All About Women Sportwear: The Evolving Trends Of 2022

Author: Nidhi Sood on Jul 04,2022
Womenwire All About Women Sportwear

Does the fact that life appears to be returning to normal imply that loungewear and activity wear will take a second seat to fashion? Most fashion gurus are skeptical. The world's obsession with women’s sportswear will continue to expand, and fashionistas everywhere will want to stay fashionable while practicing Tai Chi or tennis.

As reported by the NPD Group, a market research firm based in the United States, the sportswear sector accounted for 40% of all online sales last year. Wearing fitness apparel that makes us look and feel good motivates us to exercise and enhances our self-esteem. Here are a few athleticwear trends to look out for in 2022.



With a pandemic-hit world, the increase of leisure athleticwear remains widespread, and the trend appears to be continuing. Athleisure is the fastest growing apparel segment in fashion, fueled by a new trend in wellness aspirations and celebrity and influencer endorsements on social media. The line between sportswear for women and their daywear is becoming increasingly blurred, allowing fashion-forward workout fanatics to mix and match the two.



2022 is setting the standard for environmental effects. Over the last several years, gym enthusiasts have become more ecologically concerned, wanting more information about how their clothing is made while looking for organic and recycled clothing pieces. Some sportswear brands and their websites even let customers pick goods based on their preferred sustainability approaches.



Sports bras are a perfect wardrobe staple for women, not to mention a fashionable appearance when paired with coordinated leggings and shorts. However, in 2022, look for cheerful and entertaining bras. Cutouts on bras will undoubtedly be trendy this year, as will crop bras. In keeping with the athleisure trend, fashionable fitness folks may be spotted working out in a top crop bra, then slipping on a comfortable cardigan or jacket to do errands or meet for brunch.



This winter and spring, high-waisted trousers will remain popular at the gym. What would we have done without them? Stretch in whichever direction you wish; these belly wraps make us seem slimmer in practically every yoga pose. We might not see many low-waisted pants for a while, so stock up on your favorites during after-holiday specials or online.

Biker shorts are still prevalent in 2022. These skin-tight stretchy shorts aren't for everyone, but if you're acclimated to the design, you can jazz up the appearance with bright, glittery shirts for winter. Cropped leggings and bootcut pants are another terrific exercise choice if you like a bit of extra cloth around the legs.


Matching sets

The popularity of perfectly matched training sets, a mainstay of both the gym and the leisure time, is expected to wane in the next year. Even now, muted earth tones predominate. However, the most interesting recent iterations are brighter and printed, with logos and other designs in warm colors like red and orange.


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Work Out Dresses

In order to streamline your workout attire, consider investing in a one-piece. After a session of yoga or Pilates, a fitness catsuit paired with an open cardigan is a chic and comfortable outfit.

Putting on an exercise dress is becoming increasingly common, and this trend will likely persist. Abercrombie has recently launched it in every color, and it's going to be my new favorite thing to wear this spring. In this style, a tennis court isn't necessary to dish up good looks.



The one-and-done catsuit is growing from popularity among trendsetters to become a mainstream staple by 2022. It allows for ease of movement, and it's extremely stylish. If you're not into the long-dress trend, a cropped or romper cut could be more your style. If you feel overly exposed in a one-piece swimsuit, try layering a pair of shorts over it. That's such a throwback!


All Sizes

Because men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes work out, firms are reacting by offering larger sizes, lengths, and variety. Many businesses are already incorporating plus-size models in their advertisements and online. Some companies are breaking down barriers and marketing to women of all shapes and sizes, including curvy, tall, thin, and tiny women.

Old Navy® unveiled Bodequality in August, an initiative to provide all women's items in sizes 0 to 30 and XS to 4X, priced the same and merchandised in the same parts of the store and online. Other brands offer similar initiatives, illustrating that everyone deserves to look and feel well in their sportswear.



It's no secret that bright colors make us feel happy, so while we're dealing with a pandemic, strong, gorgeous hues will still be available. If you like the 2021 color-block style, you can still perform your lunges and squats in monochromatic matching tones in 2022. Fitness clothing will also be available in earthy tones like browns and greens. Camouflage and animal designs are still trendy in 2022, making us feel more secure and connected to nature.


Style Tech

Athletic gear can fulfill a variety of functions. Modern businesses are integrating technology with fitness to make gear, ranging from socks to shirts to hats, incorporating performance-enhancing technologies while remaining fashionable.

Companies are using compression material to improve technologies. Compression leggings and performance tops assist in circulating blood throughout the muscles, which benefits hypertrophy, force exertion, fatigue management, and post-workout recovery. The possibilities are numerous, worn by everyone, from elite athletes to regular exercisers. Tech-driven clothing is evolving, making it easier to take your workout game to the next level.



Fitness apparel will evolve and improve as long as people exercise to fulfill their needs. The following year appears to be no different. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of daily activewear, and the athleisure business is predicted to be worth $83 billion by the end of 2022. There will be many options for sportswear, and fashion is always a component of doing out. Keep reading our posts on for everything you want to know about fashion trends and more.