Take a Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

If ever you find yourself in Bavaria, you must take a day trip to Hohenschwangau to see the castles of Mad King Ludwig II. King Ludwig II was born in 1845. Growing up, he spent his summers in Hohenschwangau Castle, restored by his father King Maximilian in 1837. When he took over leadership in 1864, King Ludwig decided to restore the ruins of two former castles near his childhood home.  Ludwig designed Neuschwanstein Castle as an homage to his friend Richard Wagner in the Romantic style. Tickets When you arrive at the castle site, park in one of the designated lots and make your way to the ticket center. There you can purchase your tickets for tours of the two castles.You will be given a tour time for each castle. Tours last approximately 30 minutes, and you are given at least an hour in between tours. You must be on a guided tour to enter the castle and tours are offered in German and English with audio devices for other languages. Entrance With tickets in hand, make your way to Neuschwanstein. Explore the outside, the patio, the fountains, and the sculptures while you wait for your tour time. At the main entrance, you will notice a sophisticated setup. A large clock hangs high. It will flash the designated tour times when they become available. If your time is up on the screen, you must bust a move to the turnstile or else you will miss out on your tour. The Guided Tour The guided tours offer a rich history of the castles and the King who built them. The tours are more entertaining than educational, but the wonders inside the castles make the whole visit worth it. The architecture is breathtaking. The interiors are extravagantly decorated. A sizeable staff is kept on hand to maintain the properties and polish the silver. Other Attractions After you tour Neuschwanstein, you will have to trek your way up a sizeable hill to Hohenschwangau. Adventurous folk may like to walk it and stop at the Marienbrucke for a nice view, or you can take a horse and buggy up to the top. There is also a shuttle that will get you part way up the climb. Once at the Hohenschwangau Castle, you will have to repeat the procedure for ensuring your tour. Keep an eye on the time board and be prepared to jump up when your time flashes. On your trip back down the hill, stop for ice cream or other treats. You can also pick up some souvenirs along the way. 

Revamp your Look and Feel Fabulous

Are you in a rut or feeling monotonous with your appearance?  Then it’s time to get away from that droning lifestyle. Recharge your style giving yourself an unexpected detail. Take an outfit that is already in your closet and use it in a new way, buy a trendy piece that’s versatile and  easy to work into your existing outfits. Here's how you can take advantage of small detail for a big impression. If you are going for a night out flashing a little more skin would make you more liberating and sexy. Doing it with a detail that is not constantly visible is one tactic to ease out of your comfort zone. Set the dress apart from your ordinary flirty skirt for a little sensational flash. Go for a dress with back or side cutouts underneath a blazer or cardigan that covers them up or expose a little more. Bold print is obviously a statement. Juxtaposed with rough leather on the top and bottom can be more overwhelming and a stylistic statement. This is an accent just like you would wear a piece of statement jewellery. Think outside the box and be exclusive when you are putting an outfit together, using elegant and unique prints is the simplest thing you can do to make a big difference. The most attention grabbing trend in this spring is printed and patterned trousers. Choose a bright pattern like geometric, leopard or puzzle. This is a trick that can easily transition from office to dinner and the versatile piece lets you to mix and match with quite a few tops. No need to go through a complete wardrobe change. Incorporating some fashion-forward pieces and bright accessories will simply makeover your look. Unite a chic elegant lightweight scarf into your everyday ensemble. You can tie it around neck, encircle our waist, let it float on a handbag or even wrap it around your hair. Dot stick with boring and neutral style options, play with your outfit, adding bold and bright accessories. Try different textures, jolt colours and mixed metals. The most appropriate way is incorporating a fun, bright punchy colour handbag. Look for a bold colour pattern-free handbag that immediately transformsaccording to your day-to-day outfits. A simple roomy silhouette avoids the busy-effect that is hard to match with your getups. Have you heard that the fashion world is loving transparency right now. Jewel-toned colours bring the same effect. Seek inspiration donning sleek white shoes that lengthens your legs. Match them with white pants or jeans for a chic and sophisticated expression. Get an eye-popping impression with styles like neon yellow studded flats which are wearable throughout the summer punching up your neutrals without any overstatements. At some point, everything old is new again, pick up a dramatic pair of black classic pointy-toe stiletto. Pointy toes and thick heels have it all, sophistication, elegance, comfort and startling,taking full advantage of metallic styling. Try these simple styles. You'll like how wearable they are and how balanced they feel. About the Author: Joanna Robinson is a content writer who loves to share her knowledge among internet users. These days she is writing about travelling, fashion and design own shirt Image by henryjrose on Flickr

The Benefits of a Healthy Diet & Exercise

As women grow older, a healthy diet and exercise become even more crucial than they were before because there are many more factors that rely on women being healthy such as having kids and dealing with certain health issues. We all know, though, that dieting isn’t the easiest thing in the world as certain foods are tempting and exercise could be strenuous. However, working out doesn’t have to be as hard as some people make it out to be and dieting can be just as simple without giving up some of the foods that you love. We’ll start with the dieting part. Making sure that your diet consists of certain foods is the best way to start losing weight. Of course, making fried foods and eating nothing but junk is always a bad way to diet, so learning how to cook your food with the right seasonings and method could be the little change you need in order to improve your diet. For instance, say your normal lunch would be chicken pasta and that’s all you eat, you’re body isn’t getting enough of the essential foods it needs in order to go into fat burning mode. You don’t want your body to store fat, so if you have a cup of chicken and a cup of pasta, add in a cup of veggies to counter and balance what you already have. Veggies will help you stay full longer and your plate now consists of slow carbs, fast carbs and protein, giving you exactly what you need to help maintain a healthy diet. Now, for the exercise part. I know exercise seems like it’s a bore and you never want to do it, but it doesn’t have to be something that consumes too much of your time. Usually, 30 minutes of active work like walking, jogging, cardio, light weights, etc. is all it takes to maintain a healthy exercise regimen so make sure you find something you enjoy doing and put 30 minutes a day into that exercise, but be sure to switch it up so you don’t become bored and the exercise doesn’t become stale. Understand that having a healthy diet and exercising gives women benefits that could mean the world to some. Often times, women can’t get pregnant if they’re not in a healthy way with their body and that could be heartbreaking for those women that really want a family. It also prolongs your life span and helps prevent certain diseases that could be in direct connection with an unhealthy diet and way of living; diseases like diabetes. Make the lifestyle something that is regular because the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise outweighs all of the negatives that could come from not having the best eating and workout regimen.

Balancing Studies and an Active Night Life

For any woman that is taking classes in college, it is important to know how to balance your time frame of studying and having an active night life because, let’s face it, colleges have a lot of focus on party scenes. Certain colleges carry around the label of a ‘party school’ and that could be considered a big draw for a student. It’s not everything, though, as making sure your studies are priority should come as the most important factor for any woman in college, but how do you make sure there is an equal balance of the two? Now, it goes without saying that partying like crazy is not being endorsed here, but having some fun with friends and maintaining the active night life is a good way to keep stress levels down and make sure that you don’t go too insane over your school work. Before you go out, though, you want to be sure that your studies are completely taken care of so that you’re not worrying when you are trying to relax. Here are a few ways to keep your mind off of your studies when you’re out and balancing them perfectly. Knowing which days you can go out and have fun is a big part of balancing out what you need to do and what you want to do. If you’re sure you have a test or exam the following day, it’s probably not a good idea to go out the night before. Take that time to review all that you’ll need for the test and know that you can go out after as a bit of a ‘celebration’ for performing well on the test you took. Going out the night before could seriously jeopardize your score on the exam. Any projects or assignments that need to be done should become priority number one. Students all over procrastinate with their work in order to go out and have a good time and then end up stressing out as they try to complete everything at the very last minute. When you prioritize assignments and projects, you’re making sure that all of the work is done so you will not be stressing as you go out for the night and you’ll surely be enjoying yourself knowing that everything that needs to be done, is done. Lastly, be sure that there is some kind of stress relief for whenever you are not working on a project or assignment or studying for an exam. If you stress yourself out too much, you’ll be giving yourself some unwanted strain. Enjoying yourself and an active night life is not a bad thing, but making sure your priorities are in line makes it so the active night life is not interrupting your studies. Studies and an active night life in a balanced manner makes for a happy and successful student. Have fun out there, be safe, and remember to balance everything out.