Some Amazing Wedding Hairstyles for Women

The dilemma about how to do your hair for a wedding is an eternal thing. You neither want to go for an everyday top-knot nor do you want to overdo it. And then comes another dilemma- matching your hairstyle as per the dress code! But do not fear. Whether you have decided to style your tresses yourself or hiring some professional, we have compiled some of the amazing wedding hairstyles for your gorgeous looks: The Side-Swept Curls This is a very simple yet elegant hairstyle that flaunts your pretty locks in a much-sophisticated way. You can pair this hairdo with some face-framing wisps. This wedding hairstyle will definitely make your natural beauty shine. An Elegant Bun This is another gorgeous hairstyle which is not only sleek and beautiful but elegant as well. Besides providing you with an elegant appearance, a bun also allows you to wear your hair up and won’t let them go and spoil your wedding look. You can accessorize your bun with a nice tiara to go with your gown. A messy bun is also a great alternative. Braided Updo If you want to carry a bohemian look, this hairstyle will do you all the favor. Besides delivering a modern look, a braided updo looks purely gorgeous and adds to your feminine appeal. Half-Braided style This one is simple hairstyle in which the upper portion of the hair is braided up to a particular length and turned into a ponytail which is hair-wrapped. Let the remaining of your locks embrace your beautiful back gracefully. A simple and pretty Ponytail One can never go wrong with a ponytail hairstyle. No matter if you have thin hair or thick, long hair or short, a ponytail look goes well with any wedding outfit. This hairstyle elegantly puts your best features on display and doesn’t even take much time. A number of celebrities have opted for this look on a number of events. Puffy French Braid with Spiral End Opt for this innovative hairstyle and make your backless reception gown look even more appealing. For this look, just french braid your locks and give a neat spiral shape at the end. Jazz up the look with a puffy top and multiple lowlights. A Twisted Messy Half Hairdo To get this style, leave your hair loose and give a messy finish. Now, twist up the two sides and secure with some bobby pins at the center of the back. Accessorize the look with some beautiful flowers. Classic Voluminous Curls To achieve this amazing hairstyle, just take your tresses in very thin sections and randomly curl them up. It should provide your bob a highly voluminous look. You can accessorize your classic curls as you wish. Wrapping up: Picking the right hairstyle for a wedding is a bit tough. But with these amazing hairstyles, you’ll never get short of wedding hairstyle ideas for you and your loved ones. So get going with these and look your best on a special day.

Latest Spectacle Frames for Women This Year

There is a no better time than the new season to revamp your style. And there is nothing that can truly reinvent your look like a great pair of eyeglasses. Any kind of spectacles, whether Plano frames or optical glasses, you tend to get a smart and sexy look with it that’s just bound to turn heads. We have rounded up some of the latest spectacle frames of this year for all you women out there. So just know what’s stylish and what’s really out. Tortoise Shell Glasses If you want to stay in tune with the recent eyewear trends, then tortoise shell glasses are the best option for you. There are a number of color palettes of this trendy pattern. This makes almost every women to find the perfect one according to their skin tone and hair. These glasses are also a great choice for the season as one can match them with their winter outfits. Round Eyeglasses These particular eyeglasses have been making a major comeback this season and are amongst the hottest trends in ladies’ fashion. Destined for the free-spirited woman, round glasses are appropriate for both an exclusive party and a day at the office as well. Women having square features should opt for round eyeglasses since it can soften their features. The angular features will come in contrast with the roundness of the frame giving a beautiful result. Clear and White Glasses One of the most popular spectacle trends of last year, Clear frame glasses will still be in trends this year. The neutral colorway of this particular eyewear makes them an amazing choice for this season so you should grab these without waiting for much time. If you have been waiting for the coolest eyeglasses, then be assured that you have found them. People love these eyeglasses for their beautiful look and elegant design. One can wear these with prescription lenses or just rock plain ones and give their style a boost. Stylish Clear frames can prove to be a great accessory if your face shape is square. Geek Eyeglasses When talking about the fashionable eyeglasses for women, the geek style is definitely a must. Often termed as nerd glasses, these have become a symbol of wearing trendy frames without prescription lenses. These glasses tend to make a woman look attractive, cute, well… ‘nerdy’! Slightly oversized frame most often comes in black and has long been a preferred choice for a lot of fashionistas and celebrities. So, women who want to emulate the geek chic look can go for this particular choice in eyewear without any doubt. Wrapping up: Women and eyeglasses go well together. So, definitely, you might be on a look-out for a new glasses frame to add to your style. Get excited because there are a plenty of spectacle frames for women that will grow in popularity this year. Just choose the style that will truly transform your look this season.

4 Right Hairstyles for Women with Thin Hair

Every woman desires luxuriously beautiful tresses that is obedient in styling as well. However, with thin and fine hair, finding flattering hairstyles for women can be tricky. Many hairstyles just fall flat with fine hair, but fret not. The key to a stylish look is with the right hairstyle. And even with insufficient hair density and thickness, you can come up with some perfectly breathtaking hairstyles. Flattering Hairstyles for Thin and Fine Hair Teased Ponytail One of the easiest style to make thin hair appear thicker is by creating a voluminous ponytail. For this style, make sure to wash your tresses and fine dry them. Instead of using your regular shampoo and conditioner, use a dry shampoo in order to remove any grease and add the needed texture. Now, using a fine-tooth comb, just hold the top layer of your hair. The process of brushing your hair is to hold the comb beneath your tresses and tease it toward the scalp, so as to make volumizing knots. Once the top of the hair is combed nicely, pull the hair back into a high ponytail. Tug the thick sections of your hair using a tight elastic, a centimeter just out of its grip. The result would be a full ponytail creating a thick hair illusion. Finish the hairstyle by spraying some hairspray all over your up-do so that it stays in place for a longer time. Straight Bob hairstyle with pulled up bang If you are the one who likes to keep things just simple and classy, you can go for a straight bob. This elegant look can be completed with a curled up style during the events. Although this style is for the fine hair, a little straightening might be required to keep things in order.  Pulled back top You must always make sure to use a lightweight shampoo to give your tresses much-needed body and bounce. Now, when your hair is dried enough, hold the uppermost layer in the middle and brush it lightly. Pull this layer back just to cover your part and secure it with bobby pins. For more style, you can create bombshell curls using a large styling wand in the remaining hair. Wavy Lob This particular hairstyle has two major benefits: it will never get weighed down and the texture of such beachy lobs provides thicker appearance. For this hairstyle, put some texturizing spray throughout your hair to add density and volume. Now, using your hands, create beachy waves with a curling wand on your dry tresses. Gently mess up the curls using your fingers and finish the style with a spray. Wrapping up: Not all of us are blessed with luscious and thick locks; some have thin and fine hair too. Such thin hair often looks limp and flat. But do not be sad if you are one of such women having thin hair. There are a variety of hairstyles that can add life to your flat tresses. With these right styles, you can easily achieve the illusion of thickness for your otherwise fine locks.

Nail Resolutions to Swear By This Year!

Ladies, listen up!Resolutions are not something that you make with an awful hangover on a New Year eve’s night, only to leave it aside the very next day and return back to your normal routine. When it comes to style and fashion,  committing yourself to some new resolutions can rejuvenate, refresh and even prepare your mind, body and soul for the upcoming year. As we have already entered into the new year, it is a good idea to put your best feet forward. This entails making style statements that best reflect where we want to move in the new year. So, let’s start with the nails. Nails can be your look’s best accessory or even can be your worst downfall. When it comes to your nails, they can be much more than simply clean, filed and colored. So, here are some of the helpful resolutions you can go by this year for your nails’ style statement: Resolution 1: Avoid biting your nails   You must be knowing this already, but still to remind you- nothing good can result out of nail-biting! There are a large number of women out there who find it difficult to quit nail-biting despite knowing that it leads to stubby and raggedy nails. Here is a trick for you to keep your nails away from your mouth: apply a nail-biting treatment on the nails and wrap a band around your wrist. Snap it each time you bite your nails. This way, you will associate pain and foul taste with nail biting and can finally quit the bad habit for good. Resolution 2: Make sure to apply cuticle oil and lotion frequently   Applying moisture and lotion is essential for slowing down the signs of aging, especially on hands and nails. Always make sure to keep a cuticle oil and a nourishing lotion in your handbag, at your desk at work, your car, and by your bedside table so that they are always there within your reach. Resolution 3: Upgrade your nail care regime   No matter how many trends may come and go, natural and healthy nails will never be out. This is also evidenced during this year’s red carpet season where a plethora of naked tips were spotted. Elle, Hollywood’s A-list manicurist, who has transformed the nail statements of a number of Hollywood’s finests stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, makes use of nail care products in order to whip her clients’ nails into good shape. According to her, she advise her clients to start using cuticle oil and a nail growth supplement. Although, regular manicures can keep your nails in check, but you cannot get them in optimal health without making nail care a part of your regular beauty regime. So, this year move beyond your normal hand lotion regime with a biotin-enriched regular vitamin and an ultra-nourishing overnight treatment. Resolution 4: Opt for overlay instead of nail tips when going for nail enhancements   If you really want your nails to grow naturally, but are also addicted to hard gel and acrylic extensions, then go for overlay instead. Although, you’ll find the length of your nails to be shorter as compared to that with artificial tips, an overlay will not only provide durability but also protect your nails from breaking. Resolution 5: State with a nail art   Teen queen Bella Thorne consolidated her romance with the actor Gregg Sulkin by uploading a photo on her Instagram handle of her white-and-gold nail art boasting “B & G” lettering. Thanks to the introduction of an easy-to-use stamping kits, celebs nowadays have started to give their nails a dose of text appeal. So, vow to keep your nails message clear this year with emoji and alphabet stamping plates. Wrapping up: Are you also eager to grow strong and healthy nails? Stop exhausting money on expensive nail enhancements and give an instant kickstart to your nail care regime this year.

Top 12 Accessory Trends For Women This Year!

In this age of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends is essential than ever. After all, who wants to lag behind in the perfect selfie game? And when it comes to women, nothing could be the best thing to know more about other than accessories! Accessories are the best options when you want to add that bling-factor to your overall style. On the days, when you need to attend a party and doesn’t have something interesting in your wardrobe, a dainty piece of accessory can make your simple dress look ravishing. Just like the rap music, dating apps and clothes, accessories have its own progressing trends in order to keep you from getting bored. With that in mind, we rounded up some of the most enthralling accessory trends this year. If you are also one of those social-media addicts, then check out these hottest trends which are definitely going to rule the fashion industry in 2018: Pearls This cute piece of jewelry is something which can never get replaced. This year, you are going to encounter Baroque pearls more as compared to simple round pearls because of their unique shapes and hues. Anklets These dainty pieces of summer jewelry are going to mark their entry back into the trendiest accessory list. This year you are going to find yourself donning a delicate gold chain with some small pearls or a simple chain with a faux diamond on it. The choice is all yours! Brooches Being officially back on the red carpets and runways, brooches are going to be seen a lot of bags, lapels, jackets, and scarves this year. Feel sorry in advance for breaking your granny’s gold and silver antique versions! Boots This year is going to miss the site of Stilettos! Low-heeled boots are going to replace them in 2018. After all, the women of today are adventurous and need a shoe to get her to places. Pinky Rings All the ‘90s kid out there! Here is a call for you. Add a subtle touch to your hand with some of the intricate and elegant pinky rings, which are going to be the biggest trend this year. Patterned Bags Have you also wasted a lot of your time trying to improvise an outfit in order to pair it perfectly with a single color purse? No worries now! This season you’ll see your bags turning into a sheer piece of conversation with all the colorful patterns and textures designed over it. Isn’t it cool enough? Gloves So, you have recently bought that iPhone Xs you were planning for two months. Sure, a good news. However, no touchscreen can stop you from accessorizing your dresses with fashionable gloves this year. Just in case you need to remove your glove in order to send a DM, do that in style by holding the glove elegantly in your other hand! Dangling Earrings This piece of jewelry can make you shine even in a sans makeup look. Available in various shapes, sizes, and designs, freely moving dangling earrings are going to be your thing this year. Classic Pump Just like we said, heels are going to be absent from the site this year. However, if you are someone who cannot leave your house without adorning a stylish pair of heels, then pointed-toe pumps or tweed pumps are there for you. Super Sneakers You remember the time of white sneakers? Yes, the time is long gone. But, your sneakers have got some really funky updates this time. From curled toes to those studded with spikes and crocheted flowers, get ready to headset go in your truly wild sneakers. Clip Earrings Some good news for the women who haven’t got their earlobe pierced. Clip-on earrings, which are screwed onto the outside of the lobe and not inserted into the pierced hole, are going to be back in trend this year. These come with a number of backing options and also in different shapes and sizes. Ear Chains These classic chains which come attached with the earrings are an absolute choice for all your casual get-togethers. And they look quite cool as well. Aren’t they? Conclusion So these are all the classy and dainty accessories you should start shopping already and thank us later!