23 Trendy Women T-Shirt Designs To Sport This Summer


As we have become more home-bound since the pandemic, the finest t-shirts for women, formerly reserved for weekends or evenings on the sofa, have become wardrobe essentials. Women’s t-shirts, which were once considered too casual for most offices, are now a realistic weekday alternative, making them one of the most practical and handy pieces in any given closet.

What defines a perfect tee lies genuinely in the eyes of the beholder, but mostly the best ones are the ones that you will wear again and again. Here are 23 of the best women's T-shirts trending huge this year. Wear them now or in thirty years—the best tees, like fine wine, only get better with age.

1. Stripes

Whether in the form of a lightweight sweater or a T-shirt, stripes take things up a level in a clean and classy approach. Thanks to the soft jersey knit fabric and classic fit, this T-shirt is guaranteed to become one of your favorite pieces in your closet.


2. Slogan Women T-shirts

T-shirts with inspirational or motivational messages are popular since they energize both the wearer and the audience. Self-care and positivism are becoming increasingly popular ways of life for many individuals, and it's inspiring to see that. Do you want to add more fun to your wardrobe, pun-intended writing t-shirts are an excellent way to do so.

A motivational message t-shirt will fill your day with positivity and help you feel more confident. This inspiring t-shirt might lift your spirits when you're feeling down. This t-inspiring shirt's phrase is displayed in bold, multicolored style. Get the look by pairing this shirt with a pair of shorts or a pair of jeans.


3. Over-sized Tees

This oversized tee is an excellent option to show off a lovely bralette underneath for a slouchy but not sloppy look. T-shirts like this one let you show off your style without pushing you out of your comfort zone. This style is fantastic for making a style statement. With jeans or a skirt, you'll look great in this casual t-shirt.


4. Solid color Tees

Most often, the most straightforward options are the ones that reign supreme. T-shirts in solid hues such as black, white, and other neutrals are wardrobe staples.


womenwire Plant T-shirts


5. Tattooed T-shirts

If you can not commit to a tattoo on your skin, wear it on your t-shirt! When it comes to traditional tattoos, they're all about the solid lines and brilliant colors. This stunning and timeless design would go unnoticed in your neighborhood.

You can wear a beloved animal or flower in your outfit. The moment has come for you (or an artist buddy) to step things up! Traditional tattoos are known for their thick, clear lines and colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, and black.


6. Statement T-shirts

Sometimes you need a t-shirt to convey precisely what is in your heart or mind, proudly yet simply. Putting on a shirt with a word or phrase representing your message might be all you need. This strategy is especially beneficial if you promote a cause, an organization, or a social movement.

Find the ideal phrase or statement to express what you want to share with your community and world. Use a simple shirt design, write your content in a large, easy-to-read font, or have fun with vivid colors and handcrafted letterforms.


7. Large Prints

Make use of the entire printing surface to display an eye-catching design. Select a design that you want to create and then expand it! You can also combine both an artwork and a piece of text. Even if you decide to incorporate text, it won't affect the readability much, so you may experiment with different typefaces.


8. Women's T-shirt with Doodles

There's always room for more whimsy in your life and wardrobe! Doodling may be done in various colors, including thin lines, wavy lines, and colors. Let your creativity go wild, and then print it on your merchandise! Experiment with your linework and express the forms you're attempting to depict. You can also do some DIY with this. Draw anything without ever deleting it or pressing the "undo" button. See what you can come up with! 


womenwire Printed T-shirts for women



9. Simple Text Design Tees

Make a style statement with these simply designed tees by utilizing clear and legible typography. The creators of awareness and advocacy shirt designs regularly adopted this trend to convey their message.


10. Women's T-shirts with Illustrative Figures

These artistic portraits have been a go-to design idea as digital drawings have grown popular. They add just the right bit of customization and fun to your t-shirt. You may make this an abstract shirt design or as realistic as possible!

Begin your sketch with a reference photo nearby, or forego the pencil and paper and opt for tools online! Some tools will allow you to build your character and customize its traits. What could be cooler than having your face on your merchandise?!


11. Text repetition design

It's okay to say it louder for those at the back. A sure-fire approach to making your argument is to keep repeating it. While still delivering the required effect, it will also produce a stylish shirt. This is a great design concept for those who aren't designers but yet want to make their stylish tees.


12. Animal Portraits design

If you are a pet lover or social activist who loves finding shelter for strays, this one is right. Animal pictures continue to be a popular design choice and a top trend for personalized gear, from animal shelters and wildlife groups to famous celebrities with pets. We adore this design style since it is very adaptable. You may use a simple line drawing to define your animal's body and some face traits or get extra detailed to fit its personality.


13. Plant T-shirts

Plant Moms- this one is for you! In terms of design, plant t-shirts can be either realistic, with more natural features and basic line work, or more whimsical and illustrative, with brilliant colors and a sprinkling of lines.

Take a photo of one or two of your favorite houseplants. Now it's time to be creative! Get creative with any exciting aspects or colors, and turn your favorite plants into a new fashion statement.


14. Sorority T-shirts

These t-shirts look can be sported several ways depending upon your social circle. Have some fun with western typefaces and pictures, especially if your school is in the west of the United States or if your t-shirts are for a fundraising event with an outdoor theme. Have fun with those western feelings for your next t-shirt, whether you go cowboy or campy.

Use visuals such as forests, mountains, cow skulls, and stars. Look for typefaces with an Americana or antique feel. Make your design feminine by including floral pictures or balancing western themes with a script typeface.

You may also wear flowery sorority tees. Flowers tees are considered timeless, and there are several ways to include them in your design. Florals may be utilized as the main focus of your design or as supporting information around your sorority's name or event.


womenwire Printed T-shirts for women



15. Book Design Tees

Books bring our community together in more ways than we realize. Local bookshops around the country have popularized this design concept. It continues to sustain these companies during their highs and lows. Readers worldwide are launching book-related campaigns, whether to collect funds for a favorite bookstore or build a community of book-lovers.


16. Women's T-shirts with expressions

There is no question about how we love using emojis in our texts or messages. They tend to alter your outlook on life. Also, if you are not an outspoken person in real life, you may express yourself through this type of expression t-shirt. There are several varieties of expression t-shirts available; select the one that expresses how strongly you feel and believe.

Grab this one if you wish to spread joy to everyone around you. This look is ideal for any casual event. For a pleasing look, pair it with shorts or jeans.


17. Printed T-shirts for women

T-shirts with graphics are forever in style. These printed t-shirt trends will continue to grow in popularity until 2022. You have a plethora of choices when it comes to custom printed t-shirts. However, leopard-print t-shirts are in the limelight right now as many celebrities are donning this look in 2022.  

This t-shirt is ideal for casual wear and showcasing your style at parties with its leopard design.


18. Cropped Women T-shirts

Cropped t-shirts are a welcome respite from the sweltering summer heat. They also never go out of style. They may be worn with any bottom in your closet. High waist jeans look best with cropped t-shirts since they highlight your curves attractively.

Grab this cropped t-shirt and look great on any dreary summer day. The knot is an added benefit, making this tee more relaxed and stylish. Be a trendsetter by wearing with shorts or high-waisted pants.


19. Cut-Out Design

Cut-out t-shirts offer a refreshing change from the same old t-shirt pattern. Cut-out t-shirts are pretty famous and will never go out of style since they break from the monotonous appearance and raise your fashion standards to the next level. Try this tee if you want to go from an ordinary tee to a trendy one. This look goes great with jeans, shorts, or skirts.


womenwire women's T-shirt with Doodles


20. Ribbed T-shirts

Ribbed T-shirt trends differ from traditional t-shirt trends. This style updates your standard t-shirt to make it more fashionable, comfortable, charming, and exquisite, snugging to your body for a great fit. You can dress up your summer clothing with such adorable shirts. It will look amazing with skinny jeans or shorts.


21. Tank Top-inspired women's T-shirts.

Tank top-styled T-shirts are also famous for this year's hottest t-shirt designs. These tees are perfect for the summer since they look great with everything. If coupled with a jacket, they'd look incredibly fashionable in winters. 

The flowery print on this tank top gives it an elegant and lovely appeal. Thanks to the gorgeous flower motif, it'd be the perfect t-shirt for the warmer months. This may be paired with leggings or jeans in the spring and fall and still look great. 


22. Front Knot Loose Tees

There has been a rise in loose-fitting t-shirts in recent years. A knot in the front gives the overall baggy t-shirt appearance more style and, more significantly, a flattering waistline instead of a flat or boxy look. These women's T-shirts come in various styles and prints, so you may pick one that fits your style. When the weather becomes a little cooler, throw on a denim jacket paired with jeans to spruce up the look.


23. Handmade designs

Hand-drawn shirt designs speak of individualistic expression and have personal significance. These rough, pencil-like illustrations are an evergreen design trend. The sharp, intricate linework of these t-shirt designs leaves plenty of freedom for your imagination to go wild. Want to make it seem like a pencil color? Use thin, rough lines in a dark grey or black tone.


womenwire Front Knot Loose Tees


Regardless of how many t-shirts you own, there is always space for new ones. T-shirts offer a great way to express yourself and support a cause. T-shirts are becoming increasingly popular as a means of expressing one's ideas. T-shirt designs aren't only about conveying a message; they can also make a fashion statement.

These shirts have it all, from eye-catching color combinations to innovative designs and characters and clever typography! Pick up a few of your favorite t-shirt designs and show off this season's hottest look.