'90s Fashion For Women: Here Are The 10 Remerging Trends


The adage "what goes around, comes around" is often used in a karmic context, but it also applies perfectly to the cyclic nature of the fashion industry. And the cycle appears to be whirling faster than ever before. It's been 20 years since the '90s, yet '90s fashion is making a comeback as a mixed bag of nostalgic feelings. When you think you've seen every imaginable lost look from the 1990s, another one appears. Millennials have given a modern twist to ‘90s crop tops, chokers, and denim. We've also just rekindled a fondness for vintage-style dresses and bell-bottom pants.

Continue reading our guide to the ten resurfacing trends of '90s fashion in women’s products, clothes, and designs that we wore to death and then promptly forgot about until now.

1. Accessories and Adornments

  • Big Hoops

Hoops were a big trend throughout the 1990s, and they, too, are back with a bang. The only rule while sporting this cheeky piece of jewelry was to go big or stand-alone. After all, what's the sense of wearing jewelry if it doesn't make a point?

  • Chokers

Chokers were the "IN" accessory of the 1990s. Those who wore these collar-like necklaces could accessorize their attire with an edgy flair. Some were made of cloth and had beads and gems on them, while others were flexible plastic. Chokers are back in style for 2022, and they may provide a sophisticated '90s vibe to a variety of ensembles.


2. Iconic Clothing

The 1990s introduced youthful and carefree trends that dipped a bit of rebellion into fashion. Grunge, minimalism, and hip-hop outfits were some of the decade's most popular trends. The Grunge fashion movement was pioneered by Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen (renowned fashion designers), who drew inspiration from the gritty streets of New York and London. With Kate Moss (supermodel) and her "heroin chic" appearance leading the pack, supermodels were replaced by a new breed of waif models.

This "too cool to care" attitude became the hottest trend in fashion due to Moss' influence. Fans of popular music often modeled their outfits after the unique looks of the musicians they admired. Here are the ‘90s fashion women’s outfits trending in this section:

  • Flared Jeans

Flared jeans reigned for a very long time before the appearance of skinny jeans. It was the go-to style for all ‘90s women. These broad-shaped bottom jeans also inspired the making of bell-bottom pants, which became popular in the 1990s due to a desire for big and loose shapes. They gave a sense of being relaxed and made them ideal for daytime wear. Moreover, they also looked great when paired with crop tops. This trend has leaped back into today’s fashion world mainly because people fall in love with looks that are not expensive and has an easy-going feel. Consider wearing a dark-colored crop top with flared jeans for a casual evening, and you are all set to become a head-turner.

  • Mom-Jeans

This trend has resurfaced in a much more excellent way. A pair of mom jeans have become a must-have in the wardrobe collection. They have been popularized by Gigi Hadid (renowned model) and other apparel labels such as Zara. Although these pants have become the brunt of fashion jokes, the design is rather attractive.

  • ‘90s Skirts and Midis

The mid-knee-length skirts were first introduced in the ‘90s by supermodel Cindy Crawford. It is one of the perfect fits for summers. It may have taken a fall in popularity over the years, but now it is back in style.

  • It’s all denim!

America's obsession with denim did not end with blue jeans; the denim-on-denim aesthetic of the 1980s was carried over into the 1990s. Denim dresses, pencil skirts, and jackets are worn all year round. The most popular color was light blue denim, followed by all-white denim, all black, and occasionally dark blue denim. There were even jeans with floral prints and stone embellishments. The most recent fashion in denim includes denim overalls, denim jackets, and ripped denim jeans.

  • Shimmering Velvet

Velvet was the most popular fabric for the people in the 1990s, along with the slinky designs which were prominent at the time. Fast forward to now, and jewel-tone velvet midis and wrap dresses from high-end and low-end labels alike are making a significant comeback for the party season.

  • Pink-blush gowns

Pink was the favorite color of ‘90s women’s fashion. Long gowns and dresses were made of monotone soft pink with varying hues. We see this trend as one of the most recognizable red carpet looks. Gwyneth Paltrow (an American actress) was ahead of the game when she chose to wear a gorgeous blush pink gown back at 71st Academy Awards. Scandi influencers who follow Scandinavian fashion have been spotted in soft-pink dresses paired with cowboy boots, making it a style statement.

  • ‘90s Fashion Women's Slip Dress

Delicate slip dresses were a wardrobe essential for any '90s girl. Today, everyone from Hailey Bieber (American model, socialite, and media personality) to Emily Ratajkowski (model, actress, and author of the book "My Body") is a fan of the trend, which is frequently coupled with stacked choker necklaces—another very '90s look.

  • Crop-tops

These midriff-baring shirts were a must-have fashion item for women in the 1990s and are back in style. Today, you can revisit the decade's most exemplary fashion by wearing a crop top with a pair of mom jeans. This stylish combo is popular among celebs and street-style icons alike. Change your cropped camisoles for short t-shirts, sweaters, and tank tops to give this style a contemporary twist.

3. Hair and make-up of the ‘90s

  • Scrunchies

In the 1990s, your appearance was defined by more than just your clothes. It was the hairstyle that made a statement. Hair accessories and, of course, scrunchies were popular in the 1990s. They went well with a variety of outfits. Scrunchies were available in various designs and could be worn on different hairstyles like ponytails, buns, or pigtails.

  • Hairstyles

The queen bee who donned the edgy short style was Winona Ryder, the famous American actress. Hairstyles might range from very short pixies to chin-length bobs. Today, most modern women have a bob hairstyle. The short bob hair-cut of Jennifer Anniston or (Rachel Green) from more than a decade of the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S show still inspires many young women, girls, and children. Straight hair was curled for a softer look. Women with naturally tight curls let their hair loose and fluffy, or even straighten and roll into soft curls (a la Jackie Kennedy) or sweep it back into sharp "power-suit" cuts. Today, most of us use electric curlers to attain the same look.

  • Broad headbands

Hair accessories were prominent in the 1990s, and thick headbands were everywhere. At the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Beanie Feldstein wore a satin headband, renewing this trend and sending us all into hair-sterics.

  • ‘90s women’s makeup

Makeup in the ‘90s included a soft lip color and a natural-looking eyeshadow and blush palette. Makeup for the eyes was minimal, with only eyeliner and eyeshadow. Light pinks and corals were the colors of choice for the lipsticks. Today, millennials categorize this makeup as "nude makeup" or a "nude look." The choice of colors gives a no-makeup used look and has a very fresh appeal in today's time.

4. ‘90s footwear

The shoes of the '90s fit into the same trend groups as the apparel of the era. Both men and women wore heavy-duty combat boots due to the grunge movement. Everything from floral slip dresses to flannel shirts and frayed jeans looked great with these rugged, gritty shoes. Birkenstocks were a go-to shoe for the minimalist trend. Birkenstocks were known for their homogeneous look and feel, even though they were available in various designs and colors. The Spice Girls, in particular, helped popularize platforms. Classic pool slides and Converse Chuck Taylors were also popular footwear choices.

Today, many millennials are opting for this minimalistic yet formal look. People who love Jennifer Lopez's style have been wearing a new line of strappy heels from the Zara store. These shoes bring us back to the best and most sophisticated '90s fashion for women.

5. Bucket Hats

Although this look may have originated in the grunge music scene, Naomi Campbell, an American actress, has also been spotted using it. Justin Bieber's embroidered bucket hat went viral on his gram at the beginning of 2022, assuring us that this look will stick around for a long time. 

6. Small handbags

What we popularly call tote bags these days is nothing but inspired by the '90s-style tiny bags. In the '90s, women carried teeny-tiny bags that barely fit any essentials. They were made out of polka dots or other simple fabrics. At the premiere of her movie "Jolt," Kate Beckinsale's little bag was a huge hit with the designer fraternity in 2021 and continues to gain popularity even now. Also, fanny packs have been the subject of numerous fashion jokes, but in the 1990s, they were hailed as an ingenious method to keep your belongings close at hand while still looking stylish. Waist-belt bags are making a comeback, and they're seen on everyone from fashion bloggers to Kendall Jenner in recent months.

7. The Gothic look

The Goethe look has been around for a very long time. It’s one of the ‘90s fashion trends for women that have survived the past two decades. Helena Bonham Carter looked eclectic as ever in her gothic look as she wore a sheer black gown and accessorized it with a gold chain necklace (also very on-trend right now). This trend is also gaining momentum with the millennials, mainly because of their newfound love for the color black.

8. Cat-eye Sunglasses

The era of the 1990s was famous for its overly dramatic cat-eye frames. The style is more current now, as seen by Selena Gomez's tortoiseshell pair and a blue off-the-shoulder dress.

9. Body Piercings

Piercings were the must-haves of the 1990s women's fashion culture, from piercing the nose, lips, tongues, ears, and belly buttons to even piercing the nipples. This ‘90s woman’s fashion is making a major comeback this year.

10. Watches

Digital watches were the 1990s' effort at wearable technology, and smartwatches are what we have today. Techy watches were all the rage back then, and CASIO's timepieces—from classic to G-Shock—appealed to everyone, from office workers to tech-wear fashionistas.


In the 1990s, fashion culminated in grunge style, giving us more variety in clothing than there ever was. Slip-dresses, flared jeans, crop tops, and basket hats are some trends that we intend to keep up with, but many directions did not make it to the future -intentionally and mostly for our good. Revamping old styles and incorporating them into a modern look can be challenging, especially if you are not a trend follower. Well, you chin-up friend! Yes, because we have covered you from trending hairstyles, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, and outfits to trending footwear designs, from seasonal wear to party attire. We have answers to all your questions. Remain Au courant with the latest fashion trends womenwire.com brings you.