Genuine Weight Loss Tips For Women That Actually Work

Author: Saumya Khanduja on Mar 28,2022

Losing weight can be hard! This is why WomenWire brings to you simple weight loss tips for women that actually work!


There’s just so much out there that it is extremely difficult to decide whether or not to try that new weight loss plan or stick to your old routine. Hence, we are putting together this simple and powerful list of weight loss tips for women that will help you genuinely. We will not tell you to spend most of your time at the gym or ask you to start eating kale suddenly! 


We will just give you a simple list of a few weight loss tips that you can rely on and implement in your daily activities to start living a healthier life without feeling overworked or overwhelmed. These weight loss tips for women will help slim you down and keep the excess weight off in a pretty effective manner. 


So, rather than keeping you in this suspense bubble, let’s just jump right into the tips! 


Weight Loss Tips For Women That Work! 


1. Staying Hydrated 


Pretty much the first tip on this list for women is this extremely simple and workable one - keep hydrating yourself. And yes, we know that you are not really following it. Thirst can be easily mistaken for hunger, especially in the early morning hours. If you start your day with two huge glasses of water, you are actually taking care of your body. Don’t satisfy your thirst with food. You will continue doing this the entire day and ruin your summer body. 


Before you opt for that cup of tea or coffee in the morning, try to include water in your diet. The actual amount of water you consume will vary depending on each person, but try to drink as close to a liter of water in the morning. 


Grab one of those refillable water bottles and carry it with you everywhere. Your overall weight loss process will be better if you get closer to consuming a gallon of water daily. You will feel fuller throughout the day. 


All the water levels will balance your potassium and sodium levels in your body. It will also help you look your best daily. In fact, the more water you consume, the more toxins you are releasing from your body. 


2. Eating More Is The Key 


Most weight loss tips for women will tell you to eat less, but not this one! We are telling you to eat more. But don’t just order that pizza just yet. Wait! Focus on the calorie intake throughout the day. Limit your intake of all kinds of unhealthy calories. Reducing your food intake overall can help you lose weight, but that is not going to last for a very long time. It is not a healthy sight when trying to keep it off. 


Living a lifestyle with low calories will help you focus entirely on eating more food that’s actually going to help your body. Therefore, consume more and more fruits and vegetables. Consume a diet full of fiber, water, and other micronutrients to keep your body satiated. If you make an effort to consume more, you will automatically eat less unhealthy food. 


3. Keeping Healthy Choices Visible



When you are trying to make some healthy choices in life, you need to ensure that they are visible around the house. If they are readily available and visible to you, you are going to make these choices. So, if you find yourself in the kitchen trying to jump at a snack just to curb that craving, find a fruit bowl. Instead of jumping for that pack of chips, grab that bowl of fruits. 


Try to keep as few unhealthy foods as possible around the house. If you don’t buy them and keep them right in front of your eyes, you are less likely to consume them. Even if you really have to keep some snacks around the house for your loved ones, do your best and hide them away from yourself. Keep them out of plain sight. This way, you will not be tempted to indulge in them. 


4. Start Walking Everyday 


Yes, we did tell you that you will not be spending your days at the gym with these wonderful weight loss tips for women, but we did not say that you are not going to do anything. It doesn’t really hurt to keep your body moving a bit, right? Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight. 


It is not a high-intensity exercise. Therefore, it is not going to amplify your overall appetite. Spending an hour at the gym will actually do that, but not walking. We are not trying to say that the gym is not great; we are only saying that walking is key if you are not ready for that kind of commitment towards yourself daily owing to your lifestyle and schedule! 


Walking can be done easily with other things, which means you will make the best use of your time. You can talk to your friends on a walk, listen to an audiobook, or just adore the nature around you or even the sunset! Time will just fly by, literally. In fact, you don’t have to commit to walking for hours on a stretch. You just have to push in at least 30 minutes of walking during the day, which can be at any time. You are going to burn a lot of calories and improve your health too. 


5. Following The 80/20 Rule


The last weight loss tip for women is that you should really make this a part of your life; it’s super-effective and will make you happy. 


The 80/20 rule. 


This rule states that you can eat healthy 80 percent of your time and less healthy during the remaining 20 percent. This way, you can indulge in most of your favorite food items without having to avoid anything, feel bad or guilty, or even feel deprived. 


Depriving yourself of something is actually the enemy of longevity. If you do not really like your new diet, you are not going to stick to it for too long. This means weight loss might not be possible. 


Weight loss, for obvious reasons, is not a magic bullet that will hit you, and boom, all your weight has disappeared. Losing weight is a dedication; it will take some extra time and effort to really lose it all. Hence, it is really important to modify your lifestyle in a certain manner that will help you lead your life healthier, with precautions and freedom, at the same time.