. 


Apply your contouring products with a thin, angular brush. Apply the same to your face’s natural indentation. Blend everything out nicely so that it looks more natural. Remember that you need to blend it up instead of blending it down. If you blend down, you are going to end up with a sunken-looking face. 


5. Blush 


Top everything off with a blush. Use a shimmery blush to bring more attention to your cheekbones. This makes your cheekbones look prominent. Apply some blush just above the contour. 


6. Highlighter 


Highlight the top of your cheekbones. Place it right above your blush, on the top of your cheekbones. Use a pinkish highlighter for lighter skin tones and a golden-hued highlighter for deeper tones. 


More Tips On Beauty & Makeup For Round Face 



1. Work On Your Hair


Keep your hair longer. This will add length to your face. You should part your hair in a deeper side parting. This will add volume to the crown of your head. This will give the appearance of having an oval face. If you hide behind your hair, your cheeks will appear fuller. 


You should even be adding bangs to your hair. Long, side-swept bangs add the much-needed angle your face needs. Pull the rest of your hair into a low bun to achieve that uber-chic look. 


Extremely straight hair will make a rounded face even more round, so it is important to add soft waves or curls to your face. This will distract all of the roundness of your face. You should also be wearing your hair to just one side of your face. Don’t even think of parting your hair in the middle. 


Try to get a haircut until your collarbone. Add a few soft layers to your hairstyle. Loose, messy curly hair often enhances your rounded jaw angles. You can even opt for a tapered pixie cut. This kind of haircut will add the much-needed definition to your face, but keep just a tad bit of hair in front of your ears to appear feminine. 


You can even put your hair in a ponytail. Let them hang right above your shoulders. Add some height to your crown region. Don’t pull your hair back straight and sleek. 


2. Work On Your Makeup Skills 



Place your fingers right on the edge of your hairline at the top. Trace fingers from your forehead’s tip right to the end of your eyebrows. This should also be done to your chin’s tip. Create a natural and invisible line. Anything beyond this invisible line needs to be hidden. Anything inside this line needs to be brought out. Add some highlighter to your chin, forehead, and bridge of your nose to elongate your face. 


You should also be adding some highlighter under your eyes in a right-triangular motion. Add it under your eyes, along your nose, up to the corner of your eyes, and just blend it out. Use some bronzer on the outer region of your cheeks to make your face appear more oval. 


You should be applying your bronzer in a straight line from your ear to your jaw. Make a fish-face, apply your bronzer from your ears, extend it to your lips. Apply it right from your ear up to the side of your face. Apply just a tiny bit of blush below your cheekbones too. Focus on applying it to the outer part of your face. Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks to make them look fuller. People with rounded faces should totally avoid doing so! 


Blend all of your makeup properly to make your face look naturally flattering and structured. 


Use darker shades on your lips, but of course, not black! This will make your face appear bolder. Dark colors on your eyes also work wonders for people with round faces. But, whatever you do, don’t use darker shades on your eyes and lips simultaneously. Also, if you are doing your eye makeup, apply a thick coat of black mascara. It will flatter your appearance. 


3. Work On Your Eyebrows 


People with rounded faces should work on creating higher, more angular eyebrows. You should avoid having rounded eyebrows. Also, keep your eyebrows thick. Thin, ‘90s eyebrows will make your face look bigger and more rounded. 


4. Tips For People Who Wear Glasses 


You should be picking out frames that are wide and rectangular. Colored glasses with round frames will make your face look fuller and more round. Try to focus on wearing glasses that have a thick bridge. Such glasses will focus the entire attention above, making your already fuller cheeks much smaller than they are! 


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